10 Trendy Marathi Songs To Dance To On Your Wedding


The Maharashtrian wedding may be known for its simplicity and elegance, but there’s no denying that everyone on the guestlist – be it old or young, wants to enjoy some dancing moves to the groovy beats of Marathi songs. In the Marathi culture, the age-old tradition for weddings would be to enjoy folk music played to the rhythms of the drums and the classic shehnai. Although now, with the younger generation’s influence from media and culture, various famous movie hits make it to every Marathi wedding playlist.

The wedding playlist may include some famous love ballads, old classics that have gotten converted into newer renditions, some trendy favorites that are guaranteed to move the non-dancers too! From the bridal entry to the after-party, make sure to make your playlist beforehand to ensure everyone has a great time on the dance floor at your wedding ceremony. As there are so many endless options to pick the perfect songs that your guests will love to dance to, we’ve curated the perfect playlist for you to have a generous dose of Marathi Jhatka at your wedding. Before we get to the list, you can take this opportunity to download any Marathi Matrimony app to discover your future soulmate. Then the following playlist might make it to your wedding too! Let’s check out the ten songs for your playlist below:

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Song 1 – Hi Chal Turu Turu – Marathi Songs

This Marathi love song, written by Shanta Shelke and sung by Jaywant Kulkarni, will melt all the bride’s friends, bua’s, and chachi’s hearts with the endless compliments it pays women by special men. God is a witness to how many bachelor girls dream to get serenaded this way by their future spouses. This song is a beautiful entry and a must-have for every Marathi wedding playlist.

Song 2 – Band Baja Barat – Marathi Songs

This Marathi is a famous hit from the movie Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2. For this song, the bride’s father and mother, uncles and aunts, and the rest of the family can all join in the fun on the dance floor. It’ll set the perfect mood for the bride to enjoy her wedding day! It’s a great song for your playlist and will add life to the party.

Song 3 – Gulabachi Kali

Sung by the melodious singers Urmila Dhangar, Vaishali Samant, and Amitraj and composed by him, this peppy song is a famous hit for most Marathi wedding ceremonies. It’s a perfect addition to be reenacted by the bride and groom’s friends to depict their love story with fantastic dance moves. The lovely couple will surely enjoy this romantic song for their wedding ceremony. Are these songs ringing wedding bells in your head and making you think about your future wedding? Then let us help you find the perfect match. Make your Marathi Matrimony profile today and match it with your prospective life partner easily.

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Song 4 – Sunya Sunya

Even though the Marathi song Sunya Sunya from the superhit film TimePass 2 fits the wedding preparations, the wedding couple can also enjoy it on their big day while the bride squad moves in sync to the tune and melody, with their graceful choreography! There is no better song for the bride to start crying away than this one.

Song 5 – Niva Gadi Ana Rajya Nava

This Marathi song is the perfect happy-go-lucky track from the album Time Please and sung by Neha Rajpal and Rishikesh Kamerkar. The bride and groom can enjoy watching their families perform this song on the dance floor. The lyrics will surely melt the bride’s heart as she’s thought about her wedding day since her childhood. Playing this music track will make the wedding occasion feel even more auspicious and memorable!

Song 6 – Vajati Vajati Runzun Vajati

This song is from the Marathi album Yanda Kartavya Aahe and is sung by Vajati Vajati Runzun Vajati. It’s a perfect song dedicated to all the shy couples who’re nervous about their marriage day and how to enjoy their celebrations more fully. You can surely add it to your wedding playlist if you want to bid the bride a tearful goodbye as well.

Song 7 – Gorya Gorya Galavari

This famous song is a composition by the Atul brothers and is a popular selection for most Marathi weddings in Haldi ceremonies. The family members can enjoy singing this song at the couple’s wedding while sitting beside the bride and encouraging her new role of becoming a wife.

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Song 8 – Rasikachya Lagnat

This is a famous Marathi tune sung by Jagdish Patil and composed by Narendra Patil. It makes for an excellent song for the guests to move their bodies on the quick beats and tempo of the song.

Song 9 – Navri Ni Navryachi Swari

This Marathi song is quite catchy and sung by Vaishali Samant and Avdhoot Gupte starring Swapnil Joshi and Mukta Bavre. It will surely make people clap simultaneously and move their heads around in joyous celebrations. Make sure to add this one to your wedding playlist!

Song 10 – Khanderayachya Lagnala Banu Navri Natli

Another great Marathi hit sung by Chaggan Chugule, from the album Navri Natali, is a perfect addition to your wedding playlist of all millennials who grew up listening to it. Guests will surely enjoy serving some thumkas and adding a zealous vibe to the wedding celebrations!

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