Fall to Winter Outfits

How to Transition from Fall to Winter Outfits

We’re saying goodbye to falling leaves and the crisp autumn air and making way for the chilly embrace of winter. Although we’re bidding farewell to fall’s vibrant hues, the time has come to strut our stuff as we explore the enchanting world of winter fashion. From style-savvy individuals to ladies just looking for ways to extend the life of their favorite fall pieces, we’ve put together all the tips and tricks to transition your wardrobe from fall to winter with cute clothes. Check out our guide on how to transition from fall to winter outfits in no time!

Fall to Winter Outfits
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  1. Layer Up — Use cute long sleeve tops as your base layer when you layer up for winter. To make the transition from fall to winter a seamlessly stylish one, begin with a lightweight base layer to capture warmth, and then layer up with a warm sweater or cardigan. A lightweight layer like a turtleneck fits snugly under a blazer. Finish off the look with a stylish overcoat or fitted jacket so you can easily adjust to the changing temperatures.
  2. Play with Textures — Fashion experts share that you can mix both soft and hard textures with your winter outfits. Soft textures include velvet, felted wool, and chunky cotton knits, while harder textures may be metallics, fine wool suiting, and denim. Try a velvet blazer or faux fur vest to switch up your look. Incorporating these winter-friendly textures will keep you warm while adding a touch of everyday luxury to your wardrobe.
  3. Wear Heavier Scarves — Swap your light scarves for heavier ones and transition from pretty silk scarves to those chunky knit scarves. A heavier and longer scarf will keep you warm and act as a snugly stylish element to complement your winter look. The scarves can act as statement pieces to elevate your look and add a pop of color.
  4. Embrace Darker Colors — While fall is usually associated with earthy tones to remind you of autumn sunsets and falling leaves, you’ll find winter is filled with deeper colors like navy and burgundy. Adding these darker colors to your winter wardrobe will make it a chic seasonal transition. If you have fall pieces you still want to wear, wear darker earthy tones like rust, olive, and camel that evoke a rustic feel that bridges the gap between both seasons.
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Fall to Winter Outfits1
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5.   Get a Versatile Coat —  When we think about cute clothes for winter, a high-quality, versatile winter coat is a must. Quality outerwear like a wool overcoat or down jacket is an essential investment for the winter months. Get a winter coat in a darker color that can be worn with multiple outfits. Try a classic, mid-weight coat in a neutral color that can be worn over fall outfits while accommodating heavier winter layers. When the cold winds set in, your versatile coat will become a seasonal staple.

6.   Step into Boot Season — To keep your feet warm and dry, use insulated or waterproof boots. The ground is getting icy and wet, so you’ll need winter-appropriate footwear. Instead of sneakers, opt for sturdy boots. Knee-high options made from water-resistant materials will help provide extra coverage.

7. Accessorizing with Hats and Gloves — Accessorize with knit beanies and snug hats to stay warm. Gloves that are also touch-screen friendly can still provide warmth and make it easy for you to use your smartphone when you’re on the go. Gloves and hats are fashionable touches. Look for elegant felted wool hats and gloves in dark colors to stay comfortable and stylish.

8. Incorporate Tights and Leggings — You don’t need to put away your favorite fall dresses just because winter is coming. Instead, lengthen the life of your fall dresses by layering them with thick tights or leggings for more warmth. You can layer these tights or leggings underneath maxi dresses or midi skirts. Experiment with different textures, colors, and patterns to infuse your outfits with style and to feel comfortable even when temperatures are dropping.

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9. Mix in Statement Pieces — Statement pieces are the ones that make your outfit pop. To elevate your winter wardrobe, mix in printed tops with your everyday look. The right statement pieces, whether it’s a pretty printed top in a darker winter color or delicate gold bracelets, add some personality to an otherwise dreary winter day. Something as simple as a unique sweater, bold coat, or eye-catching scarf can breathe life into your outfit and make it stand out. Chic ankle boots and winter-themed jewelry can allow you to embrace the changing season while remaining fashion-forward.

Fall to Winter Outfits2
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The art of transitioning from fall to winter is filled with excitement. For anyone eager to step into the changing season with style and sophistication, it’s easy to do so once you know how to layer clothes. As you adapt to the changing and often unpredictable weather, you’ll easily combine cozy knits with statement coats. Soon, you’ll be creating ensembles that turn heads while staying warm even on the coldest of days. Winter can’t get here soon enough!

Infographic: Transitioning from Fall to Winter: Outfit Tips

Transitioning from Fall to Winter: Outfit Tips
Transitioning from Fall to Winter: Outfit Tips

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