Michael kors hand bags

Michael Kors Hand Bags Top Nine

Michael kors hand bags: First published 36 times and updated on April 2015. These Michael Kors bags are used to carry products and keep new ones. It also comes with different types of handbags. They are dashing handbags, large totes, small-size bags and medium-sized satchels. Additionally new designs with good quality and Michael Kors (MK) logo are being promoted in shops.

1. Selma Medium Top-Zip Satchel

Michael kors hand bags

The Selma Medium Top-Zip Satchel is $110. It is special to wear this bag at the elbow or on the shoulder. The dual rolled handles are sturdy, and it has four protective metal feet right. This bag does not have a long strap. Made of solid saffiano leather.

2. Jet Set Leather Tote

Michael kors hand bags

We can use a jet-set leather tote when we go out. The cost of this bag is $164. It looks rich and stylish on the inside. The jet-set leather tote is great for carrying more thoughts and carrying to the office. This bag has five pockets inside, and one of them has a zipper.
Jet set with all colours and logos. Each handle has double buckles.

3. Jet Set Crossbody

Michael kors hand bags

The Jet Set Crossbody costs $104. This bag can be taken in any situation. It has a nonmetallic chain. The strap is adjustable from 20 to 26 inches. These include Natural Colors, Cobalt Blue, Smoky Rose and Yellow Sunshine. It is divided into the two parts.

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4. Sadie Carell

Michael kors hand bags

A soft sadie carryall is about $120. It’s made of soft leather with criss-cross patterns. The laptop can be carried in these bags. The three-pocket interior is very useful for keeping things organized. The logo on the Sadie Carry Bag is enhanced with metallic.

5. Nouveau Hamilton Satchel

Michael kors hand bags

Additionally the belt comes in classic designs from the brand and is updated with an eye-catching lock pendant. The Nouveau Hamilton Satchel costs $288. Previously along with structure and slouch, it has changed its look. Overall no matter how old it is, this style is timeless and trendy. This bag is soft to the touch due to pebbles. It was then a rich dark green.

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6. Bedford Pocket

Michael kors hand bags

The Bedford Pocket goes for around $129. Especially the bag’s touch feels modern and casual. It can hold cell phones, makeup, keys, money and small items. Moreover and it has many pockets for easy taking. It is of good quality and has different colours.

7. Camden Drawstring

Michael kors hand bags

In addition with this bag is crafted in a hobo shape with playful tassels and, gold-toned hardware, a Camden drawstring. Because it will be around $484. Finally it is Camden Drawstring Bag features a slouchy design and a magnetic button. However this bag has small handles for shouldering.

8. Ciara Leather Messenger

Michael kors hand bags

Likewise the Ciara leather messenger bag is emblazoned with the brand name “Michael kors hand bags” on both sides. Many people like this brand because of it. It can be carried to the side but on the shoulder as a street or by hand.

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9. Rhea’s Backpack

Michael kors hand bags

Moreover this bag has double straps and a hanging loop. For example it can cost up to $175.Next the Rhea backpack comes with zippered pouches inside. Additionally it includes Light Black, Metallic Silver and Light Brown. Likewise it is 13 inches long, which is a college bag type.

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