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Ladies, It’s Time To Start Using Safety Razor: Here’s Why


Let’s be honest here. Even though shaving is an important and pretty much unavoidable part of every woman’s routine, the market hardly panders to them here is the Safety Razor.

The most striking example is women’s razors. Though advertisements claim that they’re highly efficient and a dream to use, it is far from the truth. Women’s razors are not only thin and flimsy, but the blades are thin and blunt, which increases the possibility of razor burns, bumps, ingrown hairs, and more.

That’s why it is time to go a different way and start using a safety razor. In this article, we’re telling you why you should start using safety razors for your shave, and how it can benefit you.

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Why Use A Safety Razor?

Safety razors are a type of shaving tool that consists of a thin handle to grip and a double-edged single blade on top which is protecte on all sides by a plastic casing.

Safety razors are older and traditionally designed, which is why there is the perception that such razors are ineffective and do not do a good job. But that’s a myth. Safety razors are, in fact, very efficient. Even more so than cartridge razors. Here are all the amazing features of the safety razor, which prove why you should start using them right now.

  1. Safety razors sit much better on the face, compared to cartridge razors and make it easier for you to angle the blade over your skin. The blades on cartridge razors also tend to be place at a very awkward angle, and it cuts the hair from under the follicle, which can increase irritation and make hair growth painful. Safety razors, on the other hand, slice the hair right at the base of the skin, which leads to a smooth shave.
  2. Safety razors are also much easier to use and their angular design allows you to adjust the position of the blade, how you feel best. According to us, long-handle safety razors are the best, as they ensure that you have a great grip on the razor and it is comfortable to hold while you shave the hard-to-reach places. If you’re looking for a good option, we would highly suggest the best long handle safety razor: Merkur 34C, which is one of the most amazing models out there. It is not only great to hold and use, but has a sleek and durable design as well.
  3. Cartridge razors are cheap, sure. But do you realize how many times you need to change them? Cartridge and disposable razors need replacement every month or so, not including the cartridge blades, which need to be replaced even more frequently. They tend to be made of flimsy material that is inefficient and prone to damage. Safety razors on the other hand are durable and easily last a few years. It has a larger up-front expense, but unlike disposables, it doesn’t call for constant replacing.
  4. Because safety razors have only one blade, it also causes less irritation. Have you ever wondered why your skin tends to develop bad razor burn after a shave? A reason behind that is – since cartridge razors have multiple blades, and you run the razor over the same patch of skin several times, your skin has to withstand a lot of grazing, which irritates the skin and causes razor bumps and redness to emerge. Safety razors on the other hand consist of only one sharp blade, so this problem is avoide and your skin doesn’t have to go through much.
  5. Since cartridge razors are disposable and poorly made, they contribute a lot towards plastic pollution in both land and water. Research has shown that almost 2 billion razors tend to reach landfills annually. Safety razors are a much more sustainable, and environmentally friendly option. Not only are they made of recycling and biodegradable material, but they also require less replacing.
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Infographic: Why Use A Safety Razor

Why Use A Safety Razor
Why Use A Safety Razor

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