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6 Social Media Styling Tips That Anyone Will Have Fun With


In the current digital age, social media has permeated every aspect of our lives. From the food we eat to the movies we stream, anything and everything has ended up being the subject of our social media posts  at one point or another. Every click, swipe, like, and comment has led us to the latest trend and hottest craze online—and fashion is no exception.

Ever since the very first OOTD was hashtagged, fashion has always had massive, viral appeal. Whether it’s the latest red carpet looks or simply the color of a visually elusive dress, social media and fashion have gone together like Throwback and Thursday. Influencers have launched entire careers from their smartphones, which is why it’s understandable why everybody wants in on the latest fashion trend. However, while this may explain the countless outfits and fashion posts that fill our timelines, not everyone might have the creativity necessary to make themselves stand out.

But before you delete that post in frustration, consider the possibility that maybe you’re just doing some things wrong. There are many ways for your fashion sense and individuality to seep through your phone screen, and below, we’ve listed some of the hacks today’s top influencers use to do just that.

So whether it’s high fashion or some comfy loungewear, showing off your own personal style can be done with a few clicks and taps on your gadgets. So go ahead, buy denim leggings, beautiful blazers, and go crazy with those selfies. With these simple tips, you can take your ‘Gram game to the next level.

Choose a Focal Point

Somebody once said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s true in many ways. This is why properly picking the subjects of your images is especially important. Figuring out what you want your followers to pay close attention to is the first step when constructing a fashion shoot. A poorly composed shot may distract from your intended focus and lead to less views on your post. Have your followers look at the right thing by choosing a particular item and styling around it.

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If you want people to check out your new jeggings or admire your shiny, new kicks, for example, build your photo around them. Style your outfit around that particular item by highlighting it with complementary accessories or even some fun, whimsical props. Be sure to use accessories that not only match but also highlight the piece. Don’t use loud or clunky accessories as these may pull the focus away from the item and may distract from the shot altogether.

For entire looks, on the other hand, try going for flattering silhouettes. Try angling your selfie to fit your entire body in the frame while also leaving you with as little less flattering angles as possible. One neat trick that fashion photographers use is to place the subject over or beside  mirrors. Employing reflective surfaces are a great way to showcase one’s outfit without having to do acrobatics just for the perfect selfie.

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Prop Up Your Look – Social Media

Feeling a little bit more playful? Props might be a great way to highlight your look. Think of them as accessories for your location. It can be anything: a park bench, an umbrella, or even your own dog. Props give a fun, whimsical spin to your post. However, there is a thin line between fun and silly, and too many props in your post can take away from the focus: the fashion.

Now that you know what you want the post to be about, it’s time to figure out where you’ll be shooting.

Find an Appropriate Location with the Right Lighting Conditions

Location is possibly the most important and yet most overlooked aspect of fashion photography there is. Elements like poor lighting or noisy backgrounds can pull focus away from your photo or clip, which may then take away from the purpose of your content. Most high fashion shoots spend thousands of dollars just to rent a studio or close down a location, but for everyday selfies, you don’t have to spend a dime. In fact, your next location might just be inside your own home.

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When picking a location, find a place  that is well lit and free of any distractions. Daylight is your best source of light and it’s free, so considerations like the time of day and weather should also be taken into account. Try not to shoot directly under the sun or during dark, overcast days as these can affect the quality of your photos. After all, you don’t want your content to be over or underexposed. If you’re keen on taking your photo under the sun, consider using your camera’s flash setting when having someone take your photos. The flash will serve to counter the sun’s overpowering light, which could cast dark shadows around your face. Another pro tip is to wait for the time just before sunrise or sunset, otherwise known as the Magic Hour. That deep orange glow gives the perfect amount of soft light that photographers chase the world over.

Take Full Advantage of Backgrounds

Another great way to showcase your fashion sense is to accentuate it with the perfect background. Today’s streets are filled with a variety of walls, surfaces, and even street art. Stand against a brick wall or set up your shot on a crosswalk like one of the Beatles. Utilizing your background to the fullest extent can help elevate your basic fashion post to new heights.

Do you want to showcase your smart, new suit? Try posing against a busy intersection. Are you trying to draw attention to streetwear? Look for some nearby graffiti. If you want to be a little more avante garde, experiment with contrasting backgrounds. Shoot plain outfits against bright backgrounds or vice versa. These will heavily accentuate the clothes you have on. Taking a photo of accessories? Why not try a flat lay on some fancy table cloth. Mix and match your backgrounds and you’ll be flooded with likes and comments.

Develop an Eye for Detail – Social Media

Photography may be a daunting task but the best tool you have in your arsenal is your naked eye. Take a few sample shots and see how the outcome feels. Is the lighting correct? Is your subject in focus? Does your background clash? These are just some questions you can ask when it comes to the final product. Play around with your camera’s zoom, aperture and depth of field, and shutter speed, and ISO. Experimenting with angles and exposure settings will not only help you learn more about photography but also help you develop your own personal aesthetic.

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Remember that smartphone cameras are only limited by their battery and memory space. Don’t be afraid to take as many shots as you want. Take your time when it comes to framing your photo or video and fire away. You are also only as limited as your imagination.

Leverage the Magic of Editing – Social Media

Once you’ve landed on a shot you’re satisfied with, don’t be afraid to touch it up. Editing is an important part of the creative process because it allows us to highlight, edit, and redo certain aspects of the photo or video to ensure it’s its best possible version. Try Canva for photo editing and FlexClip for Video editing.

Photography has come a long way since the time of the first cameras. Today’s technology has made professional-grade software more accessible to the consumer market. This means that editing, photography, and graphic design apps are made readily available for the average Jane or Joe. Browse through your apps of choice and learn to maximize the tips, tricks, and filters they offer. Just don’t overly use them such that your photos look highly unnatural.

Play around with your apps’ different presets and see what works. If you’re feeling uninspired, don’t be afraid to go online and do some research. Try recreating a look you like and go from there. By doing this, you not only learn about the editing process, but you’re also able to develop more artistic sensibilities.

The whole point of photography—and by extension, videography—is to capture magical moments. Preserving these images may require extra steps, but applying these tips and tricks to every shot, Boomerang, or Snap you take may help you stand out in the sea of endless OOTDs. At the end of the day, it’s about discovering what you like and how to best showcase it. After all, you never know how many other people have the same sense of style.

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