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Fashion Tips and Tricks to Keep You Cool During the Hot Weather


Fashion Tips and tricks – A hot, humid summer afternoon can ruin your plans for going out or dressing up for an occasion, but not when you have thoughtfully stocked and carefully selected summer apparel. The best way to beat the heat is getting prepared, from what you do to what you wear. Is it possible to stay in fashion while beating the heat? Absolutely. Here are several tips and tricks to stay cool and stylish during hot weather.

Stick to Lighter Colors

The first thing you want to do is eliminate all dark-colored clothing from your closet. If you don’t have many white clothes, consider buying a few dresses, shirtdresses, shorts and t-shirts. Any color that you can see from a few miles away is a light color. This is because dark colors absorb heat while light colors reflect it. Apart from being lightweight in color, the fabrics should be lightweight with some form of structure, so they don’t cling to your body when you sweat.

Wear Cotton T-shirts

Cotton is also an excellent type of fabric to invest in during summer as it helps absorb sweat, leaving you cooler and comfortable. Find cotton shorts, skirts, pants, and dresses that are brightly colored that don’t show off nasty sweat patches. If you have to wear socks, make sure they’re made of cotton material to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

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Air the Legs With Slides

Your body needs lots of fresh air to stay cool, including your toes. If you’re not going to any special event, stick to some stylish slides. They look great when paired with shorts and t-shirts and are extremely practical. You can wear them to the pool and when moving around the house. You definitely don’t need socks here, but if they fit your style, you can add some colored cotton custom socks. Slides are cool; they will keep you cool too. If you’re going out, wear sandals. They will go with your maxi dress, denim shorts, or anything you wear. You can go for wedges, strappy sandals, or cute espadrilles for a more elevated look that still offers comfort and breathability for your toes.

Keep it Breezy With Silhouettes

As you steer clear of tight, heavy clothing that will make you feel hot, sticky, and uncomfortably sweaty during the summer, you may need to invest in silhouettes and lightweight kimonos. It’s easy to choose tight clothes as they keep you in style, but many people choose loose clothes over tight ones for comfort. Flowing silhouettes are forever timeless as they make you feel feminine and beautiful effortlessly. A midi or maxi skirt that blows in the wind is simply breathtaking. It offers plenty of airflow while keeping you stylish.

Put on a Cap or Hat

While it’s well-known that heat escapes the body through the head, allowing the heat to sizzle around your crown doesn’t make anything easier. A cap provides shade for your face and helps complete a casual look, especially if you’re into streetwear. You can also wear personalized caps that keep your face and upper body shielded from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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Invest in Breathable Fabrics

Avoid fabrics that trap moisture during summer. You can easily achieve this by checking the labels to ensure the clothes you buy are 100 percent cotton, silk, or linen. Clothes that trap moisture will stick to your body, leaving you with no airflow, sweaty and uncomfortable. Steer clear of spandex and polyester, which are the most common culprits. Instead, wear eco-friendly, natural fabrics that are light and breezy. In most cases, avoid clothes that are too tight. If you wear plus size clothing, consider blending and balancing your outfits to fit your style and body shape.

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Make Shorts Your Best Friend

It’s impossible to talk about summer fashion without mentioning shorts. Before making any purchase, decide how you want to rock your shorts. Are you looking for something more comfortable to wear or for sleeping, or are you looking for some nice white shorts for going out? Swimming trunks, tennis shorts, running shorts, and denim shorts are all great options to wear in any given situation. They don’t have to be too tight unless they’re too short.

Balance the Top and Bottom

For a more refined style and look, prioritize creating an outfit that is balanced from top to bottom. A good rule of thumb is to make either the bottom or the top tight and the other loose and flowy. For instance, if you‘re a plus size, you can wear a loose top and pair it with a pencil skirt. Similarly, a strapless tight tank top can go well with wide-leg ankle-length trousers or a flowing maxi skirt. This helps create an elegant balance.

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Skip Jeans

While most people wear jeans anytime, they aren’t the best to wear in a hot summer. Jeans are not only heavy, but they may also feel warm if they hug your skin. Instead, go for white denim shorts or pants that are lightweight. If you must wear denim jeans, opt for wide-legged jeans that allow more airflow.

Infographic: Fashion Tips for Hot Weather

Fashion Tips for Hot Weather
Fashion Tips for Hot Weather

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