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10 simple ways to make cheap clothes expensive


You may think you have to invest in expensive pieces to make costly suits, but that is not always the case. Sure, an unlimited budget brings you some pretty lavish outfits, but also some fancy styles that cut your sleeve. If you find yourself to get the most out of your simple clothes and create outfits that look cheap, you’ve come to the right place. Boy, do I have any clothing tips for you?

There are little tricks when shopping or dressing that make every outfit look its best. Whether you’re adding a belt to your jeans outfit every day, or shopping for certain fabrics that look expensive at all costs, keep reading to discover these tips, see how fashion girls try them on and then shop for affordable and simple clothing that’s looking to the right. For all.

Get everything tailored – Simple

A $ 10 Forever21 skirt can look better than a $ 300 designer skirt with just a few quick points. If the fit doesn’t fit the frame, take these cheap clothes to a tailor before bringing them home. It was worth every penny. When shopping, keep in mind that the simpler the garment, the more comfortable (and cheaper) to cut.

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Replace the buttons

Get rid of these basic plastic buttons for something a little more precious, like metal, bone, or mother-of-pearl. Purchase them online on sites like eBay or Etsy, or in “short” stores. You can even harvest them with old clothes that you no longer wear. Don’t worry about changing them yourself, and most dry cleaners will do it for a few dollars.

Use only parts in “like new” condition

If you see a stain and cannot remove it yourself, immediately take it to a dry cleaner to see what happened. If nothing can be done, then leave it. If you see a free thread or button, face it.

Stay away from distressed parties

Worn materials and fabrics can easily look old and worn, especially when they are super cheap at first. There are a few exceptions: ripped jeans, for example, can look good at all costs, but mustaches and other terrifying denim techniques are often less convincing at lower prices. Anxiety is an art. Getting it right takes time. And, as the saw goes, time is money.

Stop washing your things so ample

You want to keep all clean, but washing it is not the answer. Washing clothes uses fabrics and discolors colors, making them old and cheap. If you see a mark on clothing, clean it with a sponge or toothbrush. If something starts to smell, put it in the freezer overnight. Yes, the freezer really works. Try it now!

Buy a steamer

Wrinkles can make everything cheaper, but ironing is a problem, and many plastics cannot be ironed. A good steamer can remove wrinkles in just a few minutes. If you are between two washes, dampen the room the day before and let it hang overnight in a room with open windows. The cold night air helps neutralize persistent smells, and in the morning the room should be ready for use. Resist the urge to suspend your clothes in the bathroom while taking an extra long shower. The ambient spray in a bathroom is not enough to remove stubborn creases and it is a huge waste of water.

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Keep it simple

First, buy simpler things at a low price – no trinkets or pleated tops or aged mustache denim, as these details are difficult to manage on a limited budget. You may also want to optimize your overall picture. For example, don’t stack three small, inexpensive bracelets to make them more useful. Just wear a bracelet whose thickness is desirable. Before you consent the house, ask yourself, “How can I make this outfit more elegant?”

Invest in trendy and expensive pieces and save on simple and versatile pieces and “timeless classics”

The high-low is all the rage, but most people do it poorly. Don’t apply $ 300 on a pair of black leather pumps that you can get at ASOS for $ 50. The point is that both shoes are damaged out before they completed, and it is doubtful that anyone, including yourself, can tell the difference between cheap and more expensive shoes. Save your money on trendy items that still attract attention.

Choose black instead of brown

Shades of brown and other warm, earthy colors like purple and olive are often dirty and sad when used in prints and inferior materials, such as those often made from inexpensive clothing. Instead, focus on the black and white and really saturated colors that feel vivid and clear, like the bold pastel colors and the rich, deep tones of the jewelry.

Create a smooth silhouette under your clothes

The visible bra lines and panty liners distract and make your clothes thin and unsuitable. The problem is that most simple clothes are snug and ill-fitting. Still, a well-fitting bra, panties, or light fitted lingerie can minimize these bumps and distractions and make your clothes look more luxurious immediately.

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Infographic: Simple ways to make cheap clothes expensive

Simple ways to make cheap clothes expensive
Simple ways to make cheap clothes expensive

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