Diamond Shapes to Compare Before You Buy Your Next Jewelry Piece


So, you are getting engaged. However, it can be a confusing moment for you too. How do you select the right engagement ring design? Which diamond shape suits you? There are so many things to consider before buying your special ring for your big day. Here are some tips to make sure you choose the perfect diamond shapes for your special moment.

Round Cut Diamonds

Round cut diamonds are same as they sound like. Yes, these are diamonds with a circular outline. Since their creation, round shape diamonds have been the most popular shape in the world. Round diamonds are unique, classic and the most brilliant diamond piece.

In fact, gem cutters have spent years in refining the round diamond to make them the most stunning diamond shape out there. This is so because, out of all the diamond cut shapes, the facets of a round are perfectly aligned.

When light enters properly aligned round shape diamond, it bounces around within the gem, and then almost all of it shine back out at you and it doubles.

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Want Maximum Shine?

Round cut diamond shapes are perfect for those who want maximum shine. Round cut diamonds are superb for everyone. As round cut diamonds shine exceptionally, almost all couples will prefer to buy round shape diamonds. Also, because of the popularity of this shape, almost all ring settings will accept a round cut diamond. If you want to wear  a more angular or artistic setting, a round cut diamond shape will still likely work and be beautiful.

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While buying a round cut diamond shape, you should look for an excellent cut, superb clarity, and white color. Also, always look at the measurements of your diamond stone to ensure they are maximized within carat weight.

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People that prefer round shape diamonds should also look for Oval cut and cushion cut diamonds before settling on their diamond shape. Both oval and cushion cut diamond shapes have soft curves with superior shine, just like round cuts. However, ovals and cushions are less expensive than round cut diamonds of same quality. And oval cut diamond shapes generally look larger.


Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamond shapes are square or rectangular cut diamonds with super soft, rounded corners. Cushions were considered as the first “brilliant” diamond shape to be produced, directly out of the mines. This traditional faceting is still sought after today. In addition, newer faceting patterns have been produced which show a “crushed ice” kind of brilliance. Thus, all cushion cuts are different.

Want to try something unique?

As cushion cut is a brilliant-cut gem with fine lines, cushions are perfect for those couples seeking a stunning look while having a traditional feel. A cushion cut diamond shape’s exceptional shine often also attracts couples, looking for something extraordinary.

Cushion cuts are mostly deep cuts, you should make sure to enhance their measurements within carat range. In other words, ensure your diamond isn’t carrying all its weight at the bottom where you can’t see it!

While looking for cushion cut diamond shape, you should also make a look at oval and radiant shapes. Both ovals and radiants are brilliant cut, like cushions, and have a superb look. Oval cut diamond shapes are softer shapes than cushion cut diamonds, radiant cuts are more advance form. Both cut shapes offer a classic, elongated look on fingers.

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Oval Shape Diamonds

Oval cut diamond shapes resemble round cut diamonds, with an elongated shape. Ovals are “brilliant” cut. Thus, oval cut diamonds produce immense sparkle. Because of their long, slender shape, ovals often look larger than round cuts of the same carat weight.

Looking for something classic?

Oval cut diamond shapes are perfect choice for those who don’t want something traditional, but still want something unique. Oval cuts can show a dark “bowtie” shadow in the center due to its long shape, so one should look for gems that do not have bowties. Also, oval cuts can show more color in their top and bottom than other shapes, so look out for consistent color as well.


People who prefer oval cut diamonds should also look Marquise and elongated cushion cuts. Just like oval diamond shape, marquise stones are stunning, slender shapes that elongate the finger. And, marquise cut diamonds look even larger than ovals of the same carat weight!

Elongated cushion cut diamonds are rectangular gems with super soft corners. So, this particular diamond cut shape will also appeal to those looking for a super slim design. Cushions and marquise sparkle a bit differently than ovals do, so comparing these stones side-by-side is the perfect way to know you really want an Oval cut diamond shape!

Final Thoughts

Diamonds are cut in different shapes that enhance diamond brilliance and give character to the diamond. Some prefer to buy diamond size as big as possible. Some want extraordinary sparkle. And there are some who want a diamond ring design that matches their unique personality. Know what aspects are important to you and shop accordingly.

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Infographic: Diamond Shapes to Compare Before You Buy Your Next Jewelry Piece

Diamond Shapes to Compare Before You Buy Your Next Jewelry Piece
Diamond Shapes to Compare Before You Buy Your Next Jewelry Piece

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