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13 easy home remedies for Dry Brittle Nails


Having shiny and beautiful nails on your fingertips improves the overall beauty of your hands and almost all of us aspire to healthy, long nails that can be styled as we wish. But the beauty of the hands is always masked by brittle and fragile nails that break and crack easily. Brittle nails are a common problem that can affect both men and women and some of the common causes of brittle and brittle nails are aging, overuse of nail polish, and nail polish remover, overexposure to water. Many diseases can also cause brittle nails such as fungal infections, psoriasis, eczema, anemia and lichen planus. So, it is important to take good care of the nails just as we pamper our skin with effective home remedies for shiny skin. These home-remedies, in combination with some healthy lifestyle changes, can provide you with naturally strong and healthy nails.

Soak in Lemon juice and olive oil

Olive oil Lemon juice and are extremely important natural beauty elements that are widely used for various skin and health hitches, and lemon juice is an effective natural bleach that is frequently used to eliminate tanning. . The mixture of lemon juice and olive oil is also an effective remedy for dry and brittle nails. Olive oil has the ability to penetrate nail cuticles to repair and strengthen nails. Lemon juice helps strengthen damaged and peeled nails while removing unsightly yellowish stains from the nail surface and giving it a brilliant shine. Mix 3 tablespoons of olive oil with 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and microwave until the mixture is slightly warm. Massage the mixture into each nail, then soak your fingertips in the mixture for 20 minutes. Let it sit overnight and watch your nails change the next morning.

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Soak in Beer – home-remedies

Beer is not only the drink for celebrations and parties, but it is also an essential part of home remedies for skin and hair. Beer is a powerful natural conditioner that delivers straight, straight hair with every wash. A doubtful combination of beer, apple cider vinegar and olive oil is also an effective home remedy for brittle nails. Beer is a great source of mild nail minerals like potassium, phosphorus and selenium, as well as biotin, which are essential for strong, healthy nails and hair. Olive oil helps hydrate dry and broken cuticles from the inside. Heat a quarter cup of olive oil. Now add half a cup of beer and a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar and dip your fingers in this mixture for 15 minutes. Safely repeat this 1-2 times a week to get the results you want.

Soak in sea salt – home-remedies

What better way to strengthen brittle and brittle nails and nails with a soothing bath of sea salt and hot water? This remedy not only smoothes the cuticles and gives the nails a shiny shine, but is also the ideal answer to the question of how the cells removed from the dead foot. The minerals in sea salt have healing and rejuvenating properties which make them a frequent addition to baths. Drink lukewarm water in a large container where you can quickly soak your nails. Add 2 tablespoons of sea salt with usual cereals and 4 drops of wheat germ essential oil and lemon essential oils. Soak your nails and your nails in this solution for 15 minutes and then dry them. Apply a hand and foot moisturizer to your hands and feet. Track this treatment 2 to 3 times a week for incredible results.

Massage with Coconut Oil – home-remedies

Pure coconut oil is the complete solution for all hair and skin problems. A blend of coconut oil and curry leaves is the ultimate gray hair solution and the best natural moisturizer to treat overly dry skin. But how do you strengthen brittle nails with coconut oil? Well, a nourishing nail massage with coconut oil can act as an incredible moisturizer for nails and prevent various types of nail infections. The oil moisturizes the nails, while the massage improves blood circulation. Heat the coconut oil in a container and apply it to each nail to massage. Repeat this for 2-3 times in a day for amazing results.

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Soak in apple cider vinegar

It is a useful and inexpensive brittle nail treatment that is readily available in the pantry. Apple cider vinegar is a component that is widely used in do-it-yourself products for skin and hair and is undoubtedly the best natural method for treating dandruff and itchy scalp. Organic apple cider vinegar contains minerals like iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium, as well as vitamins, all of which are important for the development of stronger and thicker nails. In addition, malic acid and acetic acid in apple cider vinegar help keep nail infections away. Mix equal quotas of apple cider vinegar and water in a bowl and let your nails soak in this solution for 10 minutes. Follow this treatment once a day and see your nails become thicker and stronger. You can save the answer for the next day.

Massage with Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil quickly finds its place in DIY home remedies for skin care. Vitamin E is an essential component of the skin and hair, which gives the skin a youthful appearance, complements it, and makes the hair thicker and stronger. One of the leading causes of brittle nails is the lack of moisture in the nails, and vitamin E oil works as an incredible remedy for brittle nails by hydrating and hydrating the nails. It also helps to heal cuticles. Remove the oil from a vitamin E oil capsule, coat all the nails with oil and massage gently for 5 minutes earlier to bed. Follow this program daily to see the noticeable changes in your nails.

Soak the egg yolk and milk

One of the main causes of weak and brittle nails is the lack of nutrients like protein and calcium. Egg yolks and milk are among the best natural and readily available sources of protein and calcium that help strengthen nails.

A mixture of milk and egg yolk may not be very tempting, but it is one of the suitable natural remedies for brittle nails that give instant results. The mixture provides the nails with intense moisture and prevents chipping or cracking. In addition, the nails are whiter than before. Mix an egg yolk with two tablespoons of milk, beat well and massage this mixture carefully on your nails. Please wait 20 minutes and clean it with warm water.

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Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline has always been the best friend for dry, flaky skin and the best natural remedy for chapped lips in winter. It is a versatile product for treating a range of skin problems. Dehydration is a major cause of brittle nails. You are applying Vaseline or Vaseline to your nails the night before bed is a simple and easy tip to keep your cuticles moisturized and prevent them from cracking. Follow this ritual every evening for 1 to 2 months in the evening and cover your nails with beautiful cotton gloves before you sleep.

The Herbal nail mask

We use a wide range of masks to pamper our skin and hair. Why should our nails be run-down of this nourishing care? A fragrant and nourishing herbal nail mask works like a manicure, which leads to healthier and thicker nails after just a few applications. Put a teaspoon of chamomile and mint tea in a cup and pour a cup of boiling water over the tea mixture. Let infuse for 2 hours and then strain it. Add a teaspoon of olive oil and two tablespoons of wheat flour to the tea, mix everything well and gently apply it to all nails. Wait 1 hour and rinse with water. Follow this treatment 1-2 times a week for best results.

Hot oil treatment

Massaging your nails with natural oils like coconut oil is good enough, but works even better if you pamper your nails with a profoundly nourishing hot oil cure. You can proceed with natural oils like almond oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil for this treatment. The nutrients and healthy fats contained in the oils help restore nails that have been damaged by excessive use of enamel and nail polish remover. Mix equal parts olive oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil and heat the mixture until warm. Dip minor pieces of cotton in the oil and apply the soaked cotton pieces to each of the nails. Wrap foils around the nails to keep them covered. Wait 10 minutes and remove the film and cotton. This process allows the oils to penetrate and penetrate the nails.

Infographic: 6 Home Remedies For Dry Brittle Nails

6 Home Remedies For Dry Brittle Nails
6 Home Remedies For Dry Brittle Nails

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