Going Bald? 5 Simple Ways to Stop baldness


Several years ago, going bald used to be associated only with older men. But now, even young men (and women) experience balding. The condition of having permanent hair loss from the scalp is called male or female pattern baldness. Female pattern baldness is not similar to male pattern baldness, but that does not mean the problem doesn’t exist. Going bald is usually a concern for most people, and they are always seeking to solve the issue.

This article gives you five ways to stop balding and even regrow the lost hair.

 5 Simple Ways to Stop Baldness

Your solution to baldness does not have to be complicated and complex. Here are five modest things you can do to stop the balding process.

1. Practice Scalp Massages

 Scalp massages not only ease stress and tension; they also promote hair growth. A scalp massage involves using your fingertips (or a massage tool) to apply pressure to your scalp in small moving circles.

 You could decide to massage your hair with or without oils. If you choose to massage your hair with oils, ensure the oil you use is an essential oil. Examples of such oils are coconut, jojoba, castor, peppermint, tea tree oils, and many others.

The benefits of a scalp massage when it comes to hair growth centres on the hair follicles. Research has shown that scalp massages stretch our hair follicles’ cells, thereby stimulating them to produce thicker hair.

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Apart from stretching the follicles’ cells, a scalp massage can also dilate blood vessels found beneath the skin. This then encourages hair growth.

2. Take Your Supplements

 It is already a fact that poor nutrition could cause baldness in men and women. It is also true that it is not always easy to get the right foods to eat to help our body operate smoothly. This is where supplements come in.

The hair, like other parts of the body, needs specific essential vitamins to function correctly. These vitamins work in various ways to encourage your hair follicles to produce thicker and healthier hair.

Supplements, such as Hair Growth Supplements, combine most of these essential vitamins in capsule form to make it easier to grow strong, healthy, and shiny hair.

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3. Have a Good Hair Care Routine

 Believe it or not, your hair care routine plays a significant role in determining if you will have long, thick hair or grow bald. Having a good hair care routine ensures your hair stays nourished, healthy, and strong.

It is crucial to wash your hair often but not every day. Washing your hair every day removes the essential oils from your hair. When choosing a shampoo for your hair, it is advisable to get one with a DHT-blocking ability.

 Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is one of the hormones in the body that can make you lose your hair. A shampoo like DHT-Blocking Hair Products helps control the DHT production in the scalp and increase hair growth. It is advisable to develop a hair care routine that involves washing, conditioning, and oiling your hair.

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4. Use Home Remedies

Home remedies are often very convenient solutions for people’s needs. Several home remedies are known to stop balding and aid hair regrowth. Some of these remedies include aloe vera, onion juice, egg mask, apple cider vinegar, green tea, etc.

Aloe vera helps to reduce inflammation in the scalp that could have been caused by dandruff. When the scalp is no longer inflamed, it becomes a favourable environment for hair to grow in. Aloe vera can also strengthen and repairs damaged hair strands.

Onions are full of sulfur, which supports the production of healthy and robust hair. The sulfur in onions also helps in collagen production. On the other hand, eggs are high in protein and many other properties that boost hair health.

5. Try Laser Hair Products

You might hear laser hair products and start thinking about breaking the bank or maintaining a strict schedule. However, with technology, you do not have much to worry about these issues.

Laser hair products come in various designs nowadays that are both considerate of your pocket and time. The two main types of laser hair growth products are laser combs and laser caps. These laser hair products release low-level laser light to the scalp.

The laser light from laser hair combs or caps is said to have an antioxidant effect on hair follicles, stimulating them to grow hair. Laser Hair Growth Caps are an FDA-cleared product that is guaranteed to restore and strengthen your hair if you are not completely bald.

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 We have talked a lot about going bald and how losing hair is no laughing matter. This is why we have provided these proven ways to stop your hair loss before it gets even worse.

Infographic: 5 Simple Ways to Stop Baldness

5 Simple Ways to Stop Baldness
5 Simple Ways to Stop Baldness

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