Classy High Heels For Women

Classy High Heels for Women of Various Styles

About Classy High Heels For Women

Classy High Heels for Women:One of the biggest stereotypes about women is that they love shoes. If you happen to be a woman and love shoes, you’re probably not a stereotype. I don’t believe every woman has a walk-in closet exclusively for shoes. However, if you are a woman that loves shoes and has a classy event coming up, these elegant heels may be just what you need.

New Taryn: Fuchsia with Ice Accessories

Classy high heels for women are a must for any big event. These fuchsia stunners will not only make a statement but are available in different heel sizes.

  • N Series: These are 120 mm (90 mm incline with platform). They are considered the sexiest and highest of the range and are targeted toward “heel experts.”
  • A Series: The A Series are 115 mm (90 mm incline with platform) and are described as perfect office heels for heel experts.
  • F Series: The heels on the F Series are 95 mm (90 mm incline, no platform) and are the most popular of the bunch.
  • E Series: Heels are 105 mm (75mm incline, no platform). These shoes are for when you want a higher heel but don’t want to be too pitched.
  • K Series: These heels stand at 75 mm (75 mm incline, no platform) and are for novice heel wearers.

In addition to fuchsia, these heels also come in a “limoncello” color and will run you $1,595.00

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Kimberly Black Nappa High Heels For Women

For a more classic look in black, try the Kimberly Black Nappa. The style is “great for wearers that can’t fit into a pump.” The straps can also prevent slippage. The same size of heels apply, and this pair is a little cheaper at $1,095.00

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Naisha Bride Cream High Heels For Women

Suppose you want to meet in the middle and have an elegant style while still turning heads. The Naisha Bride Cream heels may be a good choice for you. The seductive cream color keeps things classy, and the brand’s ALIA technology makes the heels easier to walk in. The same heel sizes still apply, and these cost $1,195.00

There is something to be said about the cost of looking fabulous. A classy pair of high heels for women can be expensive. If you really want to be a trendsetter, you could look into the shoe trend predictions for 2023. It’s never too early to plan your new wardrobe. Keep in mind to keep things in your budget when you shop.

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