Skincare for flawless skin

Everyday Skincare in 20 Minutes for Flawless Skin


Everyone wants to have flawless skin, but few are ready to follow a routine. One of the primary reasons for avoiding a routine apart from the lack of time is incomplete knowledge of the right skincare routine to follow. In today’s busy world, most people don’t have the time to indulge in elaborate skincare rituals.  But what if you can achieve flawless skin with a quick and simple routine of 20 minutes? Yes, you heard that right! You can complete your skincare routine in just 20 minutes, beginning with a skin whitening face wash. That’s all you need every day to pamper your skin for a flawless look.

Are you interested to know more? Let’s delve deep into 20-minute everyday skincare for flawless skin.

Why Go for a Skincare Routine?

Attaining flawless skin is not an overnight task. When you use skin care products, you have to maintain consistency. Else they may not be effective. Each skin care product is formulated with specific ingredients to resolve a particular issue. If you want your skin to derive optimal benefits from them, you need to give them the required time to act on your skin.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t use skincare products meant for daytime at night and vice versa.

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How to Start a Skincare Routine?

The first thing to do is to identify your skin type. You need to determine whether your skin is dry, normal, oily, or combination type. This will help you select what products are suitable for your skin. Further, you need to identify any specific skin issues that you want to tackle. These may include fine lines, acne, tan, pigmentation, etc.

Also, following a Skincare for Flawless Skin involves using various products. When applying these products, always remember to start with the lightest formulations and proceed towards the heavier ones.

Steps to Follow for Your 20 Minutes Every day Skincare Routine

Once you have the right products for your skincare, you can start building your routine. Here’s what you need to do for attaining flawless skin through a 20-minutes skincare routine:

Deep Cleanse With a Face Wash

Cleansing your face with a face wash is the first step of your skincare routine. By cleansing your face, you get rid of the accumulated dirt and excessive oil on your skin. In other words, you get a clean base to proceed with your skincare.

When cleansing your face, it’s important to avoid face washes that have sulphates in them. Such face washes can harm your skin and rob its glow. Instead, you need to choose natural and clean products. You can opt for a whitening face wash free from chemicals and causes no side effects. Pat-dry your face before moving on to the next step.

Always Use a Toner

Using a toner is the next essential step you need to follow to achieve flawless skin. Regular use of a toner can tighten your pores and lend your skin a smooth look. You can depend on a toner to refine rough patches and improve skin tone. A good toner also helps to restore the pH balance of your skin. This balance often gets disturbed due to the cleansing of your face.

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Applying toner is a simple task that hardly takes time. You can just soak a cotton ball with your toner and sweep it gently across your face.

Apply Serum and Wait

A serum is a concentrated solution containing active ingredients meant to tackle specific skin issues. You can use a serum as a spot treatment for several skin problems, such as dryness, acne, premature ageing, etc. Serums are also available for overall treatment, such as youthful appearance and bright glow.

Since serums are feather-light formulations, you need to apply them before other heavy formulations. This will enable your serum to penetrate the skin easily. Remember that you have to wait for at least 5 minutes after applying this skincare solution. Your skin requires this time to absorb the nutrients present in the serum.

Slather a Moisturizer

Once your skin absorbs the serum you applied, it’s time for moisturiser to come into play. Applying moisturiser helps lock in the moisture and prevent your skin from becoming dry. It nourishes the skin and makes it look plump and healthy, which are the basic requirements for flawless skin. Regular use of moisturiser can make your skin less prone to premature ageing.

One thing to note is that while selecting a moisturiser, you have to keep the season in mind. Light moisturisers are meant for summer use, while heavier ones work well during the winter.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

There’s no way to overlook sunscreen when it comes to your skincare routine. Your skin needs the protection of sunscreen even during the winter season. If you skip sunscreen, your skin faces the risk of sun damage due to the impact of the UV rays. You can suffer from wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of premature ageing. In short, your dream of having flawless skin can go for a toss. Even if you use the best cream for glow, you still need to apply sunscreen. You need to go for a sunscreen of at least 40 SPF before stepping out in the sun.

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Skincare means pampering your skin so that it glows with health. But don’t stress yourself about maintaining a routine. Instead, adopt the steps mentioned above as part of your basic self-care. Once you get used to this step-by-step procedure, you will start enjoying this 20-minute regime.

You can follow a basic skincare routine for your evenings as well. Just cleansing, applying serum and eye cream, and moisturising your skin can help in your efforts to attain flawless skin. You can also replace the moisturiser at night with a night face cream. Ensure that you opt for the best face cream for glow that keeps the skin moisturised.

Now that you know all about following a 20-minute skincare routine, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and start building your skincare routine for flawless skin.

Infographic: How to Start a Skincare Routine

How to Start a Skincare Routine
How to Start a Skincare Routine

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