The Fox Tattoo: Symbolism and Meaning in Human Artistry

Megan Fox’s tattoos are as popular as her exquisite sense of style, acting skills, and personality. Etched all over her body, this Hollywood diva flaunts her incredible tattoos like a boss.

The Transformers star has never hesitated to discuss her tattoos. She has expressed on several occasions that she enjoys tattooing this body art. Each of Megan Fox’s tattoos is unique and symbolizes beautiful things to her. While some of her tattoos are visible and easy to spot, others are covered. She also removed and rebuilt some.

In one of her interviews, Megan said that she would leave Hollywood completely if she ever lost a role because of her tattoos. Check out her incredible tattoos and the beautiful meanings each one of them has for her.

7 Megan Fox tattoos and their meanings

1. Marilyn Monroe Tattoo by Megan Fox

Megan Fox’s Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

This is Megan Fox’s most famous tattoo, which was once on her right forearm. This is a great photo of actress and fashion icon Marilyn Monroe. She got a tattoo at the age of eighteen and considered Marilyn her idol. At events and on the red carpet, she frequently sports this tattoo. She even claimed that Marilyn’s songs made her cry every time she heard her voice during her childhood. She later decided to remove the tattoo because she feared she would end up in depressed and live a tragic life like Marilyn Monroe.

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2. Megan Fox back tattoo

Megan Fox’s Back Tattoo

We will all laugh at the golden butterflies. There is something elegant and sexy about quote tattoos. This famous Shakespeare quote is written on Megan Fox’s back. She has it engraved in an elegant Victorian Gothic font on her upper back, and on her right shoulder. The quote is slightly modified and taken roughly from Shakespeare’s play King Lear. This line describes Megan’s attitude towards life. She frequently sports her tattoo at events and on the red carpet. If you are looking for inspiration for quote tattoos, you can go for these, like Megan Fox tattoo. Choose any famous or meaningful quote or statement that relates to you or your personality and go for it.

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3. Megan Fox’s wrist tattoo, a tribal design

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Megan Fox has an amazing tattoo on her wrist that features the well-known yin and yang symbol. This black-inked tribal tattoo is located on the inside of his left wrist. Two waves that merge to form a yin and a yang are tattooed on her wrist. Meghan claimed that the well-known tattoo was selected as an homage to her passion for surfing. But she later deleted it because she wasn’t happy with the results.

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4. Megan Fox Rib Tattoo

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Megan Fox’s rib tattoo is a beautiful poem she wrote, almost inspired by a Nietzsche quote. Meghan’s ribcage is home to one of her most beautiful tattoos, without a question. She got the tattoo because it was claimed that she was seeing Mickey Rourke while filming The Show. Meghan rarely shows off the tattoo except on beach vacations.

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5. Megan Fox’s Butt Tattoo

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Megan Fox got her husband and life partner Brian Austin Green a “Brian” tattoo on her pelvic hip bone. In Beverly Hills, he starred in “90210.” In 2010, he saw them hold a small wedding in Hawaii, ending six years of unfaithful marriage. As the tattoo shows, she loves him and values their relationship.

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6. Megan Fox Moon And Stars Tattoo

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Megan Fox’s right ankle has a little, colorful tattooed area on the inside. The tattoo depicts a yellow and orange crescent moon face covering a blue five-pointed star. Of all the other tattoos on his body, this is the only one in color. It stands out because it represents and complements your choice and personality. The moon and stars tattoo is perhaps her only close bond with her father, Franklin Fox.

7. The Chinese tattoo on Megan Fox

Megan Fox’s Chinese Tattoo

On the back of Megan Fox’s neck is the Chinese character (劫), which denotes “strength.” Megan got her first tattoo of this. Due to her hair covering most of the tattoo, she rarely receives the attention she deserves. However, she occasionally wears her hair up in a bun and shows off this adorable little Chinese tattoo on the back of her neck. Megan admitted that this Chinese tattoo is her way of strengthening herself and reminding her that she must stay centered and concentrated.

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Megan Fox Tattoo Details

As we saw previously, Megan Fox chose to get rid of two of her tattoos after a while. She first removed the Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her right forearm because she feared that the negative influence of Marilyn’s life would also curse her life. Marilyn fell into depression and died prematurely. Therefore, Megan Fox decided that she no longer needed to keep this tattoo.

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Megan also had her yin-yang wrist tattoo removed and touched up because she didn’t like the look of her wrist and she was no longer a big fan of the design. Megan also said in one of her interviews that although she loved some of her tattoos, she had to remove them because they no longer fit her personality.

Weren’t those tattoo designs really pretty? Megan Fox tattoos surely add a powerful, attractive, and bold charm to her overall personality of. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo and you are also a fan of Megan Fox, this article can surely provide you with a lot of knowledge and ideas.


1. What does Megan Fox’s tattoo on her collarbone say?

The tattoo on Megan Fox’s collarbone reads “el pistolero,” which means “the gunslinger” in Spanish. The exact meaning of the tattoo is unknown, but it is speculated that it could be a tribute to her current partner, Machine Gun Kelly.

2. Did Megan Fox have her tattoos removed with lasers?

Yes, Megan Fox revealed on “The Tonight Show” that she underwent a laser removal procedure to remove her Marilyn Monroe tattoo.

3. Does Megan Fox have other tattoos besides the ones we know?

Yes, she has many small tattoos with diverse and lesser-known meanings. She has her children’s birth dates in Roman numerals on her left elbow and a tattoo of a mermaid on her right forearm.

4. Are there any controversies or stories related to Megan Fox’s tattoo?

Yes, her “we will all laugh at the gilded butterflies” quote from Shakespeare’s play “King Lear”, garnered a lot of attention due to its spelling and connotations. Many believed it to be a sign of her struggle with Hollywood or her first husband Brian Austin Green.

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