Summer essentials

Summer essentials that every girl need


Summer brings the need to discover creative looks and the latest exciting trends, but any wardrobe worthy of hot weather includes essential fashion items that you know you will wear year after year. That said, if your variety of basics sounds a little, well, basic, you might consider switching to the latest riffs at proven standards. New design details can update even the most basic styles, making them feel new without sacrificing versatility or portability. As for the essentials of the wardrobe for summer 2020, the market is full of options that meet all requirements.

Your midi floral print midi dress, for example, receives a quick update with the added element of a romantic kiss or sleeve. Instead of denim shorts, a pair of Bermuda denim shorts would be a more modern alternative. This summer, you will also see white tank tops invade the plain white shirts that once reigned supreme. Instead of your favorite t-shirt, try a sleeveless tank top or a modern design, perhaps with asymmetrical straps. And when it comes to sandals, the more minimalist, the better; think delicate straps, low heels, simple silhouettes. Opt for a definitive list of 2019 updates for your summer bases.

Long denim shorts

Denim shorts have always been a staple of the summer, but instead of their usual denim cuts, the new versions everyone wears go to the knee, give or take a few inches. This makes them much more versatile.

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Stylish white tank top

It’s not that you should get rid of your favorite white t-shirt any time soon, but for now, you may be able to remove it in favor of a cool tank top temporarily. Choose the one that feels most luxurious with a streamlined cut and modern upgrades like asymmetric straps or a one-shoulder cut.

Minimalist strap sandals

Right now, the favorite sandal in the fashion world features delicate shiny straps and a low heel. It’s basic and simple but still elegant and can be worn with everything from denim to cocktail dresses. Don’t bother with high heels or high heels – if you only buy one heeled shoe for the summer, go for it.

Opt for long shorts

Somewhere between the confidence of the shorts and the sophistication of the panties are the sleek, baggy wrap shorts. Team up with such simple tops and these monochrome outfits are minimalist at their smartest.

The cotton summer dress

 It may be a summer classic, but it’s making a strong comeback this summer. These cotton-made cute dresses for girls are available in a variety of patterns and prints that you’ll love to have in your closet.

The  bra top

Whether it’s a longer version of a sports bra or a variation of knit, linen, or tie on the front (two trends in one), there is as much bra top as you want to take off. Perfect with matching pants or a skirt (yes, the outfits are always solid) or some Bermuda shorts of the season 80, bras are the essential thing that you didn’t know you were missing with high-waisted pants. The Best News It’s a fair game to get by without a bra if you know it, but plausible to wear a strapless bra or sticker if you’re looking for a little more support. No matter how you want to drive almost topless this summer, click through to see some of the best shots of this much-needed hot weather.

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Puff sleeve blouse

Laminated sleeves have become the trend of the day as it is practically mandatory to have at least one piece of bulky shoulders. Choose a flirted top with balloon sleeves if you want something that you can really do in the warmer months, but that won’t immediately become unbearable in the fall.

The Bucket Hat

When the summer sun shines from above, look for a hat that will shade and protect your skin. While past seasons were dedicated to papa-style baseball caps or soft straw hats, this summer, it’s the bucket hat.

Flat slides

Comfortable and accessible shoes are not negotiable. Get a minimalist and sophisticated pair with a flat and thin sole and simple straps right at the widest part of your foot. Look for versions with design elements like crocodile-embossed leather or a square toe that give this no-frills shoe a more contemporary look.

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