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5 Tips for Properly Wearing Different Types of Shaping Garments


Gone are the days when shaping garments consisted of a restrictive bone corset, which were laced so tightly that women would often faint while wearing them. While modern shapewear has the same goal of making the wearer look slimmer around the waist, it can also be used to smoothen hips, compress thighs, and even create more shapely arms.

This is because shaping garments are now made of a smooth, stretchy blend of nylon and spandex instead of relying on a lace binding technique to do the trick. These garments fit close to the skin and come in a variety of different styles that allow you to target specific areas.

Also, women aren’t the only ones who use shapewear. There are shaping garments made for male bodies as well. These create a slimmer silhouette and offer better muscle definition due to the compression features. Shaping garments are also thought to improve athletic performance, so it’s not uncommon to see athletes wearing them.

There are also many more benefits attributed to wearing shapewear; read on to learn about them.

Benefits of Using Shaping Garments

While there is no substitute for following a healthy diet and exercise routine to get you fit, sometimes you just need a little help to make your body look more toned. Wearing shapewear helps to control unwanted bumps and sags so that clothes fit better and silhouettes look smoother. Shaping garments from contourmd provides additional support for your body so that you can move with less pain or fatigue. Here are a few other benefits of wearing these amazing products

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Improved Blood Circulation

You may sometimes see athletes wearing tights while engaging in physical activity. These are compression or shaping tights, which apply compression to the legs. This is thought to help improve blood circulation, which in turn supports the delivery of oxygen to the muscles and helps athletic performance.

Better Posture

Slouching is a bad habit that can also lead to backaches. If you wear a shaping garment around your waist, though, the compression will encourage you to straighten your back and be more conscious about your posture.

Additional Support

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Some obstetricians recommend that their patients use maternity shapewear, as these garments are design to provide additional support for growing baby bumps. Shapewear can also help relieve back pain that is commonly experience during pregnancy. However, this is not a blanket recommendation for all moms. If you’re expecting, make sure to first check with your doctor if shapewear is right for you.

Better-fitting Clothes

Not having a perfect body shouldn’t keep you from wearing clothes you love. If you are self-conscious about having a muffin top or big thighs, you can use shapewear to compress and smoothen these areas and help you feel more confident.

How to Properly Wear Shaping Garments

There are many reasons why you may want to use shaping garments, but whatever they may be, you should make sure to wear them correctly. Because these garments are design to provide compression, ill-fitting shapewear can have negative effects on the body. You can use shaping garments safely by following these tips:

Check with Your Doctor First

Getting medical clearance may be an obvious precaution for pregnant women, but people with common conditions like gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD need to be careful, too. Shapewear that is design to create a flattering-looking tummy can apply too much pressure on your digestive tract and cause acid reflux. The compression may also harm internal organs if you have an existing medical condition, so make sure to get clearance from your doctor first.

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Buy the Right Size

The biggest mistake you can make is to get shaping garments that are way too tight for you. You may think that a smaller-sized waist shaper will give you a more well-defined hourglass shape. However, it may only cause you to bloat and become gassy, as a too-tight garment will end up preventing you from digesting your food normally. Too-tight garments can restrict healthy blood circulation and cause potential damage to your nerves as well. If you experience numbness and tingling in an area where you have shapewear on, take off the garment immediately and observe your body’s reaction.

Buying a smaller size is also counterintuitive because it can create bulges instead of minimizing them. You may also end up not wearing the garments at all because they are just too uncomfortable to put on.

Avoid this mistake by shopping for shapewear in person and trying them on before you decide to ring them up. If you find yourself in between sizes, it’s better to keep looking for a garment that will fit you well rather than wasting your money on the wrong size.

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Invest in the Right Pieces

While bodysuits create the most streamlined silhouette, consider that the different parts of your body may need different levels of compression. Invest in several different pieces that provide the right amount of support instead of trying to use a one-size-fits-all solution. Additionally, you may find that wearing a waist cincher and shaping tights make trips to the bathroom a lot easier.

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If you do get a bodysuit, however, choose a style that includes a hook and eye closure or an opening on the crotch area. Shapewear can be difficult to put on, so these features make it possible to use the toilet without having to remove the garment. Skipping bathroom breaks is not an option, as doing so would increase the risk of urinary tract infection.

Monitor Skin Reactions

Wearing tight-fitting garments can potentially irritate the skin. This can be a result of too much friction, trapped moisture, or an allergic reaction to the fabric. Observe the skin’s reaction, and if you notice any irritation or unusual marks, discontinue the use of the garment for a few days to allow the skin to heal. You may then need to try wearing a larger size or shapewear made from different materials.

Wash Daily with Care

Because shapewear comes in direct contact with the body, it’s best to launder the garment after every use. Keeping it clean can help prevent skin irritations, and you won’t feel sticky putting it on for the second time in a row. However, the delicate fabric can get overstretch if you use a washing machine. As such, hand washing is the best way to keep your shapewear clean.

Though it is often associate with vanity, there are many good reasons why people may want to wear shaping garments. After all, using shapewear can offer users a bevy of benefits. When worn properly, it can help you achieve a slimmer silhouette and have more confidence in your personal style.

Infographic: 5 Tips Wearing Different Types of Shaping Garments

5 Tips Wearing Different Types of Shaping Garments
5 Tips Wearing Different Types of Shaping Garments

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