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Thefashioninfo is a community blog wherein we let you write for us and publish topics related to Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, and Health. We are here to present information on our blog which is related to the latest fashion trends, health, beauty and many more. Thefashioninfo allows everyone to share their ideas through words in the Guest Posting.

Guidelines to follow for Guest Posting

The following are the guidelines that you need to follow in case you wish to publish your thoughts on our blog.

Length of the Article:

An informative article with more than 600 words is what we expect you to deliver since it would not only be engaging to the viewers but also be compete with the search engines. So, make sure that your article is min 600 words and good if it 1000 words


It is important for you to select a topic for your writeup which should be related to our blog. This will make sure that your article goes live on our blog faster. Therefore, you must make sure that the article you write and submit is related to the categories on our blog.


Be sure to send us your articles that are related to the following categories:

– Beauty

– Fashion

– Health

– Lifestyle

– Products

It would be a great resource for our blog if your blogs are related to these. Also, make sure that you do not send us writeups that are completely unrelated since they wouldn’t likely be posted.

External backlinks:

If your content is related, you can also drop a backlink to your own blog in the article. However, we allow only one Do Follow link which is related and points at your own blog only.

Selling stuff:

Make sure that you do not use this guest posting opportunity to promote or advertise any other products or commercial sites. Since that comes under the advertising section. In case you are looking for a sponsored post opportunity, you can also contact us with the subject title “Sponsored and Advertisement”.


Your articles should be unique and commanding. In case you want to have a look at the examples, you can check out published articles on our blog Thefashioninfo.com.

Writing for readers:

You must write the posts in a way that carries your own words and personality. Keep in mind about the target audience and keep the articles attractive enough.

Make your articles reader friendly:

When an article is reader friendly it becomes much easier for them to read since your message would be easily conveyed to them. Project your articles in a way that contains a related heading, subheadings and important terms in bold format. Also, use bullet points wherever you feel the required.


Putting images in an article would surely catch the attention of the readers. Hence, make sure that you include best and related pictures, infographics, along with proper attribution wherever required in the article.

Don’t include any affiliate links:

We do not entertain affiliate links inside the article since it would simply hurt the standards of our website. In case you are looking to promote your affiliate link or anything promotional then please contact us with a subject name “advertising”.


You must never publish any writeups that are spinned from other websites. We will never accept any kind of posts like that. If we know that you are giving us plagiarized article, we will remove your article and it wouldn’t be published again. We appreciate other’s hard work, and so you should.

How to Submit the Article:

You can submit us the article in Microsoft Word Document format. In case you wish to write for us, you can send us your thoughts and pitch before you submit the article.

Feel free to contact at admin@thefashioninfo.com

– Subject: Guest Posting or Advertising

– Topic ideas

– The website you wish to link

We will surely get back to you if you follow our guidelines.

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