shocking facts about fashion designers

Five Shocking Facts About Fashion Designers


shocking facts about fashion designers: Fashion has become a part of man’s life. People started choosing clothes based on their own style preferences, clothes, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, lifestyle and body proportions, and fashion uppers because reflects in a country’s culture. It encourages creativity. The first modern fashion designer was Chartes Friedrich Wirth. He was born on 13th October 1825 in England as the eighth man. He created the fashion show by becoming the first to use live models. The positive aspect of fashion is that it improves your life and gives you the opportunity to become independent. There has to be a balance between being stylish and wearing what suits us, so we need to understand that fashion is not just about the discipline and trendy clothes and accessories we wear hence we should add few polyester shirts for sublimation on our wardrobes.

Job Description

Making designs for clothes, accessories, makeup, and shoes is a big job for a fashion designer. Understanding design trends is an important task. After that, the designers start drawing the design with their expectations. For the design process, many designers employ computer-aided design software. The prototype design is use in the selection process of all types of clothes and jewelry. After the design is done, you need to check if it is to your liking. It takes at least one month to complete the design. A second way for designers to showcase their work is to go to fashion shows and trade shows. Designers can also market lines to retailers.

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Education Requirements

Although designers do not need high qualifications, a bachelor’s degree is required in designers. The fields of fashion design and fashion merchandising are both well-liked degrees. Also, learned how to use computer-aided design programs while in a fashion degree program. And programs also require learning to make sketches, design models, portfolios, or other specific tasks related to this work.

Shocking Facts About Fashion Designers Industry

Jobs for fashion designers are in California or New York. Los Angeles has the largest number of fashion houses on the west coast of the US. Most of the fashion apparel made in the United States is made here. Miami has also emerged as a new fashion hub in the United States. There are fashionable beach dresses. New York’s oldest semi-annual event takes place in February and September each year. And New YorkPlace includes Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. It is one of the best fashion schools. In the United States, fashion magazines are publish for their readers. They are Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan.

The fashion industry in the UK has long been center in London. It also features a variety of foreign designs mixed with modern British styles. The British fashion and styling industry loves old-fashioned styles. British designers include Thomas Burberry, Alfred Dunhill, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, John Galliano, John Richmond, Alexander McQueen, Matthew Williamson, Gareth Pugh, and Hussain Chalayan.

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Shocking Facts About Fashion Designers Types:

There are three categories of arms produce by textile manufacturers. These can be categorize into many sorts.

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1. Haute Couture

Fashionable clothing was designe until 1950. A person who works for a customer makes a couture garment to order. It’s construct from pricey, premium fabric will be complete. As they use hand stitching techniques, the look and fit material cost and manufacturing time are high. Haute couture fashion houses make less profit due to the high cost of fabric.

2. Ready-To-Wear

Ready-to-wear and pret-a-porter are a cross between haute couture and mass-market clothing. They are not made for individual customers, but great care is taken in fabric selection and cutting. What makes it unique is that the clothes are guaranteed to be made in small quantities. So they are very expensive. Ready-to-wear fashion is very different. Ready-to-wear is present by fashion houses every season during a period known as Fashion Week. It happens twice a year. The main seasons of Fashion Week are Spring, Summer, Winter, Resort, Swim, and Bridal.

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3. Mass Market

The fashion industry is heavily dependent on selling to the mass market. It provides consumers to develop the mass market. Produces ready-to-wear clothing using trends set by famous names in fashion. The customer waits a season to ensure a style catch to show the original look and different types of versions. To save money and time, they make cheap clothes with machines. And clothes are given at a low price. The word “Kutch” is a German design word. It comes from Kitschig. Kutch means “ugly” or “comes aesthetically.”

Shocking Facts About Fashion Designers Incomes

The 50th percentile of the median annual salary for fashion designers in 2008 ranged from $42,150 to $87,120. Ten percent took less than $32,150. Designers earned a median annual salary of $92,550 in 2016. In 2016, 23,800 fashion designers were employe in the United States.

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Infographic: 5 Shocking Facts About Fashion Designers

5 Shocking Facts About Fashion Designers
5 Shocking Facts About Fashion Designers

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