Pixie Haircut

Level Up Your Pixie Haircut With Hair Toppers

When talking about Pixie Haircut, the most power-packed, sassy, boss-babe women’s haircut that commands attention with its elite appearance has to be the most coveted pixie haircut.

Short and stylish, this striking haircut is for bold and beautiful women who dare to be different. What’s the best part about this haircut? It suits every woman, no matter the age or face shape. Think Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada or Katy Perry’s short blonde pixie!

For the uninitiated, wondering, ‘What is a pixie haircut?’, let us do the honours of introducing you to one of the most empowering haircuts for women.

A pixie is a short, bold, textured, contemporary, chic haircut that is generally short on the back and sides of the head, with longer lengths on the top and front, allowing the hair to be styled in various ways to highlight your suave feminine elegance.

The pixie haircut comes in different styles, so there is something for everyone. All you need to do is choose what best suits you:

Here are some popular pixie haircuts

  • Textured pixie cut
  • Spiky pixie
  • Shaggy pixie cut
  • Messy pixie cut
  • Feathered pixie
  •  Shaved Pixie Cut
  • Long pixie with deep side part
  • Short pixie cut
  • Classic pixie with curtain bangs
  • Asymmetrical pixie
  • Pixie mullet
  • Long blonde pixie quiff
  • Curly or wavy pixie with side undercut
  • Pixie bob cut
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Pixie haircuts must have voluminous hair to be layered for a well-rounded texturized look. If you are a woman who wants to try out this haircut but has fine, thin or thinning hair, receding hairline, or balding spots, then a high-quality human hair topper from a reliable, reputable, alternative hair supplier and manufacturer like Superhairpieces can do the job for you.

Hair toppers for women add the much-needed volume, coverage, bounce, texture, length and finesse to the top of your head. They are easy to use, safe, secure, and convenient for daily lifestyle.

Hairpieces for women, like human hair toppers, blend effortlessly with your natural hair, creating a smooth transition for pixie cuts. They make a confident and bold statement when styled and maintained well, giving dimension and boosting the thickness of your short locks.

How much hair is needed for a hair topper to clip on?

It’s important to understand that hair toppers come with clips but can also be glued or taped onto a wig cap or your forehead (in the case of lace front hair toppers). However, for a pixie cut where the back is short, you might need to avoid a wig cap.

You must have some hair on the crown area of your head where the thin clips can be secured. In case of balding in the crown, you can use wig glue or wig tape on the bald parts for a safer grip. Ensure the clips are attached to your remaining healthy hair, not the thinning ones, or it may lead to breakage.

Advantages of using a human hair topper for a pixie cut look

  • It can be used to experiment with a new look, minus the commitment to chopping off one’s own locks.
  • Hair toppers can be used for women facing hair loss or to create a fashion statement.
  • They are ideal for any length of hair. One can conceal their long hair under a wig cap and opt for a pixie cut like the pixie bob that does not have an undercut and could easily conceal their natural hair.
  • If you aren’t sure if a haircut would suit you, try a hair topper with the same style and see how you look with it. This saves you from sporting a bad haircut for months till your hair grows out.
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Add human hair toppers for women for a short pixie haircut

Pick the Right Hair Topper

For a seamless, well-blended look, choosing a human hair topper that matches your natural hair color and texture is crucial. If you don’t get an exact match, you can choose a lighter or darker shade to integrate with your hair.

Ensure you choose a short hair topper with 6-8 inch hair that can be cut according to your desired pixie style. You can also get pre-cut pixie toppers, but we highly recommend cutting them to suit your face shape and desired style.

Some fantastic human hair toppers that are ideal for the pixie haircut are the EV5706 Mono Silk Top Clip-In hair topper, EP3608 Clip-on Mono Silk Remy Human Hair Topper for Natural Parting Line, and the Premium Human Hair Magic On 7608 Mono Silk Top Women Integration Hair System from Superhairpieces.

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Cut and style

Take your hair topper to your favourite hairstylist and get it cut into a pixie cut. They can also help you with tips and tricks for a secure attachment and blending that suits you best. Ask them to place it on your head to see how you look, and if you have short hair, they can blend it by trimming your natural locks, too, for a smooth, transitional look.


Before attachment, ensure you have a clean canvas (read clean hair). You can also add products like texturizing spray or gels to get a better hold for your hair topper.


Carefully align and clip the hair topper onto your crown and secure it in place. You can use glue or tape for additional protection.

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Comb the women’s hair topper and your natural hair together for a blended look. Use heat-styling products like flat or curling iron to add waves or curls to your pixie cut for a more dramatic look. Seal it with a hairspray to set your style in place.

You can totally rock your new pixie haircut with confidence! Consider getting a pixie haircut with hair toppers as a great way to try out a new style that perfectly suits your unique features and personality. Changing your look can be a fun and exciting experience, so don’t hesitate to take the plunge and reveal a whole new you!

Infographic: Level Up Your Pixie Haircut With Hair Toppers

Level Up Your Pixie Haircut With Hair Toppers
Level Up Your Pixie Haircut With Hair Toppers


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