quick guide of guys wear raves

Get a Quick Guide of Guys Wear Raves


Quick Guide of Guys Wear Raves: Planning your first rave is a big deal. It can also be intimidating if you’re not sure what to wear. In this article, we’ll be covering clothes for rave as well as some tips on how you can mix up your own rave wardrobe!

Top 5 Quick Guide of Guys Wear Raves


Kandi is a name for the wristbands people wear at raves, which come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they’re made out of candy, sometimes they’re just ribbons or beads, but whatever they look like, it’s important to have some kind of kandi on your wrist when you go to a rave. They can be bought online or at a store near where you live; just make sure they’re colorful and say something about who you are as a person!

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2.T-Shirt or Tank Top

This classic rave outfit can be worn with almost any combination of bottoms (jeans, shorts, athletic shorts…). You’ll want something with short sleeves so that the kandi on your wrist is visible. This can be any color or pattern, but avoid anything too baggy or loose-fitting since it might get caught on things during dancing. Just make sure they’re comfy and easy to move around in!

3.Athletic Shorts

You don’t want things getting caught on anything during dancing either—you need room to move! So pick athletic shorts with pockets for stashing condoms or even cash if needed

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4.Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoes are key—you’ll be dancing all night long! If you don’t have any sneakers on hand, just grab some old shoes you don’t really care about. That way, if they get dirty or ruined during the night, it’s no big deal.

5.Hydration Pack

Hydration packs are crucial for keeping yourself hydrated while dancing—and it’s what separates ravers from casual partiers! Make sure to drink plenty of water before heading out so that you don’t end up dehydrated and cranky by the end of the night.

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Final Thoughts

No two raves are the same. Some people wear neon, some people wear all black, some people wear kandi, some people don’t wear anything at all. It’s all about what feels right for you and your vibe. The only thing we know for sure is that whatever you choose to wear, it should be comfortable and easy to move in—and it should make you feel good about yourself!

Infographic: Get a Quick Guide of Guys Wear Raves

Get a Quick Guide of Guys Wear Raves
Get a Quick Guide of Guys Wear Raves

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