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11 Types of Rings You Didn’t Know About


Types of rings – Did you know that the average cost of an engagement ring is around $2,500? Although everyone is familiar with engagement rings, are you also aware of the wide variety of other rings that are offered to both men and women?

To find out more about the types of rings for men and women, keep reading this article.

School Rings

You probably had a class ring if you attended high school or college in the US. These rings stand in for your academic achievement and graduation year. Such rings serve as a memento and a symbol of your affiliation.

Moissanite Rings

Do you know what moissanite rings are? The naturally occurring mineral moissanite makes a stunning ring centerpiece. Although this substance is rarely found in nature, it may now be produced artificially.

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Platinum Rings

Some of the most priceless materials for jewelry are used to make platinum rings. Silver and gold rings are often more expensive than platinum rings. The material has a color that almost resembles silver but has a softer tint.

Promise Rings

Another sort of symbolic jewelry is a promise ring. Although any kind of ring can be used as a promise ring, they are usually traditional gemstone or metal band rings. These rings are typically used in religious or cultural contexts to represent a promise.

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Birthstone Rings

Do you know your birthstone? Each month of the year has a birthstone associated with it. Rings are no exception to the rule, most people wear jewelry that features their birthstone.

Mood Rings

Even though mood rings were very popular in the 1970s and 1990s, they are still used today. These novelty rings claim that their color may foretell your mood. Obviously, your body temperature has more to do with this than how you’re feeling, but they’re still fun.

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Signet Rings

Since the beginning of time, individuals of influence have worn signet rings; they were even discovered among the artifacts of the Egyptian pharaohs. Today, you can personalize a signet in countless ways and choose between emotional vintage items or more contemporary designs. Put your initials, a meaningful symbol, or if you have one, your family crest in the engraving.

Baby Rings

Baby rings are, as the name suggests, rings for, well, babies. They first gained popularity in Victorian times when they were offered as new-baby gifts. The child could wear the little ring on a chain as they got older.

Claddagh Rings

Three essential symbols are featured on the Irish Claddagh ring: a heart for love, two hands for friendship, and a crown for fidelity. The 17th-century Claddagh is renowned for the message it conveys depending on how it is worn.

As an example, if the heart is facing you and is worn on your right hand, it indicates that you are in a romantic relationship. If you wear it on the same hand with the heart facing out, it means you’re looking for a relationship.

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Right-Hand Rings

Right-hand rings are usually regarded to be exceptional pieces that you treat yourself to when you reach an accomplishment or simply because you feel like it.

Toe Rings

Every woman who enjoys wearing simple, yet elegant designs will like the metal toe bands’ elegant and simple design. Toe bands are excellent for everyday wear but can also be adorned with beads, crystals, and other embellishments. Furthermore, toe rings made of meenakari art have a really unique appearance for each bride.

Buy Different Types of Rings Today!

Now that you know these different types of rings, you’re ready to start shopping! A ring is a stunning piece of jewelry that may express many different feelings. As for both men and women, rings are often beautiful items to own.

Infographic: Types of Rings You Didn’t Know About

Types of Rings You Didn’t Know About
Types of Rings You Didn’t Know About

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