What Are the Many Different Types of Sneakers That Exist Today


How many types of sneakers do you know? While sneakers may be your go-to comfort shoes, the world of sneakers is vast, and choosing the one you want can be challenging. This is because they come in different forms and styles for different occasions. Whether you want to dress up for work or a casual event, you can find the right sneakers to match your outfit.

Below is a guide of different types of sneakers that you can pair with the different clothing pieces in your closet.

Plimsoll Sneakers

Also known as low-top sneakers, plimsoll sneakers are available in different styles that cater to your unique tastes. You can wear plimsoll sneakers with skinny jeans or rolled-up jeans to reveal your ankle. If you want to make a statement with these sneakers, try not to wear high socks. It ensures that only your sneakers are the center of attention. Since they are the lightest sneaker, they allow you to be fast and quick on your fit.

High-Top Basketball Sneakers

If you are collecting sneakers, you shouldn’t forget to add high top sneakers to your collection. They offer maximum ankle protection and shock absorption when you play basketball. And even if you don’t play basketball, they can be a great fashion piece to pair with tight-fitted jeans or shorts. What’s more, you can wear them with high socks without worrying about them showing through your sneaker top.

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One high-top sneaker you should add to your closet is the Air Uptempto. It offers functionality, comfort, and a unique, stylish design for the occasional fashionista.

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Athletic Kicks

Athletic sneakers offer the best combination of style and functionality. If you partake in sporty activities like running, they help improve your comfort and performance. Although commonly associated with yoga pants and sports bras, the best athletic footwear can still fit in your closet even if you’re not very sporty. You can pair them with jeans, bike shorts, pants, dresses, or skirts.

Slip-On model

Also referred to as classic models, slip-on models don’t have any shoelaces. This makes it easy for you to slide your feet into the shoe. You can find them in different colors, surfaces, and patterns — low-top and high-top. You can wear high-rise sneakers with high socks but not low-rise ones. It’ll make you look awkward and out of place. If you’re a sneakerhead looking for something casual and comfortable, the slip-on kicks never disappoint.

Authentic model

For something comfortable yet trendy, authentic sneakers are your go-to. From formal to casual fits, you can wear them with almost anything. These revolutionary kicks have a minimalist and clean design that helps you stand out at any party you attend.

Leather model

With sturdy and durable construction, leather model are the hottest trend in the fashion industry right now. Whether you opt for a lace-up or lace-less leather model , you’re guaranteed optimum comfort in every step you take. Although quite expensive, buying these sneakers means investing for the future since they don’t lose their appeal. You can pair them best with your formal and business attire.

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What’s more, leather sneakers are also a good option for sports, and they fit in your foot like a glove. Just make sure not to lessen their attractive appeal by wearing long socks.

Canvas model

Best described as conventional and comfortable, canvas model  are low-rise and material sneakers that became famous from their association with popular brands like Converse All-Stars. Whether you’re an adult or youngster, you can rock these models if you wish to nail a chic yet casual look.

LED Lighted Sneakers

Want something flashy for your footwear? You should consider getting LED sneakers. Popular among women, they feature a LED tube that runs around the outer sole area of the shoe and displays different colors.

You can choose LED shoes in one or multiple colors. It all depends on what you prefer. For men who aren’t afraid to be bold, LED lighted models can be the pair you need to express yourself. Since this  is flashy, you can rock it best at parties or concerts.

Textile Blend Sneakers

Textile Blend model are made with blends of different materials, including leather and textile, plastic and leather, and more. Used for either general or sportswear, they allow your feet adequate breathability so you can wear them comfortably over long periods.

Before buying them, you should know the type of blend your sneaker is made of. It helps you see if your feet can get accustomed to the material.

Chuck Taylors

As one of the most popular sneakers around, these classic model are a wardrobe staple. You can pair them with anything to get that timeless and chic vibe. Apart from being functional, they have a loose lining around soft canvas that provides ultra-comfort and flexibility.

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Velcro modal

With their diverse color palette, Velcro kicks are among the comfiest and stylish sneakers in the shoe industry. Although you can’t wear them with all types of outfits, they can elevate your casual outfit if you style them correctly. You can wear them with a casual dress or jeans for a high fashion look.

Designer model

Designer model are a line of sneakers backed by prominent designers like Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, and more. Although they have similar comfort levels to normal kicks, their high-end design makes a fashion statement, turning you into the star of the party.


Synthetic Sneakers

Made of fabrics like nylon, polyester, and synthetic leather, synthetic model can provide you with an adequate level of support. But they are unbreathable on your feet. If you want sneakers that can be worn often, you should avoid these types unless you want smelly feet.

Elevate Your Style with the Right Types of Sneakers

From designer kicks to ordinary kicks, you have different types of  products to choose from on your next shopping spree. To make the right fashionable choice, you need to assess your sneaker needs first. It’ll help you pick a shoe that’s functional and trendy. For more fashion tips, check out our other blog posts.

Infographic: Different Types of Sneakers

Different Types of Sneakers
Different Types of Sneakers

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