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7 Easy Ways to Promote Your New Fashion Store


How do you become an up-and-coming fashion label? How do you promote your New Fashion store? You may have the hottest new pieces and the coolest looks but if you don’t engage in some promotional marketing, nobody will know any different.
When it comes to the fashion industry, there has to be some appeal to reel people in. With these tried-and-tested tips, you’ll be able to do just that. Here’s how you can put your brand in the spotlight to attract customers and increase sales.

To Promote Your New Fashion Store Get On Email Campaigns

Seventy-two percent of customers prefer email as their primary form of business communication.
If you want your hard work and sleepless nights to pay off, you need to start email marketing even if your peers think it’s dead.
You can use email to share information on current trends and how your new products relate to them, send personalized recommendations and experiences, and share your brand story. These tactics will help you make a good impression and set the bar for communication, driving conversion and sales. If you offer a reward like a 10% discount in exchange for membership and subscriptions or Promote, be sure to follow through and incorporate them into your physical or online Fashion store point-of-sale systems. Otherwise, you’ll lose customers faster than you can say “technical glitch.”

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Reach Shoppers With Targeted Ads

Seventy-two percent of users prefer brands that share discounts and sales on social media.
Personalizing your ads will help you get the most bang for your buck. On that note, create quality content to resonate with your demographics and establish your credibility. Then, push ads on proven channels like Google, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.
Use compelling ad copy and high-resolution images to build brand awareness and authority, which will help you scale your business.

Please refer our ad creator to know how to create ad
Tangible results may take time, but you can speed up the process by including a call-to-action or CTA at the end. According to Instagram, ads with CTAs have an 89% chance of performing better.

Use Social Proof To Build a Good Reputation

Eighty-seven percent of customers conduct research online before making a buying decision.
This statistic highlights the value of social proof, which can be a weapon for instant success when used correctly. You can use social media as a story-telling medium to create interest in your brand offerings. One way to do this is by harnessing the power of user-generated content (UGC).
Another interesting statistic to note is that 88% of consumers trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations. In light of this fact, ask customers to post reviews, testimonials, and images on their personal social media accounts. Their authentic feedback can put your store front and center among your target audience, which will strengthen your position in the retail fashion industry.

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Use Quality Pictures to Grab Attention

Sixty percent of Instagram users find products by browsing through pictures and videos.
This means that you need to prioritize quality pictures that put your products in the best light possible. Make sure your pictures have the proper resolution and aren’t pixelated, provide multiple angles, and close-up shots, include alt-text if your posting them online, and don’t forget to include an accurate and easy-to-understand size chart.
If you don’t have the technical expertise, it’s best to hire a professional who specializes in product shots. While it may seem like a hefty expense at the beginning, your investment will pay off as brand awareness and sales for your clothing line grow.

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Hold Social Media Contests

On average, over 34% of new customers are acquired through contests.
Running a contest allows you to attract your target audience’s attention without spending a pretty penny. For inspiration, look at other digital marketing campaigns run by your competition, then tweak them to suit your own brand and needs. While there are certainly big and established brands that are making waves in social media, don’t forget to check smaller and niched brands that you’re directly in competition with.
When holding a social media competition, your contest should encourage users to share your posts, reels, videos, and even their own content to help spread awareness about your company and build social proof. You can also connect the giveaway post(s) to your online store, so interested customers can browse through your latest collections without leaving the app. Make sure to use attractive, on-point content, images, and descriptions to draw people.

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To Promote Your New Fashion Store Try Influencer Marketing

Whether you’re an established brand or a start-up that’s still finding its footing in the fashion industry, influencer marketing can give your marketing efforts a big boost.
Pro tip: Instead of focusing on macro-influencers who have more followers, try reaching out to micro-influencers. Micro-influencers may have smaller audiences but these audiences are often more niched and targeted, making your brand more relevant and your collaboration more likely to result in conversions.
Apart from exchanging cash, there are creative ways to compensate influencers for their efforts. Some options to consider are free merchandise, generous discounts, cross-marketing agreements, and other perks.

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Don’t Forget Your Posters and Flyers

They may be old-school but posters and flyers still get the job done, especially for entrepreneurs with physical stores. Posters and flyers can make people in your local community aware of your clothing line, promotions you’re offering, and give them directions on how to find your store.
If you’re thinking that you have to hire a graphic designer or a marketing agency to produce well-designed and effective collaterals, think again. Nowadays, websites like PosterMyWall offer thousands of templates that even design amateurs can use to produce polished and professional-looking materials. Their templates include free flyer templates and fashion poster templates where you only need to choose the design you want and customize it. You can then use it for social media or print them out. It’s easy, practical, and cheap!

The Takeaway

It’s close to impossible to do business these days without an online presence. Those who do without often miss out on a substantial market share. Since social media transcends borders and timezones, you should learn more about how to implement the strategies suggested above.
For engaging the local community and social media posts, don’t forget affordable resources like PosterMyWall. In addition to making collaterals easier to produce, the site has countless designs regardless of the look and feel you’re going for. It’s also insanely easy to customize them with your messaging. By putting these strategies to use, you should be off to a good start and be able to drum up awareness and interest around your new clothing store!

Infographic: 7 Easy Ways to Promote Your New Fashion Store

7 Easy Ways to Promote Your New Fashion Store
7 Easy Ways to Promote Your New Fashion Store

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