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The best haircut styles for women in 2020


Here we are in a new year (and a new decade) of daring best haircut styles and makeup moments. But before we start with the biggest hair trends of next year, let’s take the memory route and take a look at the most popular hair trends of 2019 – last year’s most popular hairstyles were also functional than elegant. From low ponytails to medium length hair and Carrie Bradshaw hair, last year, she devoted herself to understated styles with an emphasis on natural texture and healthy hair (which we love). As for hair color, we have seen a juxtaposition of warm and cold tones. Shades of golden honey were in fashion, as were variations of frozen platinum. He looked fiery red next to the cool ash blonde. It was a year of contradiction in hair color.

The excellent news about trends in 2020 is that there is a lot of room for personalization. “Today, we can see rapid haircut tailored to your face outline, natural touch, and routine,” said David Lopez, stylist for celebrities like Ashley Graham and Hailey Baldwin. Since we’ve seen many people experimenting with vibrant hair colors, it has inspired a lot of people to be more experimental. And adventurer with his haircuts. “Where will this take us in 2020? We went straight to the basis to find out, ask the best celebrity stylists, and say we were surprised by their responses. We assume you do too. Continue to scroll. To discover the ten most essential hair trends for next year.

Best haircut styles for women

Short Haircut

Short Haircut

The first thing you need to know is that short hair will be trendy in 2020. In general, long strands are closed. It’s according to the famous hairdresser Harry Josh. He predicts that the short hair trend will be a “backlash for the monster long hair trend” that we have seen in recent years. Josh mentions Kaia Gerber and Karlie Kloss as concrete examples since the women are currently wearing super chic and super short styles with great outfits like crop top and trousers.

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Bob haircut

Bob Haircut

If there’s a short hairstyle that comes first, it’s the classic bob. “I think the bob will remain a trend until 2020,” said Nicole Casamassima, a stylist at the Nexxus Salon in New York. Trimming it to the length of the clavicle can add a tousled texture for a more youthful look. An easy way to attach it to Nexxus Between Washes Air Lift Texture Finishing Spray has to be sprayed effortlessly before leaving the house so that the hair bounces off on days without washing. “Andrew Fitzsimons, a famous hairstylist, agreed that Bob would be the Haircut for 2020. 

The texture of the blunt Haircut

Blunt Haircut

In this case, a stylish cut the hair and grabs it with a razor or scissors. When I think of structured cuts, I think of two different places: short structured cuts or long structured cuts. Regular haircuts are popular because the structure of the cut naturally gives volume to the hair. To add the amount to straight and straight hair, ask your stylist about the long layers and add texture to the ends. Or if you don’t want your hair to be cut, this is the way to go. An extended, structured cut is also the right choice for wavy or curly hair. This allows the loops to be lifted and rolled up. Be careful when using textures for bleaching hair. It repels and can add an uncomfortable layer to the shape of your cut.

Showing off natural Haircut

Natural Haircut

The hairdressers agree that not only the bobs look structured this year, but also all the hairstyles. The texture will remain a big problem in 2020. Instead of ultra-fine and overpriced hair, we see a more natural feel, whether it is tousled and relaxed hair or curly and curly hair. (and we are delighted to hear it). Whatever your natural texture, hug it! Instead of removing it with heating tools, accentuate it with heating tools. To improve natural curls, renowned hairstylists and members of the R + Co collective Ashley Streicher recommends using a curly shampoo and conditioner such as R + Co Cassette Curl Shampoo and Conditioner – both equally formulated with shaving butter. As a hydrating squalane. Olive and jojoba oils, aloe, and algae extract. When it comes to style, choose a product that defines the curls, such as the cream defining the R + Co turntable’s curls.

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Haircut on the beach waves

Beach waves

The natural texture is there. Regarding the thermal style, Casamassima says that the waves of the beach will also be all the rage in 2020. They are soft, tousled, and relaxed, so a good texture spray (and a high-quality heating tool). It will undoubtedly be helpful. I like the 1.25-inch styling iron from Harry Josh Pro Tools ($ 150). Just pinch a small lock of hair before twisting and pulling your wrist. I swear I get the perfect relaxed wave every time I do this. I finish with a pinch of texture spray or dry shampoo for definition and movement, and the waves of California beach are mine.

Textured Braids

Textured Haircut

Do you already feel a theme? Whether natural, Beachy, hairy, or braided, the texture is king in 2020, especially during the winter months. “I think we will always see the trend for waves and beach braids because you can wear them with your hair, and a winter hat will not spoil the style,” said Casamassima. For us, Blake Lively is the unofficial queen of beach braids. We would say that a sizeable textured twist is a kind of business card. As such, we are looking for inspiration for the 2020 winter braid. We always make sure to spray a textured spray on our hair before braiding, as this gives our locks extra grip, which keeps the pattern intact all day. Try using the Volume Texture Mist from NatureLab Tokyo. It is a beautiful micro mist, so it will be sprayed evenly on the hair, leaving it defined and voluminous, not dense and crisp.

Long cut style from the 70s

Long Hairstyle

The soft, feathered, and fluffy look of the 1970s should not be overlooked. This modern long Haircut is a nod to the long-haired and tall girls of recent decades. Today’s long hairstyles look nonchalant and a bit messy. These are made based on long haircuts, adding layers and texture to her beautiful long braids. Long curly hairstyles don’t look too voluminous thanks to the long flowing layers. Long Mohawks make your look sharper and sharper, even if it’s just a fauxhawk. With long, thick locks, you can make any hair dream come true. Discover new hairstyle ideas for long hair. Do you need more body and an illusion of thickness? You do not know how fabulous you can be with hairstyles suitable for long and beautiful hair. And we certainly couldn’t leave the long hairstyles uncovered for black women: imaginative braided hairstyles, low ponytails, vintage waves, and much more.

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Bangs Hairstyle

Bangs Hairstyle

Prepare for a marginal return in the new year. Streicher recommends adding bangs to a bob haircut to give it a relaxed vintage vibe. Fitzsimons recommends trying the curtain, the iconic border made famous by 1960s stars like Brigitte Bardot. “The curtain’s edge will surely return as retro styles become more popular,” he says. “What I like about curtain strips is that they require little maintenance and can be easily converted into face frame layers, perfect for all face shapes and all hair types.” Alexa Chung demonstrates the power of the curtain girls. You can see how the central part, combined with the long layers of the face frame, gives a beautiful and very retro haircut.

Haircut in choppy layers


Choppy layers are a bold cut used to create volume, definition, and movement in the hair. Stylists cut large strands of hair in defined proportions, but uneven or asymmetrical for a bold and edgy look. This style is modern, elegant, and requires a little cleaning. Wax or styling pomade is often used in thick layers to emphasize the style. Weak layers are smooth and smooth and lead to gradual changes in length (also known as facial frame layers)—thin ends created using a design technique called cutting. Regardless of which style you choose, it is essential to tell your stylist exactly what you want to avoid losing anything during translation. If you wish wispy levels, you can say wispy, but you can also include adjectives like subtle, smooth, and balayage. If you want choppy levels, use bold, furry, edgy, modern, and asymmetrical. The ideal option is to find an image that reflects your expectations. Also, be open to your stylist’s comments. The texture of your hair or the shape of your face may not match the style you want, and they can work together to find a solution.

Infographic: Best haircut styles for women

Best haircut styles for women
Best haircut styles for women

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