What to wear in fall

What Kind of Dresses Can You Wear In the Fall?

The crisp cool air of fall can make dress lovers cringe. What to wear in fall signals the time when wearing dresses and skirts can become tricky. The cold air, wind, rain, and sometimes even snow can really hinder your dressy dreams. That’s why there are certain kinds of dresses that might work a little better in the fall. If your favorite dress is not warm, though, have no fear! We have ideas for adapting your favorite dresses for fall. Read on to learn more!

Tiered Dress

A tiered dress is a great fall dress! They’re typically a little longer so they provide more coverage for your legs. They also offer a nice loose fit which can be more comfortable as you indulge in all of the activities fall has to offer. Family pictures, visiting pumpkin patches, apple picking, and more. You’ll look stylish, and the dress can be accented with things like ankle boots, jean jackets, cardigans, and more for added warmth!

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Nursing Friendly Dresses

If you’re nursing a baby, one of the most comfortable things you can wear is a dress. So, they are a must year-round–even when it gets cooler like in the fall and winter. In order to have a comfortable nursing experience for you and your baby alike, you will need to have a way to open the front of the dress. Button-up dresses, tie dresses, or even just stretchy dresses can be great for this! All of these are great for fall, as well. If you need to, you can always layer other things like a button-up cardigan or tights underneath. If you’re looking for a new dress, Seagull Book’s nursing-friendly dresses are perfect!

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Maxi Dress Dress

Maxi dresses are floor-length dresses. So, they make great fall and winter outfits because they cover your legs. If the dress is a bit too thin, or you’d like some extra warmth, you can always wear tights or fleece-lined leggings underneath! You might even be able to get away with wearing non-dressy shoes to keep your feet warm and comfy, as well!

Any Style Knee Length Dress with Tights

Are your favorite dresses knee-length? We get it. It’s such a cute style of dress! However, in the fall, these dresses don’t offer much leg coverage which can be chilly. So, throw on a pair of tights. Tights come in so many different patterns, textures, and colors that there will be a pair that can go with most dresses. It just might take some hunting to find your ideal pair. Also, depending on the dress, you might be able to pair books or ankle boots with it as well! Throw a cardigan over the top if needed, and you have a comfy fall-proof knee-length dress!

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Just because it’s the What to wear in fall doesn’t mean you need to give up your dresses! You can always buy a few new dresses in warmer styles, or, you can layer on top. As mentioned, don’t rule out using tights, cardigans, and even layering tees to be more comfortable in your favorite dresses in the fall.

Infographic: What Kind of Dresses Can You Wear In the Fall

What Kind of Dresses Can You Wear In the Fall
What Kind of Dresses Can You Wear In the Fall

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