Bridal Jewellery

5 Bridal Jewellery Etiquettes Every Woman Should Know

Bridal Jewellery

Weddings are fun and one of the best events to look fabulous and to make up for. However, there are some things a Bridal guest should remember, especially the types of jewellery they would like to wear. This is an unprecedented opportunity for most fashionable women. A wedding encourages you to make a bold statement and wear something special, beautiful, and unexpected, as opposed to your usual office meeting. At least, that’s what newcomers to marriage think. The truth is, your style can never outshine a couple about to get married. A wedding is a formal affair and it is closed to a perfect level of sophistication. However, the etiquette is related not only to the dress code of the bride and groom but also to you as the guest.

The style for any wedding guest taken from head to toe can also be overwhelming. Because of this, you have to show your partner your respect as a visitor, which means you have to always look your best. Find the right look in the right way under your outfit, shoes, clutch, accessories, makeup and hairstyle. And when it comes to buying wedding day jewellery and choosing the right pieces, you need to follow these basic rules that will also make sure that you owe the couple the best efforts.

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necklace gold
necklace gold

Let’s start with Bridal Jewellery instructions:

Avoid statement pieces

You should always keep in mind when attending a wedding that the celebration is about the couple’s wedding. Any protruding jewellery should be worn by the bride and not by the visitor. Wear jewellery for wedding guest jewellery that doesn’t get too much attention. You should wear trendy clothes, but make sure you don’t overdo it to the point where the bride is in the spotlight.

Smaller is better – Bridal Jewellery

When attending a wedding, you should always keep in mind that the celebration is about the couple’s wedding. It is convenient to leave jewellery that will catch the attention of the bride, and not the guest. Wear jewellery for wedding guest jewellery that doesn’t get too much attention. You should wear beautiful pieces, but make sure you don’t overdo them so that the bride is the centre of attention. A beautiful example would be to get an elegant and classy pair of diamond drop earrings.

 Turn to Pearls – Bridal Jewellery

These classic beauties are making a comeback, but pearls are always a good idea when it comes to dressing up for various bridal parties. Have we noticed that pearls can make a statement? Not to mention their versatility and the fact that subtle, bright colours go well with them. Arm yourself with a pair of earrings and a pearl necklace available at as they have a wide range of collections for both regular or special occasions.

bridal jewellery sets
bridal jewellery sets

Choose classic pieces

If the theme of the wedding itself is bohemian, choose traditional accessories and try not to overdo it. Stop the big bracelets and glue them to small pendants and earrings. With diamonds reserved for the bride, timeless pearls are the perfect and tastiest item to wear as a wedding guest. For your personal preference, such a jewellery label is shy, but the practice is best. After all, that is the goal of the dress code to make the bride and groom shine.

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Bonus tips

Don’t be too equal at all stages. Many women also like to pair their heels with their bag with their nail jewellery. While this is not inaccurate, it is boring and outdated. Try to have fun with the colliding colours. Pair each of your jewellery wonderfully with your coat. If your dress has a lot of details, prints and colours, go for minimalist jewellery. You certainly don’t need a necklace if your dress has a stand-up collar and you opt for a bracelet and earrings. Combine the many styles and colours of jewellery, day or night. Go for delicate silver or pearl earrings for the wedding ceremony and add lighter and more vibrant colours to the stone or gold evening. Combine your bright and colourful jewellery with classic clothes for a playful touch. That said, you can liven it up with jewellery that will help you express yourself if your dress is simple and straightforward, whether it’s because of its colours or designs.

So swap your statement items for event props the next time you’re invited to a wedding. In fact, with the jewellery brand, you can make the most beautiful fashion decision without looking boring or trying to outdo yourself like the bride and groom.


Hope our wedding guest jewellery tips help you spruce up your ensemble with all your upcoming gigs. In addition to taking into account the wishes of the bride and groom, consider choosing pieces that reflect your style and make you feel relaxed. And with gorgeous jewellery, you can always have fun and make the most of all those hair and nail dates!

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Infographic: Bridal Jewellery Etiquettes

Bridal Jewellery instructions
Bridal Jewellery instructions

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