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Are you looking to print out a T-shirt for a business, brand, school, or do you want an outfit for a family reunion, there are always numerous reasons you want to print out your own t-shirt, so just take quick peek to High Quality T-shirt printing.

High Quality T-shirt printing
High Quality T-shirt printing

Yes, you might already own numerous collections of classic, comfortable, versatile t-shirts already, however it would hurt to get more right? so why not make your own using rare customs.

This article is a t-shirt printing guide, giving insights on what to look out for when printing a t-shirt such as quality, grand, fabric type, and more.

Steps to follow to print out a t-shirt – High Quality T-shirt printing

To print a t-shirt you should have a specific idea in mind, you cannot print out a t-shirt without having the perfect design.

High Quality T-shirt printing1
High Quality T-shirt printing1

So when printing a t-shirt make sure the design fits the occasion it will be used for such as your business, school, brand, or the design should just look good.

Therefore, to come out with the perfect design you should decide what you want your t-shirt to represent to you, your business, or your brand.

Don’t have a style yet? Quickly go through our website rarecustom.com where we have featured and placed in everything needed for a customer to customize a t-shirt.

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At rarecustom  you will learn how to select the ideal shape, form, description,  good colors, and even typography you use on your T-shirt while designing. That way you will finally settle with the desired t-shirt design that suits your style.

Therefore, follow all the steps available on rarecustom and use the tools that are promised to look astonishing on the complete printed shirt.

  • Choose the quality you want your shirt to be in and according to your budget.

Before you start the printing method you are advised to identify your already determined quantity and funds to use. Just like whatever kind of printing, making use of a bigger quantity will lower the price for an item. Placing an order in large quantity is a good idea, especially when you’d be selling out the printed T-shirts.

  • The cost to be encountered during the printing of a t-shirt

When printing t-shirts, you are advised to print in bulks as the price is reduced to about $5-$10 per shirt, however, a single t-shirt costs $15-$30.

The price to print out a t-shirt varies tremendously according to the printing method you’re using, because of the quality of the t-shirts you will be printing on and the number of t-shirts you’re ordering.

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Choose a printing method – High Quality T-shirt printing

There are three different types of printing techniques, and these techniques have differences in appearance, cost, time of production, and material. However, let us quickly talk in detail about the most popular techniques used in printing.:

  • Screen printing.
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T-shirts designed with screen printing can be produced using hands or by using a machine, this method has been proven to be the golden criterion to print out your t-shirt.

The printer used during screen-printing makes use of unique screens to design your t-shirt which lets you print your tees in bulk.

The screen printing method is affordable, reliable, and high-quality. This method is perfect for large bulks of tees.

  • Vinyl graphics.

T-shirts printing using vinyl graphics techniques are created using transfer printing. Vinyl graphics give a different design and texture from the screen printing, and it is much bolder. Vinyl is often believed to be more long-lasting than ink.

The bright colors and durable materials used in vinyl graphics are best for t-shirt designs that you really want to stand out.

  • Direct to the garment.
High Quality T-shirt printing2
High Quality T-shirt printing2

Direct to garment printing, which is also known as DTG is a much latest technique for printing compared to the latter, that makes use of the flexibility of inkjet printing.

With this method, ink is sprayed onto the t-shirt such as the inkjet printing on paper, but with fabric. The DTG method allows well designed and customized with complicated detail and many other different color choices.

This technique works perfectly for shirts in fewer numbers, not in bulk. The more you print a t-shirt, the less feasible it seems to become. Also, garments with darker colors should not be used.

Once you’ve agreed on the design, amount intended to use, the budget, and printing style to use, then this may be the time to search for the perfect printer

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There are many options of printers to choose from. Therefore, we advise you to take your time to choose from the different possibilities.

Factors that will affect or influence which printer to choose:

  • plus printing
  • printing time t-shirt cuts,
  • cost for plain t-shirts
  • sizes,
  • materials and colors
  • The quantity you can order

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Select a fabric and a t-shirt type – High Quality T-shirt printing

When selecting a shirt type, make it simple. A T-shirt should be cozy and comfortable, so choose the perfect fabric, so you should have it at the back of your mind as you choose from the available options for your fabric for your new design.

  • Submit your work.

Once you are done with the printing method, you’ll need to send your design files to your printer.

Check the preview

The website will send you a preview of the shirt before the shirt gets printed, especially if you’re placing a bulk order.

 Get your t-shirts!

Once your shirts have been printed, Rare custom makes sure to deliver them to your doorsteps.

Therefore, at rare custom, we only make use of the best fabrics at affordable prices for your printed T-shirts, which will be printed with care, uniquely, and accuracy on higher quality fabric.

Endless shirt designs capacity.

When printing a T-shirt, even if you have no particular design in mind, our updated flexible custom shirt maker and library of illustrations, icons, layouts, and photos will help you print a perfect t-shirt within a few minutes.

At rare custom we also offer an amazingly fast delivery speed and we stitch to the designated time chosen.

You will hardly notice the difference between the time you placed an order, and the time taken in processing the t-shirts and delivering them to you. We ensure that your printed shirts arrive on time for your occasion without any hindrance.

Rare custom is the best platform to use for your t-shirt printing.

Infographic: 6 Best Types Of T-Shirt Printing Methods


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