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How to Create a Stunning Makeup Tutorial Video by Yourself 

A woman loves make-up from across the world. A few years back, make-up was learned by attending physical classes with limited make-up products. However, the digital revolution has changed things and made makeup tutorial video accessible online. It is not easy and convenient to record a make-up tutorial, edit it with easy online editors, and share it across social media platforms and YouTube.

YouTube is one of the best platforms for sharing long-form make-up tutorials. However, social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok are amazing for uploading and sharing short-form easy make-up tutorials. Many make-up influencers earn millions from just posting make-up tutorials and brand collaboration with leading makeup brands.

Do you want to create excellent make-up tutorials but are confused about where to start? We will guide you through the steps for creating stunning make-up tutorial videos, all by yourself.

Plan the makeup tutorial process in advance

Before starting the recording part, it is essential to know the kind of make-up you want to create a tutorial about. It is good to experiment with a range of make-up, from basic to thematic, but keep it simple initially. Decide on the make-up, keep all the products you will be using during the tutorial handy, and start with the equipment setup part. Plan a process step-by-step in advance on how to record, the products to be used, and which best free online video editor to use for making the final edits.

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Choose the correct setup for recording

It is often misunderstood that recording requires heavy and expensive equipment. You can start recording the tutorial by using your smartphone, and you do not need 

a fancy studio to record the tutorial. We will take you through all the essentials to be done before starting the recording:

  • Make sure the background is clean and not messy. You can choose to keep minimalistic during the background or an aesthetic. However, make sure not to clutter the background with too much stuff.
  • Set up the recording space with ample lighting. While recording a make-up video, it is crucial to have proper light so that the audience understands the make-up tones and shades and gets an accurate look.
  • Set up the camera in a way that focuses majorly on the face. Adjust the camera so that it covers the face appropriately. This helps in better highlighting and closeup the view of how the make-up is applied.

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Set up the camera and gear

After the environment and setup are done right, it is time to focus on the camera and its setup. Here are the some of the essentials to start with:

  • Pick a camera or phone to record the video. If you do not have a DSLR, it is okay to start recording with whatever smartphone you have.
  • A stabiliser like a tripod is important in holding the camera or phone in a stable position. This prevents blur and shakes throughout the video.
  • It is wise and highly recommended to invest in an external microphone. While recording the make-up video, speaking and guiding the viewers on how to use the products is important. An external microphone gives great clarity.
  • The ring light is a wise investment for proper lighting and doubling it up as a stand for the phone or recording device. The ring light captures the brightest of the videos, enhancing the video’s clarity.
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Shooting the video in the right format

Make sure that it is done using the right format while shooting and recording the video. The whole purpose of shooting the video is to ensure it benefits the audience and creates higher engagement. The format of the video varies depending on the platform you are shooting the tutorial video for. For example, if you are shooting the video for Instagram or TikTok, ensure it is shot in a vertical position. However, for YouTube, a horizontal or landscape format is better. Also, here are a few things to keep in before and after shooting the video:

  • Do not abruptly start the recording because connecting with the audience is important. Before starting the tutorial, greet the audience and inform them about the video.
  • Make sure to show each product closely, and give the product’s name or brand and its use. As you start applying the product, also make sure to talk about it.  
  • Once you apply the make-up, do not forget to give a review of the make-up products. This gives a personal touch and opinion to the viewers.
  • If you are promoting a brand or a particular product, make sure there is a clear call to action.

Editing the video for a shareable tutorial

While shooting, there are several parts that you want to trim, edit, and just keep the important sequences. Edit video using online editors to give a smooth and flawless final product. The editing makes a huge difference in creating the perfect make-up tutorial. Always make sure to choose the right editing tool depending on the level of expertise. The editing tools help enhance the color, saturation, brightness, etc. and create a perfect tutorial. Customise the fonts, colors, alignment, and brightness to make the overall video clip engaging. Before starting the editing process, organise all the clips so that it becomes easy to edit and put them together step by step.

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Once the editing is complete, the tutorial will be shared across various platforms. But before that, here are a few things to follow:

  • Export or save the makeup tutorial video into the system or phone in the highest resolution for better and enhanced clarity.
  • A thumbnail is important for grabbing the attention of the viewers. Always use a thumbnail that gives an idea about the content of the video.
  • Preview the makeup tutorial video thoroughly before sharing it across social media platforms or uploading it on YouTube.


Recording a make-up tutorial and editing the same might take a while initially, but you get better with time. As a beginner, the focus should be on the basics like ample lighting, clarity in voice, and starting with basic make-up tutorials. Many editing tools or software make editing easy and convenient. Editing the makeup tutorial video is a learning curve, but the online make-up tutorial has given people the advantage of learning from home.

Many make-up artists have gained their expertise and massive online following over time. It requires consistency, good quality content, and creating unique, different tutorials to keep the audience engaged. The above tips are effective when it comes to creating the perfect make-up tutorials all by yourself.

Infographic: How to Create a Stunning Makeup Tutorial Video by Yourself

How to Create a Stunning Makeup Tutorial Video by Yourself
How to Create a Stunning Makeup Tutorial Video by Yourself

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