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7 Engagement Ring Trends in 2022


An engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewellery you will own because it is cherished memorabilia that will last a lifetime. However, these days, couples are ditching the traditional designs of engagement ring and choosing a more modern design for the piece of jewellery that symbolises their love and devotion towards each other.
This is why we have compiled the top engagement ring trends that will be the hottest and most popular in 2022 that you must know about. We are certain that you will want to get your hands, or better yet, fingers, on them!
With this guide you can make the perfect choice for your partner and find the best trendsetting engagement rings Ireland has to offer.

Top Engagement Ring Trends

Every ring on this list is certified to get your loved one’s heart racing. Whether you plan to shop together or do it independently, here are some beautiful engagement ring to look out for:
1. Gender Neutral Rings
By far, the top trend is gender-neutral rings that are becoming readily available. Such gender-fluid rings will only be gaining more and more popularity. We’ve seen these rings in the hands of the hottest celebrities like Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, and Kylie Jenner. Such rings are chunkier, larger, and bolder and can be traditionally worn by both men and women.
2. Oval and Pear-Shaped Rings
It’s time to ditch the princess cut and opt for oval and pear-shaped rings. Such rings emulate sophistication, style, and grace. The curves on these rings allow the diamond to shine brighter, be more noticeable, and speak for themselves. And it’s entirely up to you whether you want the pear to hang down or upwards; either way, it will look stunning and graceful!

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3. Colourful Gemstones
People are not just ditching princess cuts, but they are also ditching diamond rings altogether. Coloured gemstones on rings are having a major moment this year, which is why it is one of the rising engagement ring trends of 2022. These are the perfect choice if you are looking for something bold, gorgeous, and bright. The most popular options are sapphire and emerald.
4. Timeless Simple Rings
While some people opt for colourful gemstones with unique shapes, some people go simple and timeless with a solitaire setting. Such rings never go out of style and are an all-time classic, which is why they have been popular for many years. It dons a simple band with one stone on top that is shining brightly. If you are confused about which engagement ring to get, the safest option would be a timeless, simple ring.
5. Double Banded Engagement Rings
Another unique ring that has been a popular trend in 2022 is the double-banded engagement ring. It features two simple bands and a stone sitting right in the middle. It is not too chunky and is simple and unique simultaneously. The stone looks floating between the two bands, which is why it has been such a popular choice amongst couples.

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6. Diamond Halo Rings
If you are looking for something more exuberant and luxurious that is still simultaneously trendy, look no further than diamond halo rings. It speaks of opulence, glamour, and wealth. They are incredibly bright and shiny and have the natural ability to make the diamond appear more prominent. You could also choose to get a different coloured gemstone in the middle.
7. Coloured Diamond Rings
If you want something sparkly and bright, but don’t want a diamond ring, consider opting for coloured diamond rings instead!
These less traditional types of rings have been a rising trend when it comes to engagement rings in Ireland in 2022. Not to mention, these are quite unique since colored diamonds are very rare. You can opt for any colour; pink, grey, blue, etc.

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Final Words

Choosing the perfect engagement ring for your close ones is an important decision that can often be overwhelming. You want to find something that is stunning and unique. If that is the case, consider any of these rings as mentioned above from our list. Not to mention, you can easily find most of these engagement rings in Ireland by visiting some of the renowned jewellry stores there.

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