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10 Things We Never Understood About Friends Ross Geller


Although Friends Ross Geller was one of the main characters on Friends, there are still things we don’t understand about him. Ross Geller at the center most of Friends stories. While all six characters shared limelight responsibility for being the main stars, felt like Ross Geller and Rachel were guiding lights of series. While this may have an open book for most of the ten seasons, there are still some unanswered questions that we would love to have. Today we’re going some of these questions to describe the best and worst of man who perfected the term “pivot.”

Why did He Slept with Xerox Girl?

We heard rumours of Xerox, daughter of Chandler and Joey, at the beginning of Friends. But none of us imagined that Ross sleeping with her. While Ross might have thought Rachel had nothing to do with Mark at very moment Rachel decided to kiss Chloe, it was still bizarre move for guy who always felt like guy is very nice. You can say them whatever you wanted during a break because while that might be logistically true, it was still morally wrong.

Do not take full responsibility – Friends Ross Geller

Shortly after Ross and Rachel went their separate ways, it seemed like they had resolved their differences. After finally reading her insanely long letter and realizing that he should take full responsibility for their breakup, Ross’s ego didn’t want to let her go.

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Instead of having happy life they dreamed, they broke up for the second time in a matter of weeks, and this time it would take a while before they could reconcile their differences.

False divorce

Ross had to divorce three different women: Carol, Emily and Rachel. Although both cases are severe incidents that seemed to interfere with his personal life for some time seriously, the gang still liked to tease him relentlessly.

Ross had put on his chin nine out of ten times, but still sounded like a joke that just wasn’t necessary. Instead, he should applaud for having fallen so deeply in love with three different women.

Phoebe teases

When Phoebe trusts that her mother lives in a cat’s head, several of her closest friends gather around her and decide to go along with the idea. Outside of Ross.

Instead of encouraging him, he decided to be realistic and understand why idea feasible. It was something cheap, and luckily Phoebe put in his shoes and reminded him that it wasn’t his job to tell him how to live his life. It was a necessary but straightforward moment.

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Is not enough

While we have seen Ben at friends’ several times since he was born, his appearances have been rare over years. Ross cared a lot for his son, and no one would ever choose to interview him. But the way he put his friends first never greeted us.

If we had a couple of spin-off episodes where we could see their relationship develop it. Might not be a big deal. Of course, wasn’t the most exciting kid in the world, but he was essential to Ross’ story.

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How Friends Ross tolerated Susan

Susan met Carol, started a relationship with her. When she was married to Ross, and then was incredibly mean to Ross for almost all ten seasons. He had no rights to be as “distant” as he was, and yet his demeanour never seemed to change.

Whenever Ross was hoping to have a good time with his son, or maybe with Carol. It was always like Susan was waiting around the corner to pamper him. For some reason, more fans haven’t realized it.

Fight with Joey and Rachel Green

The initial shock of seeing boyfriend Joey kissing ex-girlfriend. Rachel must have been tough pill for Ross, but it wasn’t that prepared; After all, Joey Ross recently admitted he had feelings for her.

Then he gets incredibly drunk and makes fool of himself in front of them, their new partner Charlie. Instead of enjoying his new relationship, he couldn’t get over what he apparently thought was a betrayal.

Ross Geller Cup

The Geller Cup went to winner of the Geller Bowl. With Ross and Monica each year fighting for the right to win the cup. While Ross was an incredibly smart guy and also quite creative. He couldn’t create a trophy more beautiful than the ones we’ve seen on the show.

Of course, only thing that matters is that prestige of winning championship. Some would say that they found it especially attractive, but we are not convinced enough to support that idea.

Naked ugly boy

Ross is desperate to win the affection of the Ugly Naked Guys to secure his apartment once he gone. Fans don’t know when he’ll take office until Ross makes the strange decision to hang out with UNG while the two are naked.

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It can best describe as a problematic, point in Ross’s character arc, but that doesn’t entirely justify his desperate actions at the time.

Ross Geller overlooked Gunther’s accident

Gunther has a real problem with Ross friends when he discovers that Friends Ross Geller and Rachel are an object. Even so, Ross never seems to know that Gunther is clearly in love with her. It is only in the last episode that Ross discovers the “shocking” truth, although Gunther hates him for it.

In another world, we can imagine them having intellectual conversations about a puzzle and a cup of tea. Maybe they could even have their sitcom where they keep arguing but end up making up.

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