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10 Things We Never Understood About Friends Rachel


Rachel Green normally called Friends Rachel is perhaps one of the most famous people of all time. But that doesn’t mean your story is free of holes or confusing moments. Rachel Green was an icon in the 90s, and some would say she still is today. Since hairstyle of ‘Rachel’ what way her character has developed throughout the series, here is a lot to be said for how she has progressed as a character from season 1 to season. Ten.

Unfortunately, as with all of the main characters in Friends, we have a few questions we’d like to answer. Today we’re going to go over some of the remaining questions about the name that put Jennifer Aniston on the map.

Returning Gifts – Friends Rachel

Trading gifts for things that are considered more valuable in the eyes of the person doing so is probably not considered a bad thing. Still, when the “most valuable” item is credit, some of the value is zero. Doubt lost. Rachel looks pretty flat right now from a stranger’s point of view. Rachel broader appeal to her character goes way beyond that, but at various points in the series, it seems like almost everyone in that department gets mad at her.

Giving Up On Joey – Friends Rachel

Without going too far, Friends Rachel chased Joey as a bachelor and Charlie. They end up going their separate ways, but the relationship only lasts a few episodes, and they practically give up after only having one official date. You’d think Rachel stayed with her longer, and the show’s fans seemed to feel the same way. After all, she was trying to push Ross forward in their relationship after a difficult start.

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Failed London Trip

The round-trip roller coaster ride between Ross and Rachel needs to be explored for future generations to understand how not to behave in a relationship. While it makes sense around the world that Rachel is still in love with Ross, the fact that she flies to the other side of the world in an attempt to ruin her marriage in London is not valid.

Social Smoking

When Rachel gets a great new job in a great new position, the excitement among the cast and fans is a relief that she has finally made her way up in her field. However, to integrate with one of his colleagues and his boss, he decides to adopt the smoking habit in society. We can all say it won’t turn out well, just like she did, considering it’s totally against the beliefs her father instilled in her. Even if he’s not doing very well face to face.

Pushover To Her Dad – Friends Rachel

Even in the later stages of the series, Friends Rachel never dares to face her father. She always tries to blame someone else, run away, or solve her problems over the phone. And this although it is an incredibly successful woman with wonderful city life. Her father is the only form of kryptonite she can’t seem to get over, and it’s a stereotype that many girls have issues with their father.

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Not Seeing The Signs With Gunther

When Rachel finds out in the last episode of the series that Gunther has a crush on her, she is a little surprised. Although he was willing to do almost anything to please her, dropping all kinds of clues, he found her incredibly attractive.

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Reunion With Barry – Friends Rachel

Friends Rachel is leaving Barry for an excellent reason: she is not in love with him anymore. So if they do meet after season one is in full swing, why is she sleeping with him? Making a mistake is one thing, but it felt like it had led her character in the wrong direction. In the end, it might not matter to the grand scheme of things, but Barry was the kind of nature no one liked. It was unnecessary at best.

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Hiring Tag

Instead of hiring a trained and experienced assistant to help her in a new role, Rachel decides to hire Tag, a handsome young man who doesn’t have the same skills as Hilda, aka Option D. Flavored. The two have had an excellent relationship for a while, but in the end, it’s an incredibly unprofessional decision by Miss Green. You are aware of the risks involved in creating labels, but there is nothing you can do about it.

What Happened With Paris?

In the final instalment of the series, Rachel gets off the plane and leaves a possible new life in Paris, France to be with Ross. It’s one of the best moments of the finale and season 10 in general, but one has to wonder what happened to the Paris job.

Not Seeing The Signs With Ross

During the first season, it seems painfully obvious to everyone that Ross Geller has been in love with Rachel Green ever since he saw her return for the first time. Then, it takes, although before Chandler lastly opens his eyes and understands what was invisible of her than the start. Ross even asks her in the first episode, “Take a spoon.”

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