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Men’s Wardrobe that must consist the 7 Types Of Shirt Dapper


Without a doubt, shirts are the most important clothing pieces in a men’s wardrobe. Whether you are an office worker, IT guy, entrepreneur, salesperson, consultant, or even a college student, you won’t go wrong with having the right number and types of shirts in your closet.

Types of Shirts for the Stylish Man – Men’s Wardrobe

If you are planning on upgrading or expanding your wardrobe, here are the seven types of shirts you would do well to shop for in a men’s clothing store in Doha:

1.    Dress Shirt

When you want to look your best for an important meeting or event, the first thing you should get from your closet is a dress shirt.

Dress shirts are usually thicker than regular ones and have pointed, wing, or cutaway collars and double cuffs.

Classic dress shirts are made of pique fabrics which have the ability to hold starch and do not become too stiff.

Dress shirts are the perfect go-to shirts if you are aiming for a dashing look. They are elegant and stylish and won’t fail to make you stand out in any room.

A great dress shirt works best with a well-tailored three-piece suit, tuxedo, and other formal pieces.

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2. Shirts For The Stylish Man – Men’s Wardrobe 2023-02-22

Iron free shirts make the wearer’s life easier and look perfect, since they can be worn with suits, business shirts, and skinny jeans that require no ironing. The shirts come in various styles & colors such as creme white or dark blue. Perfect for work, date night, picnics and summer wear. A non-iron shirt means no wrinkles and fresher simply by hanging it up. They are perfect to pop on when you’re running late.

3.    Office Shirt

If you need to look smart every day because of your job, stock up on plenty of office shirts.

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Office shirts are the perfect clothing pieces for daily business casual outfits. They are not as sophisticated-looking as dress shirts, but they won’t make you look out of place in events that call for smart attire.

For your office wear, you can choose smart & comfort color t-shirts. They can go with anything and are perfect for the workplace and any place you plan to go to afterward.

Office shirts with Oxford fabrics or with poplin weave, twill, and herringbone textures are also excellent choices since they are eye-catching and clean, and they look stylish even if you don’t wear a tie.

4.    Oxford Cloth Button-Down Shirt

The Oxford cloth button-down shirt or OCBD is a type of shirt made of Oxford cloth, a specific kind of basketweave fabric. It also has buttons that hold the collar in place.

The OCBD is thicker than classic formal shirts and has a more textured look and feel. For this reason, it is often considered a casual, smart piece of clothing instead of a formal one.

This type of shirt should be a closet staple since it is a true menswear essential. It is a versatile, timeless piece that you can wear with denim, chinos, khakis, and even your favorite pair of shorts.

5.    Classic Short Sleeve Shirt

Short sleeve shirts are another must-have for any working professional.

This type of shirt is your best option if you are looking for something casual and comfy yet sleek and stylish at the same time. They are perfect for daily office wear but can also be worn for dinner or drinks without too much fuss.

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Classic short sleeve shirts are also highly versatile since they match well with jeans, chinos, and nearly all kinds of trousers, and shorts.

If you want to make a bold statement and stand out, look for shirts with trendy and edgy patterns and colors. You won’t go wrong with plain or simple styles with neutral and solid tones either, since you can wear them anywhere.

6.    Cuban Collar Shirt

If you want to wear something cool and comfy for a night out with your friends, a small party, or for hanging out and strolling down the beach, a Cuban collar shirt will serve you well.

This type of shirt has an open collar and short sleeves. It also has a fairly boxy fit, straight hem, and button-up front.

Cuban collar shirts also come in many colors, designs, and patterns. As such, you can have fun selecting the right one that matches your style and personality or the vibe of where you are heading to.

This type of shirt is also made of cool fabric, which means you can be comfortable no matter how hot it gets outside or inside a club or bar. 

If it’s your first time to shop for a Cuban collar shirt, a good rule of thumb to follow is to choose one that fits your arm. Avoid getting a shirt that has baggy sleeves since they can make your arms look skinnier which, in turn, can make your chest look smaller.

7.    Chambray Shirt

If you want to get a denim shirt but think it is too heavy and uncomfortable to wear (especially if you live in a hot area), the next best thing to add to your closet is a chambray shirt.

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Chambray is a fabric that has a similar look and feel to denim. However, it is lighter and features a twill weave.

Chambray is a comfortable piece of clothing and is perfect for smart casual and laidback events. It is also one of the versatile shirts you can own since you can pair it with nearly any type of trousers.

You can even pair it with a blazer if you want to look smart for an unscheduled office meeting or presentation.

But like denim shirts, avoid pairing a chambray shirt with similarly colored jeans since you will end up having a drab-looking outfit.

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8.    Polo Shirt – Men’s Wardrobe

Lastly, polo shirts are another clothing piece that you can definitely have more than one of in your closet.

The polo shirt is a stylish and versatile piece of clothing that can be worn with anything and everything. Unlike regular, collarless tees, it is usually made of woven fabric, and has a pointed collar and a few buttons at the neck.

Polo shirts are perfect for office wear even if they are not strictly formal. However, they are also suitable for small parties and festivities.

This type of shirt comes in a variety of colors, which means you can easily get a shirt with a bright hue for hanging out at the beach or one with a dark shade if you are having dinner and drinks with your friends.

More importantly, you can pair a polo shirt with anything from shorts and sweatpants to jeans and slacks. It is definitely a must-have for the stylish man.

If you want to look your best every day at the office or for an important event, make sure you have these types of shirts in your closet.

Infographic: Types of Shirts for the Stylish Man – Men’s Wardrobe

Types of Shirts for the Stylish Man – Men’s Wardrobe
Types of Shirts for the Stylish Man – Men’s Wardrobe

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