Style Straight Hair Over 50

How to Style Straight Hair Over 50?


Style Straight Hair Over 50- Age and maturity naturally carry with them a few hair issues – among which are hair thinning, loss, dryness, and graying. You don’t have to fret, though, as you can still fix these issues by choosing the right hairstyle.

Once you reach your 50s, it’s important to be more thorough and careful in selecting the best hairstyle for you. The right style can significantly increase the bounce, volume, and thickness of your hair. There are even styles for straight hair that can beautifully accentuate and highlight your facial shape and features once you get to middle age.

Shoulder Length Hair -Style Straight Hair Over 50

This is a simple hairstyle already worn confidently by Meryl Streep, a style icon even at her age. You can pick a straight shoulder-length haircut that looks elegant and timeless. You can add more charm to it by sporting it with a casually swept-back half updo.

Medium Layered Haircut

A medium-layered haircut is another stunning option, particularly one with subtle honey highlights and discrete layers. This is perfect for you if you have a fair complexion. Achieve its seamless style by ensuring that the longest locks graze your shoulders while cutting your top layers shorter.

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Aside from looking great, this hairdo is also easy to style. Simply sweep bangs softly to either side and use a round brush when blow-drying to add volume and some loose waves.

Short Auburn Bob -Style Straight Hair Over 50

Make this short bob more interesting by adding some layers. If you choose to have the layered bob, style it in such a way that it displays your dynamic cut. You can brush back and set your shorter layers in a way that it can bring out a cooler variation that offers a  feathered look.

Medium Blonde Balayage

Make it a point to incorporate some strategic layers into this hairstyle. Note that reaching middle age does not necessarily mean you should stop sporting playful and fun hairstyles. Remember that you still have several options when styling your medium, straight hair at this age.

That said, giving your hair some sassy layers and new highlights is a good idea. You will never be too old to inject a bit of brightness into your hairstyle, and you can get that with the help of a medium blonde balayage haircut.

Blonde Cropped Haircut

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to selecting a good hairstyle is that the correct cut for you will look amazing from every angle. For instance, a blonde cropped haircut looks good from all angles, even from the back. It also has feathered layers that taper gracefully to your neck, thereby adding an illusion of thickness to your straight and fine hair.

Long Choppy Bob

As a 50-year-old, you may want to keep your hair short most of the time since it is easier to maintain. While it was once believed that this is the most age-appropriate style, these days you do not have to abandon the idea of sporting long hair completely.

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You can still wear your hair long. In this case, go for an A-line bob as it is always in style. Add some bangs and some strategically placed layers to help create volume and a choppy, care-free vibe. When choosing a color, stick with shades that flatter your skin tone, and consider adding soft highlights or even a few darker tones to help frame your face.

Additional Hairstyling Tips for Women Over 50

1 – Pick edgier haircuts

Your 50s are a great time to pick haircuts that are a lot edgier. These styles can help keep your features’ increasing softness more balanced. If you have plans of growing out your gray hair, you can also benefit from an edgier and here’s why: It can help display the gorgeous color dimensions that can naturally come from your grown-out grays.

2 – Choose wispy bangs

Are you a fan of bangs? Then you will be glad to know that even after reaching 50, you can still wear this style. As a matter of fact, bangs lend a youthful look. The best choice, in this case, would be the wispy bangs, specifically a style that reaches your eyebrows. You may also incorporate some soft side waves into this style, such as the bangs sported by Kathy Hilton.

3 – Find a hairstyle that can volumize your fine and thinning hair

If you have fine and thinning hair, try sporting a short to medium length bob haircut. Another great choice is a cheeky hairstyle or a short haircut guaranteed to add texture and volume to your hair. It is also a good idea to try other impressive haircuts like the short pixie and long bob.

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4 – Apply hair dyes

Hitting 50 is also the best time to maximize your use of hair dyes and enjoy their benefits–namely covering up grays. When selecting a hair dye, note that the easiest ones to maintain are those that have lighter tones. In this case, choose a caramel or a blondish hue.

You can also blend your graying hair with lowlights and highlights, which is a popular style for women over 50. If you prefer darker shades, rest assured that you also have a few options such as dark chocolate, auburn, and burgundy, which all offer a classic and timeless look.


Styling your straight hair when you’re over 50 can definitely open up several great opportunities for experimentation. You can even be as bold and expressive as you want to be at this age through the right hairstyle. Just make sure to pair up your chosen hairstyle with quality products and take good care of your hair. Use the best volumizing shampoo and conditioner that you can find and treat your hair before styling and blow-drying, so you will continue looking great at any age.

Infographic: 4 Additional Hairstyling Tips for Women Over 50

4 Additional Hairstyling Tips for Women Over 50
4 Additional Hairstyling Tips for Women Over 50

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