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Stunning 20 Different Types of Heels: Find your Perfect Pair

Ever heard the pronouncing, ‘hold your head, heels, and requirements excessive’ by Lola Stark? It’s a reminder of the way self belief and style, especially with types of heels, can paintings wonders for women. Excessive heels had been a image of power and elegance for hundreds of years, giving ladies that extra dose of self-assuredness to tackle the sector.

If excessive heels are your cloth wardrobe staple, then you might have heard approximately stilettos, wedges, pumps, and block heels, as those are the most commonplace ones. But other than them, there are numerous extra specific styles with types of heels to accentuate your legs in the exceptional way. So, taking you ahead, we’ve curated a listing of famous heel names to help you up your footwear game by including them to your latest heels collection.

1.Pump Heels

Pump Heels
Pump Heels

Pump heels are a extra formal kind of heel and are characterised with the aid of their quick heel duration. The term “pumps” dates again to the 1500s and comes from the time period “pompes” which defined footwear with out heels. Traditional pump heels are product of black leather-primarily based with a closed toe and the heel is commonly now not than an inch.



The enduring stiletto is without problems identifiable through its long, metal, skinny heel. Stilettos can range from three to five inches and will often feature a pointed closed toe. Conventional stilettos are typically made of leather, however different materials and designs are available for both formal and casual occasions. Luxurious designers including Louis Vuitton have positioned identifiable touches on their stilettos, which encompass cherry purple bottoms.

3.Kitten Heels


Kitten heels had been the indispensable training heels for young women who have been frequently referred to as “kittens”. Kitten heels have an innocent appeal with their brief stiletto heel of one.Five to 2 inches. The heel has an identifiable curve that starts offevolved on the top of the heel and tapers into a curve on the back of the shoe. Kitten heels are available various styles and materials, which includes sandals and strap backs.

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4.Wedge Heels


Wedge heels offer most useful comfort due to their sole guide. The heel on a wedge stretches from the lower back of the shoe to the front. Due to their surest assist, wedge heels are frequently expande and may variety from 2 to four inches in height.

5. Block Heels


Block heels provide greater guide than conventional heels however much less than that of a wedge heel. The block of the heel can range from 1 to 2 inches in width and a couple of to four inches in top. Block heels are an rising fashion and come in a diffusion of materials and patterns. Depending on the season, block heels may be open feet, closed, or strapped.

6.Mule Heels

Mule Heels
Mule Heels

Mule heels are a simplistic kind of heels in that they function an awesome and supportive the front closure however have no closure at the lower back of the heel.The closure inside the front is generally made from a stable piece of material that wraps from one side to the other. Since your heel is not fasten to the shoe, the construction resembles that of an elevated sandal. Because of this, mule heels are typically increased by using no extra than 3 inches.

7.Chunky Heels


Chunky heels can be very supportive because the heel is blocked and wide even as the toe is elevated with a platform.Also, chunky heels can sometimes be combined up with platform heels due to the fact the elevation is in both the back and front of the shoe. Chunky heels are normally comprised of a durable rubber, are comfortable to the foot through a toe strap and ankle strap, and may be noticeably relaxed to walk in.

8.Ankle Strap Heels

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Ankle strap heels are a very elegant shoe alternative for any formal event. Ankle strap heels are in the main secured to the foot via a buckle strap around the ankle. They are able to regularly function a unmarried strap around the ft or a closed toe construction. Heel types may also vary, even though ankle-strap heels typically characteristic a blocked heel of 2 to a few inches.

9.Peep Toe Heels


Peep toe heels feature a normally closed toe creation except for a small establishing of about an inch on the toe’s front. Peep toe heels can come in traditional heel patterns as well as boot patterns. The heels also can be stiletto paperwork or blocked heels. The materials of the shoe can range, even though you’ll generally discover peep toe heels produced from a long lasting leather or suede.

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10. Cuban Heels


Cuban heels will frequently be no more than 2 inches in period and are easily distinguish by using their block structure and slight curve at the top of the heel. Also, cuban heels may be on each male and girl footwear and are normally associate with ballroom dance footwear and Oxford heels.

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11.Square Heels


Square heels are a kind of spin off of chunky and blocked heels in that square heels have a huge base and are generally quick in height and not using a multiple or two inches tall. Rectangular heels come in a ramification of patterns, together with slingbacks, ankle straps, and full closure footwear.

12.Espadrille Heels

Espadrille Heels

Espadrille heels are just like wedge heels in that the heel extends from the again of the shoe all the way to the the front of the shoe. In actual espadrille style, espadrille types of heels are constructe from wood cork and wrapped in esparto rope. The heels normally have a lace-up closure and can be particularly comfy to wear.

13.Cone Heels


Cone heels are iconic in their triangular long-establishe heel advent with a huge pinnacle base that tapers proper all the way down to the lowest.Cone heels can range from three to 5 inches and offer a touch bit more stability than stiletto heels do. They arrive in a big selection of styles, materials, and closure sorts and are versatile for any event.

14.Spool Heels


Spool heels had been a as soon as-popular form of heel within the 1860s and Fifties.Also, spool heels feature a huge top that tapers inside the center after which flares out again on the lowest, growing a unique form that resembles that of a spool. Spool heels may be comfortable due to the guide furnished by the extensive base and huge pinnacle. Though the heels commonly don’t amplify more than 2 half inches in top.

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15.Reduce Out Heels

Reduce Out Heels

Cut out heels are a ornamental kind of shoes that have patterns cut out on the uppers of the shoe. These patterns can be floral, geometrical, or simple in layout.

16.Very high Heels


Very excessive heels are the sister of stilettos in that the heel can expand for really as excessive as you want it to. A good way to keep the foot from overstretching and to make very excessive heels possible to walk in, they will typically be accompanied by means of a platform within the the front of the foot. The platform helps to offer balance whilst strolling, and though it does upload a bit extra help, very types of heels can nevertheless be complicate to walk in.

17. Medium Heels


Medium heels are regularly the perfect combination of comfort and fashion.Moreover, medium heels variety from 2 to three 1/2 inches in top and the types of heels will usually be block or thick, offering a higher degree of support. Styles vary with medium heels and include closed toe, open toe, and ankle strap buckles.

18.Cork excessive Heels

Cork excessive Heels

As the name implies, cork types of heels are produce from a good cork construction and the heel can either be blocke or wedge. Cork high heels might also regularly characteristic a small platform at the the front as nicely for delivered peak. Those heels are commonly reserved for summertime put on and may be extraordinarily at ease and light-weight.

19.Corset Heels


Corset excessive heels are usually made from a durable leather-based and feature a lace up front closure similar to a corset. The shoes will regularly even have a stiletto skinny heel. The shoe itself can come up to the pinnacle of your ankle or the center of your calf.

20.Heels without a returned

Heels without a returned

Heels with no backs, or mule heels may be outstanding additions to any summer time dresser. They come in various patterns which include open toed, though closed toed can provide extra assist in lieu of the strapless returned.


From classic stilettos to trendy systems, the arena of heels gives endless possibilities for expressing your non-public fashion and raising any outfit. Whether or not you opt for timeless elegance or bold declaration portions, there is a heel for each occasion and temper. So cross in advance, step into fashion and permit your shoes do the talking.



Which kind of heel is the maximum secure to stroll in?

After going thru a few honest critiques and research, we have concluded that girls locate it more relaxed to walk in Wedges as it gives more balance and continues stability properly.

What are a few popular heels brands in India?

A number of the properly-recognized manufacturers to shop for a ramification of heels are Mochi, Metro, Clarks, Liberty, and many others.

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