Lipsticks of Various Types and Advice for Novices


Lipsticks makeup has been around for centuries. From using crushed gemstones to extracting color from flowers and vegetables, makeup has been applied by men and women to beautify their lips since ancient civilizations. Now there are hundreds and thousands of lipstick colors, formulas, and textures to choose from

Different Types Of Lipsticks

1.Highly Pigmented Lip Gloss

The glossy formula gives users an unmissable high shine. Some of them come in plumping formulas that make lips look even fuller. Its shimmer provides a gentle appeal in translucent shades that have been a staple of everyday makeup for years. As a plug-in that can be applied to any lip color, it enhances the elegant feel.

2. Matte Velvety Lipstick

Matte colors come in traditional lipstick shapes, perfect for any occasion and mixed with a sophisticated and modern look. These lipsticks feature a velvety matte finish, as the name would imply. These have a lot of pigment and great staying power. You can apply it to your lips even if your lips are a bit dry. Available in all possible shades, they are abrasion-resistant, stain-resistant, durable, and offer undeniable elegance.

3. Holographic Glitter

Holographic makeup is all the rage at any age. Typically reflecting a pearlescent sheen, these iridescent and holographic glitters impart a sparkle that takes even the most minimal look to the next level. Illuminate the lips in different ways when the light hits them from an angle. There’s an overall frosty color benefit that these special glitters offer!

4. Metallic Lipstick

Metallic or matte lipsticks have been around since the 1990s, when they were first introduced. Some of these products are highly pigmented and contain tiny shimmers or shimmers that add an extra shine, like molten metal. Add effects and give your look a serious look. If you’re a party animal or a social animal, add this to your collection of assorted lipsticks!

5. Oily Lip

The smooth, light, and non-greasy Lip Oil is the softening version of the Lip Gloss. They have a high gloss and are soft to the touch. Most of these products are based on a nourishing lip oil that keeps the lips supple. Most wearers love its glassy finish, especially in ultra-chic colors like pink, peach, and coral tones.

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6. Paint the lips

The highly pigmented brother of the glossy, non-sticky formula delivers a richly pigmented yet transparent finish. The nail polish is meant for a smooth glossy finish, and its lip version has a glossy texture that gives the lips a high shine. Enriched with vitamins. It can be used as a standalone product to tint your lips or added to a matte lipstick for added shine. Here’s your answer to the best way to treat dry lips!

7. Lip Crayons

The lip colors are packaged like sticks, and the lipsticks come in matte, cream, or shimmer formulas and are easy to apply. Most chalk lipsticks are highly pigmented to provide long-lasting color in bright, bold shades. With a satin finish and soft texture, these lipstick shapes are perfect for everyday wear and subtle makeup looks. Easy to carry and apply.

8. Powder Lipstick

One of the latest trends in the lipstick world is powder lipsticks that are bright in color but spread evenly for a matte finish. A lip-friendly formula that creates soft lips with a porous, powdery texture. When applied with a brush or finger, it reacts with your lips’ natural oils for an almost natural finish. It is best to leave an uneven layer on the lips for a stunning ombre effect. A lightweight product with an ultra-soft finish designed to stay on the skin for hours and give lips a soft finish.

9. Lip Stains And Shadows

Lip paints and lipsticks have made significant progress since being introduced in the late 1900s. The first products were water-based, but now they have a sultry, easy-to-apply, color-enhancing texture. . Deeper. It’s less pigmented than regular lipsticks or liquid lipsticks and is great if you want a pop of color on your lips. They justify the name “smudges” or “tints” because they add vibrant color without adding the feel of lipstick. It comes in almost all shades, even the brightest ones.

10. Lip Balm And Stain

Bottled in a brush applicator, the creamy liquid formula is very similar to liquid matte lip color, except the texture is different. They typically dry in one minute and deliver color that lasts up to 6 hours. Applying these creams and blemishes will leave your face soft compared to a dry matte. It’s perfect for those days when you want to add a pop of color to a nude or pale pink for a gorgeous, understated look.

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11. Liquid Lipstick

Regarding the popularity of different types of lipsticks in recent years, liquid lipsticks may be at the top of the list; I find them easier to use. They are highly transferred and bleed-resistant and provide a long-lasting mist. Their special formula helps them stay still while eating. In other words, no quiet work! We have classic colors as well as modern metallic shades for every occasion imaginable. Follow our step-by-step liquid lipstick tutorials to create stunning looks!

12. Gloss Lipstick

Sheer, glossy lipstick is lightweight, easy to apply, and glides smoothly on lips. These highly pigmented, glossy lipsticks have all the benefits of a lip balm, from trips to the beach to nights out. The velvety satin finish adds a touch of class to your lips. Create a must-have collection of different types of lipsticks that will always accompany you at any event.

What kind Of Lipsticks Is a Natural-Looking Lipstick?

Line your lips first, then darken them a little. Take a look at your lips first. Makeup artist Fatimot Isadore wants her most natural lip color to match what she sees in the mirror. To add that intensity, she recommends choosing a shade that’s slightly darker than your actual lip color.

1. Check Your Mouth

Makeup artist Jenny Patinkin recommends looking at the base of your lips and gums to find the perfect shade. She explains, “She has a lot of blood in her mouth, and it’s simple to see the contrast between her lips and what’s next to them.

2. Look For Undertones

Ah, the basic task of identifying undertones. We’ve got plenty of tips and tricks to decipher yours (the popular vein test, the white t-shirt test, the jewelry test, and the list goes on). …, brown or berry-colored. Again, I won’t be exhaustive (there’s definitely room for trial and error here), but evaluating your natural blush is an important part of deciding what shades suit your lips. And remember: products that are technically the same color can have subtly different shades, so try a few before you find the perfect match. You might want to give the options a try.

3.You Might Gravitate Toward Lip Liner

Especially if you want natural color with a liquid or matte finish, Jaikaran says a good lip liner can make for a perfect match. There are things to consider,” she adds. If you’re not into eyeliner, Patinkin suggests going for products with a sheer or satin finish. A bit of lip gloss can mimic your natural definition.

What Lipsticks Would You Recommend To Beginners?

1. For Beginners

Worried about wearing colored lipstick? Instead, start with a lighter shade of lip gloss. Of course, it doesn’t brighten your lips, but at least it makes your lips feel like they have a product. Unlike lipsticks, which need to be reapplied to touch up blemishes, it washes off without leaving a residue.

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Light (Cool Undertones)

All you need are bright colors like pastels, cotton candy, pink and purple. Aphrodite Kiss, L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro Matte Gloss, is a good choice.

Wheat (Warm Tuna)

A coral-peach brown lip gloss shines. Try Lakme Absolute Plump And Shine Lip Gloss, Shades Rose Shine, Red Shine

Dark Skin Tone

Choose darker or lighter colors for maximum impact. Try Colorbar Diamond Shine Lip Gloss, Pixie Pink, and Pink Flash shades.

2. For Intermediaries

Once you’re comfortable with lip gloss, try a lip color that has the saturation and texture of lipstick rather than the bright, poppy color of lipstick. However, lipstick can be drying, so always start with a moisturizing lip balm like Maybelline Baby Lips Color Balm. To find the lipstick that best matches your natural lip color, test a few shades on the inside of your finger to match your own lip color.

Light (Cool Undertones)

Add a soft warmth to your face with peach lipsticks like Nykaa Paintstix Collection, Shades Rock n Roll Pink, and Tender Rose.

Wheat (Warm tuna)

Nothing says summer like coral lipstick. I love the mix of bright pink and orange. Adaptable to a variety of skin tones, this modern lipstick color will brighten your complexion in an instant. Try Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick – Hit Shades, Dancer, Pathfinder

A dark berry tan that looks like a million bucks. The color is slightly darker than the natural lip color. Nykaa recommends L’Oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick, Shades Persistent Plum, and Rambling Rose.

3. For Advanced Lipsticks Users

Now that you’re an expert at wearing lipstick, it’s time to move on to bolder colors. Forget orange and purple and choose classic red. And yes, anyone can wear red lips if they know which lipstick suits their skin tone. The first strip is to prep your lips. Dark lipsticks look awful on chapped and chapped lips and require gentle scrubbing to remove dead skin before applying your favorite color. Don’t forget to mattify the rest of your look with just a touch of liner and concealer to cover blemishes and dark circles.

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Blonde (Cool Tone)

“Cool tones pair well with shades of blue like cranberry, burgundy, or wine,” says Sony. Naika offers K Beauty matte lipsticks – Red Carpet, Shades: Action, and Dream Girl.

Wheat (Warm Color)

Sony suggests warm-toned women look great in orange-red hues like a brick red. “These suit women with peachy red, olive, and brown undertones best,” Nykaa recommends Colorbar Take Me As I M Lipstick in sultry red and sheer coral.

Dull Complexion

Dark skin tones can bring out any red, so why not go a little bolder with a berry red? Nykaa Loves Nykaa Matte Luxe Lipstick – Avocado Toast, Shade: Avocado Toast. Sony wants beginners to remember not to “use a lip liner or lip gloss under your lipstick as it will change the actual shade.” Another piece: “Stop wearing a lip liner that’s darker than your lipstick color. He is very old. She talks too.

Infographic: Lipsticks of Various Types and Advice for Novices

Lipsticks of Various Types and Advice for Novices
Lipsticks of Various Types and Advice for Novices

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