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Amazing tips to straight your nose


Most women who look beautiful have big eyes, lovely lips, a long and straight nose, an attractive face, and fair in colour. Nearly all film stars and models have these features in their faces. Some of them are born beautiful, and some undergo surgeries. A small defect in our face leads us to go for operations to look gorgeous. Lots of people all of the world spend bags of money on surgeries to get a perfectly shaped nose. But not all the time you need it. These surgeries are costly and may have unexpected complications. Many people don’t know that they can change their shape of the nose and straight it with simple exercises. You can improve the beauty of your facial organs with some natural techniques. Let’s gain some knowledge on how to straight your nose, which may not take 10 min of your time per day.

What causes crooked nose

Crooked nose

If the nasal septum is not in the center or bent, it causes nasal congestion in one or both nasal passages. Nasal congestion can occur for several reasons, including birth, trauma or accident, previous surgery, or nostril breakdown and tumors. Depending on the cause, your nose may be in different shapes. Your septum acts as an internal wall between your left and right nasal passages. If this septum deviates, then this wall falls on one side. This will block the other side of your nose. So, don’t go for self-treatment unless and until you consult your family doctor regarding the deviated septum.

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Tips to get a straight nose

Types of nose

There are many tips and workouts to straighten your nose naturally. Depending on the type of nozzle, we have to follow the instructions. Some people have a short nose, and some have long one. Some have a crooked nose, and some have a fleshy nose. According to Carole Maggio, 14 types of nozzles are most common in human beings. Carole Maggio is an Aesthetician who has spent a lot of time in researching facial exercise techniques. She published a book – Carole Maggio facercise in 1995. There are a lot of tips that are written in this book to overcome the problems related to facial organs. She built a vast network with this book and her dynamic muscle-toning program.

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Shortnose tips for straightening

Short nose tips

The basic reaction in our body is to multiply our cells and form tissues, and these tissues form into an organ. As people get older, this phenomenon takes place. If we talk about the nose, the cartilage tissue in it develops along with our age, and for some, it grows long, which is more than required for their facial structure. To shorten your nose, push it gently from the tip of your nose upward and downward with one of your fingers. This exercise will prevent the deterioration of the cartilage. Repeat this simple exercise as many times you can in a day. This will even help your nose to look straighter.

One more tip for a short nose is to hold the bridge of your nose with index and thumb finger and gently push the tip upward with the other hand. Here it would help if you worked with your upper lip to some extent. You have to pull down your nose with your upper lip while you are holding the bridge and pushing your tip upward with the other hand. Repeat this exercise 15 times, and relax for some time. Try to do this more often a day.

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Flare your Nostrils to get a straight nose

As we discussed earlier, the formation of tissues, this process is different in different people. Finally, it will develop an unusual look for the face. To shape up your nose, follow this simple workout. Press the sides of your nose with your index fingers and breathe out forcefully. This will help your nostrils to flare and give a great shape to your nose. Don’t apply too much force while breathing out.

 Most people also want to slim down their nose. To sculpt your facial organ do this simple workout. First of all, shape your mouth in O shape and press your nostrils half-way with your index fingers, which do not block the passage of air completely. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly, flare your nostrils while doing this. This will help to build and train the muscles on the sides of your nose. You should be able to breathe even after placing your index fingers on your nose. Try to face the ceiling while doing this. Repeat this workout for 15-20 times a day. Increase the number and see the difference in few days. This exercise will shape your nose and also helps to straight it.

Sharp nose tips

Sharp nose tips  for straight nose

Along with this, try to sharpen your nose to look more straighten. Pushing the tip of your nose up and down with thumb and index finger will help you to sharpen it. Use only one hand fingers and put a smile on your face while doing this exercise for a visible difference in less than a week.

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Breathing exercise to get a straight nose

Breathing exercise for straight nose

Some breathing exercises will also help to keep your nose in shape. If you are a hard-core gym lover or yoga lover, you know that the way we breathe is significant. Because we inhale and exhale heavily during workouts, which is a key-point for cutting down the fat, this will increase the blood pressure in our body, and fat starts burning faster than usual. This phenomenon of inhaling and exhaling will also help your nose efficiently. Block one nostril and inhale through the other one, now breathe in and hold the air inside your lungs for 3 seconds. Change the side and repeat it several times. Try to increase the hold period to make this more complicated. Do nose massage along with this workout to make your nose narrow. Massage bridge of your nose gently with both index fingers. Make circular movements on the bridge for 10 minutes every day and see the best results.

Smile lines

Smile lines exercise for straight nose
Smile lines

Finally, we will discuss smile lines around your nose. Smile lines are two lines that you can see around your nose when you smile and officially called them Nasolabial folds. Smile lines are common when you grow older, but many of the young stars are suffering from this during their young age. To get rid of smile lines, fill the air in your mouth, and move it in all directions inside. Hold for 3 seconds for every new direction. Do this for 4-5 minutes a day and see the result.

Infographic: Tips to get a straight nose


Tips to get a straight nose
Tips to get a straight nose

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