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How to make your outfits stylish in 10 minutes


Celebrities and style bloggers seem to have unlimited super cool closets, but in reality, they only make small changes in 10 minutes to make the most basic outfits look stylish. Somehow, you put together things you never thought would create a whole new look at the next level with the same pieces. You don’t need a stylist to do that! To reach the same level on the next level, follow these simple tips to cool down any outfit instantly.

Tie a button-down shirt to show your waist

A midi skirt looks super cute with the plaid shirt that’s already in your closet. If you tie it in the middle, it will show its shape instead of hiding it and give it a more polished look. It hardly take 10 minutes of your time. Put a turtle neck underneath so your tummy doesn’t show when it’s cold. Here is the trick to tie the perf knot: undo the bottom three buttons and tie the shirt tails into a knot. Tighten so that the knot is directly over your navel and tie it again. Align the ends, so they sit where you want them.

Put on your capes

Diapers are an easy way to look cool when it’s cold outside and save money by taking advantage of the pieces already in your closet. But when it has a lot of different layers, the finished product may seem a bit bulky and random. A belt brings together all the looks and sculpts your figure under all these clothes. These layers do not swallow you.

  • Start by placing a thin long-sleeved shirt under a sleeveless dress.
  • Throw a button-down shirt over the top and leave it open.
  • Add a fur vest.
  • Fasten everything with a belt.
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Cuff your jeans

There’s nothing wrong with rocking your jeans the way they are, but your favorite wardrobe staple can easily be improved with the ankles. It’s a subtle style tip that instantly refreshes an outfit you’ve worn a million times. Not to mention, it’s the perfect way to show off your rocking shoes. The trick is to choose the right method based on the style of pants you are wearing. Skinny pants look better on the short sides because they retain the elegant appearance of skinny pants. Make the wrists about half an inch wide and twist them twice. When it comes to the looser style of jeans, it’s less about rolling up than rolling up. You want to keep the casual feel of the jeans intact, and the larger, bulkier fabric works well with a more messy cuff.

Wrap your jeans about three times with 1-inch cuffs. It hardly take 10 minutes of your time. Do not press your fists to make a crease. Instead, opt for a cylindrical shape like a parchment. Spoil the bracelet when you have done, so it is not too perfect.

Stack your rings

A ring is cute; Eight is even more attractive. But how do you make the different ring sizes and styles look fresh and nervous, and not as if you were a preschooler who stepped into his mother’s jewelry box? It all depends on the placement and how you stack the different styles.

  • Start with the most significant and boldest ring on your index finger.
  • Overlay your ring finger with smaller styles. A mixture of standard rings and midi styles gives you this super cool layered look.
  • Finally, stack two to three midi rings for contrast on your middle finger.
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Fasten an informal dress

A square, straight dress hides your shape and seems to come out of your mother’s closet. Tie it in the middle to collect all this extra fabric and completely transform the dress into a more flattering style.

It’s super easy to make yourself in just 10 minutes! Simply follow these steps:

  • Turn the dress over.
  • Next, assemble a 2-inch section in the middle.
  • Tie it in a knot.
  • Turn the dress on the right side. Here it is!

Attach an oversized t-shirt

Loose layers can easily pass from the sloppy antenna. But if you tie your upper side, you will highlight both your killer shape and your pretty skirt. To get the polished knot, pull the excess soil, and create a tail. Turn the tail and tie it. Pull the knot to tighten.

Add a scarf to update your basic look

If you’re bored with all your neckpiece, a handkerchief or scarf is an easy way to make a simple outfit even simpler. There are so many ways to wear it. Just fold it and tie it back of your neck, leaving the pointed side in front. Or wrap it tightly and tie it around your neck for an instant-ready look. Have a bad day? Use it instead of a headband to keep your hair out of your face.

Let your socks come out of your boots

Don’t hide your socks! The crumpled socks give a stylish skirt and shoes a more relaxed look as if you had just left the house impeccably. Fashion bloggers are about this trend, and it is effortless to pull it off. The amount of socks you let out of your boots depends on the length of your legs. A decent rule of thumb is to cover it about 1/4 of your lower leg. Pull them out and then shred them to the correct length. Choose thin socks that aren’t too sporty but aren’t afraid to play with color. So cute!

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Infographic: How to make your outfits stylish in 10 minutes

How to make your outfits stylish in 10 minutes
How to make your outfits stylish in 10 minutes

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