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The Essential Style Guide for Women to Select Their Best Winter Hats


As winter sets in and the temperature drops, women get an urge to style themselves with ample outer layers and add their best accessories. They all count on their cashmere sweater, a cozy scarf, and other winter wear essentials. And here, it is equally essential to count on a winter hat.

Luckily today, you have several choices available for your winter hats. You can check out the American Hat company to browse through some exciting designs. It is essential for women to know and decide what they want in a winter hat so that they can sport the same with style and grace.

The crucial tips for wearing a winter hats

Selecting your ideal winter hat has much more to do than merely selecting one that fits you well. Hence, you need to opt-in for some of the simple steps to find the best winter head wear of your choice.

Choose a fabric that has a flair

You will need some extra care to manage the harsh winter weather. Hence, you need to select hats available in luxe fabrics, like fine merino wool and cashmere. You need to pay close attention to the mixed textures such as faux fur lining and sheepskin for extra warmth and glamour.

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It would help if you tackled the proportion

When selecting a winter hat, you shouldn’t get inhibited to try out a new design. However, you shouldn’t wear the wrong size either. You can check with an online hat maker to ensure that you select the correct fit. For instance, if you want to sport a close-fit beanie cap, opt-in for a slouchy beanie that you can wear atop your head. On the other hand, if you want to sport a short-brim hat, you can also say yes to a wide-brim hat.

Experiment with colors

If you usually want to wear hats in neutral tones and black hats, you can try to experiment with a new color scheme. You might want to wear orange or any other color that will break the monotony of solid colors.

The popular winter hat styles for women

Winter brings with it the nippy air and also a set of delightful hats. Hence, you have the chance to shop for the best hats for the winter months. Some of the best choices include the following:

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The winter beanie

The beanie is a famous winter hat available in almost every color, fabric, and shape. For most women, it’s an absolute favorite. It complements women with both large frames and a petite form. And the hat is versatile to suit several occasions. You can dress up casually or playfully with this hat. If you want to add a bit of fun with this hat form, you can opt-in for a ribbed pom-pom beanie hat and wear it with your best sweater. If you wish to look lavish, you can wear a beanie with merino wool and cashmere.

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The wool fedora

If you are deciding on your winter accessories, the classic wool felt fedora is the best choice. The hat comes with a very soft brim, a crease at the center, and its signature pinches on either side of the hat. A wool fedora will instantly add the required style and class to your attire. If you want, you can also wear a floppy fedora along with your oversized sweater, leggings, and cozy winter boots to get the best winter daytime look. On the other hand, you also have the scope to wear your wide-brim fedora along with a knee-high boot, a classic dress, or a plush coat to get a glam look.

The beret

Similar to the beanie hat, the beret hats are soft and come without a brim. They are the preferred choice of most women. And it is usually made of materials like crocheted cotton, wool, and acrylic that make them the perfect winter hat. But these hats don’t cover your ears like the beanie hat. Hence, it’s always a great idea to add a faux fur collar or a chunky knit scarf so that you stay warm.

The aviator hat

When winter arrives, you need to say yes to the aviator hat. It’s also called a trapper hat and is famous for its two ear flaps that you can fold back or hang. Even though this hat gets made using real animal fur, you can also opt-in for the faux fur version of the hat. It will make sure that you are warm during the winter months. It would help if you acquired a certain taste when you are set to sport an aviator hat.

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Today, several online hat makers provide some of the best choices for women’s hats for the winter months. All you need to do is browse through their website and select the one that you find best to make you look stylish and provide you with the required comfort and warmth.

Infographic: Popular winter hat styles for women

Popular winter hat styles for women
Popular winter hat styles for women

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