7 Winter Fashion Tips For Men


It occurs annually:  winter-fashion-tips : That morning you wake up and it dawns on you that the weather has changed again and you are in the cold season. That period when you leave the shower and you are hesitant in unwrapping your towel, that season you start searching for clothes that could keep you warm which you haven’t seen in a long while.

However, if care is not taken, this season can easily make you look boring and unattractive as a man. During winter, you just need to reconsider your layers and adopt new ideas that you usually ignore when you’re making efforts to remain warm and comfortable, yet attractive.

Good news, this article contains some tricks and tips that have been come up with, which can prevent your winter ensembles from being dull, as a man.

7 Winter Fashion Tips For Men – winter-fashion-tips

Boot Up!

The most wonderful thing about winter is perhaps, the freedom to explore footwear, with your alibi settled by the weather.

Army boots, shoe-trainer hybrids, even unusually thick lug soles, are all fair games. Strong, confident boots that will allow your brogues to be on a break are definitely a yes for a winter pick-me-up.

Use Sunglasses -winter-fashion-tips

Contrary to what your perception may be about sunglasses that it is only appropriate during summer, no, sunglasses are not just an item for summer, neither do they make you look silly on a cold day. Sunglasses protect your eyes from light. Meanwhile, bright winter days (especially after it has been snowing) can just be as blinding.

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Shades tend to finish off your winter look, and act as very good shields when people are grouchy due to the weather, or when you are tired, cold, or just not in the mood to be too accessible.

However, in order to avoid looking like a douche, steer clear of bright, summery frames. Rather, keep them neutral as much as possible.

Swap Outer Layers – winter-fashion-tips

Perhaps, you have a puffa jacket which is for weekends or casual outings, and/or a tailored overcoat for work, you could try inverting the game. That is, try wearing your puffa jacket over your suit when going to work during winter, just to achieve warmth. You may think it will raise eyebrows in the office, but you will be shocked when it doesn’t.

And as for your nicely-fitting overcoat, you shouldn’t let it retire; You could let it drape casually over your jeans and t-shirt while off-duty.

The juxtaposition of your inner and outer layers during winter tends to bring new and unique energy to your winter outings.

Make Inner Layers Warmer – winter-fashion-tips

Your outer layer doesn’t necessarily have to be heavy and long. You can achieve warmth with thermal underwear or a chunky jumper, and then finish off your look with a leather jacket or a denim jacket.

Just ensure your inner layers are somewhat apparent to fight the dreaded “sausage” effect, which can result when you appear stuffed into several layers that are invisible.

Embrace Misunderstood Materials

It has become generally acceptable to finish off your smartest looks with the usage of acrylic wool, synthetic fleece, and other man-made materials, all for the purpose of fighting the snobbery of quality and high price tags.

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Well, embracing misunderstood materials will help you spend less to refresh your cold-weather wardrobe, yet, being attractive. You should remain true to quality staples, even if they seem low-key. However, you can start slow, probably with a fleece polo neck and your tailored trousers.

If by chance, you miss merino wool and cashmere too much, you should ditch the trend of downgrading certain materials.

Accessorise Wisely

As a man, you should invest in gloves and scarfs. When you are cocoon against the cold weather from your toes, to your chin, your accessories speak loud about your style. You could consider lined leather for gloves and pure or silk wool for your scarf.

Also, the color and pattern of your gloves and scarf go a long way in communicating your style, especially if the rest of your outfit already leans in the direction of being sober. Furthermore, just like ties, scarves can also be knotted in several expressive ways.

Topping it Off With a Hat – winter-fashion-tips


During winter, heat can be trapp from escaping your head using hats such as beanies. The simple headwear can completely change your outfit and leave you looking suave and sophisticated. Nevertheless, when dressing with a beanie, make sure you do not style your outfit to look too casual, as you may eventually look sloppy.

Moreover, there are several options of hat you could go for as a man, just make sure you always put into consideration the climatic condition, style, as well as the activities your hats will be appropriate for. For example, there are tight-fitting hats for a traditional option.

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You could also get hats in larger sizes if needed; As large-sized hats will contribute to getting you warm during winter. When it comes to hats, you can not have too many.

Styling a winter hat should be simple and fun for you as a man. Whichever choice of hat you will be going for, just ensure it is a hat that pairs well with your winter coat/cloth.

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Pay Attention to Your Personal Style

The aforementioned tips and tricks are suggestions to make you look your best during winter, as well as being as comfortable and warm as you can be.

However, as much as you want to be in alignment with dressing trends, you should pay optimum attention to your personal style, and your dressing even during winter should be according to what your style dictates and what you will be comfortable with. That is, you should not completely neglect your style just so you can please trending winter styles.

When you are conscious of your personal style and you dress in accordance with it, it boosts your self-confidence as a man. And when you appear confident in your dressing, it makes you look all charming!

Infographic: 7 Winter Fashion Tips For Men

7 Winter Fashion Tips For Men
7 Winter Fashion Tips For Men

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