Swim Trunks

How To Perfectly Style Swim Trunks

Swimwear seems so limited in terms of styling that it’s easy to forget how great you can look in swim trunks briefs.

With the beginning of summer now a few months ahead, you crave relaxing poolside or swimming in the sea. But whatever tempting these activities might be, you can indulge in none without a suitable pair of swim trunks. However, you should wear swim briefs that also align with other activities on the beach, even a party, especially if you spend most of your summer holiday in a tropical destination. Versatility is critical in this case, but so is fashion. After all, you want to turn heads.

Here is how you can achieve this – and do it in style:

You can wear swim trunks as shorts, but with caveats

You can indeed wear swim trunks as shorts, but be careful, as there is a fine line between a well-defined look and total chaos. We recommend paying special attention to length, colour, pattern, and material. Those long board shorts – forget about them, or ensure you only save them for surfing. As with short trunks, they’re perfect for swimming, but if you want to do anything else, maybe indulge in a cocktail with your special one, you’d better give up on them. So, what’s the go-to variant? Mid-length trunks, of course. As for fabric, you should go for something that could easily transition from the beach to the pub. Polyester is a good choice in this regard, as it looks neither too sporty nor too structured but just like regular shorts fabric.

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Style your trunks with a shirt for casual wear

Designer swim trunks should go with pretty much any shirt you love, be it a button-down or polo shirt. Styling swim briefs with shirts for a casual look is nothing new under the sun, but the way in which you do this can be a novelty. So, ensure you combine your swimwear with the right shirt in the right colour and don’t go too bold with patterns, as the final result should be casual, not overdress-to-impress.

Pair them with a dressier top

Shirts are cool, but so are dressier tops. You can match your swim briefs to a dressier top, such as a classic polo, a tank top, or a button-up cotton t-shirt. Such an outfit is ideal for a restaurant or bar setting, but ensure you pick the right top—shape, colour, and material matter. For extra appeal, we recommend opting for an untucked shirt, which will not only elevate your look but also make it look effortlessly stylish (shh, no one should know that you’ve actually put a lot of thought into it).

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Choose the right accessories

An excellent way to turn beachwear into everywhere-wear is to pair it with the right accessories. And by ‘right’, we don’t mean the eternal waterproof watch strap or that pair of swimming glasses. Instead, opt for something dressier, like a pair of sunglasses (we recommend some aviators or wayfarers if you want to stand out) or a cool baseball cap. Such pieces will add a stylish yet chill finishing touch to your look and prepare you for whatever activity on the beach or at the pool.

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Pay attention to your footwear

Surely, there will be no footwear if you’re going to swim, but what if you choose to explore the bars and restaurants nearby? You definitely can’t do that barefoot. And you can’t pair your trunks with those boring flip-flops either. Instead, ensure you opt for a more non-conventional option, to say so, such as boat shoes, sneakers, and loafers. No more beachy vibe – you can now do anything you want in your swim trunks.

So, is there something that has caught your attention already?

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