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3 ways to improve your bicycle form


Bicycle form – Every cyclist feels the demand for speed. If you are an avid cyclist or a newbie, the urge to improve your cycling speed is common among all. Riding a bike at a good speed does not only make a person feel confident but also stimulates good health. While it is true that speed comes with practice and tolerance, several other elements can help you to ride your bike faster.
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Here are 7 ways you can enhance your average cycling speed – bicycle form:

1 .Bend and tick elbows

The major challenge every new cyclist faces is handling wind resistance. Wind direction can cause the speed of any person slow. A simple way to overpower this is by lowering your body position on the bike. If you know that the speed of the wind is making you slow, then rather than sitting up straight, slightly lower your body position on the bike. Try to keep your body closer to the bars by curving and tucking your elbows. You will instantly feel the difference.

2 . Listen to some good music

Music has a great effect on one’s mood and is known to uplift one’s spirit. This trick even works when you are trying to improve your cycling speed. There is an abundance of research that shows that listening to fast-paced music while cycling reduces your effort levels. But whenever you are cycling with your earphone on, be mindful of your cycling posture and other safety norms.

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3 .Ride in a group

While riding the bike solo you will be able to pay for some quality and peaceful time with yourself, but riding in a group is incredible to increase the speed. Riding with others will promote you to increase your average speed in several ways. This encourages you to put more effort and energy while riding the bike.

4 .Pump up your tires

Make sure the tires of your bike are properly raised. Properly raised tires will help you to roll faster and cycling will seem effortless to you. So, check the force before every ride. Sometimes, the changes in temperature and subtle seeping of air can make them soft.


5 .Press the brakes less

Attempt to press the brake of the cycle less. Excessive braking slows you down and you have to pedal faster to accelerate the speed. If the road is clear, there is no obstacle and no reason to slow down, do not press the brakes.

6. Ride in intervals – bicycle form

This is the quickest way to increase your cycling speed. Interval training permits you to cycle at a faster speed for a short interval and then slow down to retrieve and then go fast again.

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7. Wear well-fitted clothes

The attire you choose to wear while riding a bike also matters a lot. So, it is necessary to wear tight-fitting cycling clothes. The material is designed to maintain you cool and sweat-free. Secondly, baggy or ill-fitted attires add a lot of drag, which can slow down your speed.

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Infographic: 7 Tips for Improving Your Cycling Speed: Mastering Bicycle Form

7 Tips for Improving Your Cycling Speed Mastering Bicycle Form
7 Tips for Improving Your Cycling Speed Mastering Bicycle Form

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