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How to wear saree step by step for beginners

What is a Saree?

A sari is a traditional Indian costume worn by women and girls. You’ve probably seen one if you’ve seen a Bollywood movie before. The sari is a long fabric four to nine meters long that draped over the body in different styles. My guide shows and explains the process of draping saris  step-by-step in the style of South India and will help you learn the necessary steps to tie the saris.

This is my first guide, and I dedicate it to friends all over the world who are amazed at the wonders that this one-meter long piece of fabric can do. It is also for women who don’t know much about saris but who are mesmerized by the sight of celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Jessica Alba (The Love Guru), Katherine Heigl (27 dresses) and Maria Sharapova. If you want to know how it has done, you are on the right page!

Wearing a sari isn’t just about draping the fabric. You will look even more amazing in a sari if you add the right makeup and accessories. That’s why I’m adding tips on how you can use these enhancements to perfect the look. Wearing saris does not require any special skills. Just follow these steps. With the help of a colleague, these steps should take less than 12 minutes, even if you are starting.

Let us know to wear step-by-step

Step One

Please start with the sari on the floor so you can easily pull or grab it! Hold the sari with both hands, the upper inner edge of the sari with the right side, and a little more fabric online further in your left hand. The bottom edge with the stitched bead should face your feet.

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Second step

Keep about a foot over the width of the saree regularly in your hand. Check the correct length of the mirror – the bottom of the saree should touch the base and tuck the top of the saree into the petticoat belt.

Step three

Loosely wrap the sari around your back and bring it back to its starting point. Now we come to the pleated part!

Step Four

Hold the sari, between your index finger and your thumb, stretched out, starting approximately 3-4 inches to the left of the navel (or where it entered). Start folding/gathering from the index finger to the thumb and back. Make 5-7 such folds. When you have done, hold them with both hands and equalize them. Make sure that all folds start at the same level. At this point, you can fix the creases with a safety pin and go inside the petticoat.

Step Five

Start to fold loosely over the covered area earlier so that the first fold does not stretch, and the length of the sari stays at the front and back while checking everything.

Step six

Go back to the remaining length of the saree after the folds. Reposition the saree starting from the left towards the back. Bring the front from under the right armpit to the left shoulder.

Step seven

The paddle will necessarily cross the waist from the right side to the left shoulder in a comfortable but firm manner. The shovel can be attached just behind the left shoulder (be especially careful if the sari is delicate or embroidered or “works”; the grid is slightly up and down accordingly. Make sure the sari stretches the improvement curves shape after folds and until the palette inserted.

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The other option could be to double the width of the sheet to make it more formal and orderly. The fully open scoop makes the design more visible and gives the sari a decorative appeal.

Amazing Tips for Perfect Saree Draping-step-by-step

Step by step Saree draping tips

Using a full length or 3/4 length mirror while wearing a sari always helps and reduces the risk of the sari length turning wrong, forward, or backward. Being above or below your navel, however, feels comfortable. Keep in mind that keeping the petticoat underwater adds to the illusion of increased height. Today, girdles are available to enhance your figure. There are thin hosiery petticoats, which have openings so as not to restrict movement, be careful that they are comfortable so that they do not move up and down at the waist. Wear cotton cloth petticoats, making them slightly tight will help flaunt your figure.

The shape of the petticoat makes a big difference! Here is the Amazon link if you want to see Saree Shapewear. Please make a small knot in the upper right corner of the saree when you start to put on the saree and tuck it into the petticoat. “Fix” the sari, and it will prevent it from falling out in case you care!

Using a long shovel will always give the illusion of more height. So, whether you cover the head from the front or behind, a long head will look stylish and make you look taller! Pure fabrics always have the best curtains. Pure cotton, silk, chiffon or georgettes, etc. they will still cover better, have a better drop, and be more comfortable to cover than fake fabrics.

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The fabric is weaker, and there is always the possibility of damaging the saree in case someone steps on it or in a small accident. If this is unavoidable, there is a simple suggestion (courtesy of Dolly Jain, my saree heroine) To minimize damage and prevent the pin from getting tangled with saree folds. Use a safety pin with an attached pearl. Placed, use it now to fix the pleats and add another pearl before closing. Now even if the pin pulled, it will not tangle in the metal circles of the nail and will not damage the sari.

Types of blouses

Blouses and its types

Blouses are a world of wonders in themselves. Regular, bareback, sleeveless apart; Today, it’s about being comfortable and creative and going after what you have on hand! Blouses, halters, cold shoulders, flared sleeves, combining different fabrics, shirts or t-shirts, mixing and matching sari blouses with different saris, combining various crafts (ikkat blouses go with almost everything), or playing with colors. If you have a sari waiting to be worn and you are stuck for lack of a blouse (or an existing blouse that is too small or too large now), don’t worry about wearing it with an ordinary blonde, look for your other clothes, and I’m sure you will; find something to cut!

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