Wide Brim Hat

How to Ship a Wide Brim Hat


Planning to send a wide brim hat to a friend or loved one? This article is for you! Here are five easy steps to properly ship a wide brim hat and avoid it from getting damaged:

Identify the material

Wide brim hats come in different materials such as polyester, cotton, nylon, felt, wool, and bendable straw. What’s great is that these can be packed and shipped without being deformed. However, there are still a few exceptions. Some wide brim hats are very structured, making them difficult to transport.

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It is always best to identify your hat’s material first to avoid the risk of damaging it. Some of these have labels that can guide you.

Prepare the Box – Wide Brim Hat

Next is to find the right box for shipping. If you are an avid customer of Amazon, UPS, or other shipping services, you can use their old boxes if you are pressed for time as long as they are rectangular-shaped and in good condition. Make sure to remove the used labels to avoid shipping delays.

 If you have ample time, then use the 16x16x8 boxes offered by Uline and other shipping companies. This type of container is spacious enough to fit wide-brim hats, even large brim ones. Another great option is the standard large-sized boxes, which are more affordable.

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 Start with Heavier Items

 This applies if you are shipping other items with the hat. It is essential to create a stable base for the hat first. To do this, place the heavier items at the bottom so it can be protected from being crushed inside.

 Fill the Crown – Wide Brim Hat

The most crucial reminder in packing your hat is to fill the crown to prevent it from losing its structure. This also keeps the hat’s materials intact. Take some old socks, t-shirts, and underwear, roll them up, and place them inside the crown. Add more until there is no gap left. This helps the wide brim hat to maintain its shape.

 After this, carefully put it at the center of the box. It can be either with the crown down or brim down. If there aren’t any instructions in the hat’s label, you can decide based on your hat’s shape. You can place more fillers to avoid the hat from moving inside the box.

Seal and Ship Properly – Wide Brim Hat

Now it is time to ship your hat. It is essential to seal the box tightly before sending it. Having problems with damaged parcels is a hassle you surely want to avoid. Pick a service that can address your preferences when it comes to delivery time and cost.

 For the utmost safety and quality delivery in the US, choose among UPS, DHS, and FedEx. If you want overnight shipping at an affordable rate, then go for the Priority Mail Express offered by the United States Post Office. On the other hand, DHL and DB Schenker, though more costly, are also reliable services for overseas shipping

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As for the cost of shipping, it all depends on the package’s weight and destination. Take note that the price is higher for larger boxes sent overseas.

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Shipping hats may seem tricky at first, but it is actually easy. You just need to determine its specifications, pack it properly, and choose a reliable service. Your wide brim hat will then reach its destination in a few days, safe and sound!

Infographic: How to Ship a Wide Brim Hat

How to Ship a Wide Brim Hat
How to Ship a Wide Brim Hat

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