How to place off-shoulder tops in place


While off-the-shoulder tops are all the rage and fun, holding them in place can be difficult. Choosing a blouse that fits your shoulders well and allows arm movement will help prevent the blouse from moving too much. If you have a bare upper shoulder that rises above your arms, all you need are safety pins and hair bands to help keep it in place. By tying a tie at the top right under the armpits, you will remove your shoulders without any problem.

Choose a top that comfortably fits your shoulders

 You don’t want to choose a top that is too tight and cuts your shoulders. Choosing a loose top can force you to constantly lift the top of your bare shoulder, which is also a hassle. Choose a blouse that fits your shoulders well, standing without cutting your arms. Always try at the top to determine if it looks good on you. Adjust it as you would like to use it on your arms, then move your arms up and down. If it slips around your arm, it’s not a good fit. If you buy an open cap online, read the reviews to see what people are saying about staying in your arms or not. Try it out once you’ve arrived, but make sure you don’t remove the tags until you’re sure you want to keep it.

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Make sure your upper part allows arm movement

If you cannot move your arms over the top of your shoulder, this is not the right solution. You don’t want to limit yourself to keeping your arms by your side, and if it’s that tight, the sleeves will undoubtedly slip out every time you move. When trying on a shoulderless top, wave your arms to try it on before making a decision

Find a bra that works with your bare shoulder top

Most shoulder tops require a strapless bra. If you don’t already have a strapless bra that looks good on you, look for one that is nude in color so you can wear it with anything. If necessary, you can attach your bare shoulder top to the bra using safety pins hanging on the inside of your top.

Gather four safety pins and two headbands

 To keep the blouses off the shoulder in place, you will need four safety pins and two headbands. Safety pins don’t have to be significant. They need to be attached to a headband. Look for flexible headbands if you have them, as they will be under your arm. If you don’t have rubber bands, you can use rubber bands, but the rubber bands won’t be as comfortable.

Put two safety pins on each end of a loop

Open a safety pin and connect it to one end of your tie. Take the other safety pin and secure it to the other end of the hairband, making sure the two safety pins are securely closed until you are ready to put them on top.

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Hang a safety pin inside your shirt at the front of your armpits

Attach the two safety pins to the hairband. Place a safety pin on the inside of your shirt. Do this when you are not wearing the shirt to avoid getting caught with the safety pin. You should choose a location that is not easily visible, such as inside a seam or near a rubber band. Place the safety pin at the front of the top, near the armpits.

Place the other safety pin on the back of the shirt behind the armpit

 Take the other safety pin attached to the tie and connect it to the back of the shirt behind the armpit. Make sure the two locking pins are securely attached to the fabric. The headband should be placed from the front of the shirt to the back.

Repeat the process with two safety pins and a hairband on the other side of the shirt

Once you’ve connected the first side of your top, repeat the same process on the other side. Use the last two safety pins to tie a strip of hair under the other upper arm. Do not put on top until all safety pins and two hair ties are attached to the top.

Interlace the arm on the elastic so that the hair bands are under the armpit

 Once the two headbands are securely attached to the top of the shoulder, it’s time to put it on. Intertwine your arm in the loop so that it is under your armpit. If you need to make adjustments, remove the top and move the locking pins until they are in the right place.

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