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10 Amazing Nail art techniques that you should try


Nail art is a creative way to paint, decorate, develop, and beautify nails. It is a type of work of art that can be done on the nails and toes, usually after manicures or pedicures. Manicures and pedicures are beauty treatments that cut, shape, and polish the fingernails. These procedures often remove cuticles and smooth the skin around the nails.

Types of manicure can range from natural nail polish to soaking powder and acrylic nails with regular polish. Nail art is the addition to what you wear, and cool nail art always gets a lot of consideration and praises. Plus, who doesn’t like an extra dose of glamour on their nails? If you’re bored with your classic, dull nail colour and want to try something fun and quirky, read on, and you can find the perfect nail design for any mood you find yourself in. You can make these nail designs at home in just a few steps. Let’s start.

Nail art techniques

Colourful Clouds Nail Art

Cloud art

This season, everything revolves around the nails of the clouds. Discovered for the first time on Instagram by Refinery29, the trend is the same: bizarre and bizarre swirls of white and blue, inspired by the sky on a beautiful summer day. There is nothing to hate in this conception. We only play with the nail ring, and the others have a minimal coat of aqua green-blue nail polish. This design is perfect for spring and summer. Paint all your nails with blue-green nail polish, except your nail. Use pink nail polish for your nail. Use a paintbrush to create the clouds. Start with light blue nail polish and draw the vertical lines, as shown in the image. After drying, use the turquoise nail polish to create more clouds on the light blue surface—transparent varnish layer.

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 Pink and yellow nail art on Diagon Alley

This colourful nail art is a feast for the eyes. He is trendy, dynamic, and young. You can take it off casually, and it will brighten up your outfit and your day. First, paint your nails yellow. Paint the lowermost half of the nail with a peach varnish and cross the nail diagonally. Coat, and you’re ready to go.

White And Orange Flames

The colour combination is excellent and can remove off for a perfect look for summer nails. Use other nail colours if you want best a different look. Apply two coats of white nail polish to the base. Lay the strips diagonally on top of each other and apply a layer of yellow nail polish. Place a vertical line on one side and use orange nail polish other side. Place the strips and apply black on the base of the nail. Apply a layer of clear varnish to complete the look.

Purple-Pink Floral Nail Art

Purple pink nail art

The combination of pink and purple is delicious and is like a feather on your nails. It is simple and can be recrated in few steps. You can use it to brighten up cloudy days or even a sunny summer day. First, apply two coats of white nail polish to your base. Create the flowers with a fine brush with pink nails, now use purple nail polish to give the pink flowers a small bump. Finish the process with a top coat only on one side.

Colour Splash Nail Art

This is my favorite idea for nail art: use your nails as a blank canvas and spray some colours to get this cooling effect. Apply two coats of white nail polish to get a good foundation. If the polish dries, dip the brush into blue nail polish and spray the paint over the nails. Follow this procedure for each colour. Apply a top coat to define. Your nails are now your modern art masterpiece.

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Plastic Wrap Nail Art Design

This rare mixture of light blue and gold is excellent. Can you wear this look casually or for an elegant event to match your golden outfit? We use plastic wrap to achieve this unique nail texture. Apply two coats of gold enamel on your base. Put on a layer of blue nail polish over the gold. Apply a wrinkled plastic wrap around the nail. You will see the golden enamel ooze through the blue; finish with a top coat! White white

Nail Art Chevron Minimal

This minimalist design is super elegant and comfortable to recreate. Do you not agree? Start by placing the nail strips on the nail, creating three V. Apply white nail polish to the tip of the nail. Use a fine paintbrush to bridge the gap between the SVs.

Pink nail design

A pink gradient is created to make these pretty pink nails. Isn’t it super cute? You can use the same techniques with the colours you choose. It is a simple hack that can be done in just a few steps. Apply a layer of clear peach glaze. Pour one of the two enamel colours on a clean surface or a plastic sheet. Using a toothpick, mix the colours lightly. Apply the colours combined with a sponge. Gently apply the sponge on the nail. Apply a layer of clear enamel to complete the look.

 Gold Glitter

Gold glitter nail art

Gold glitter design is stylish and can be worn on the day time. Is it not cute? it is super fast and easy. Paint your nails with two coatings of gold enamel, now create pink dots at the corners with the Point tool. Create pink with black coating as in the photo. Apply a coat of clear nail polish.

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Chocolate Gold

Chocolate gold nail art

Nearly $ 1.8 billion was spent on candy and chocolate on Valentine’s Day this season. Woohoo! It is a ton of chocolate. On Valentine’s Day, chocolate plays an essential role in this romantic event. Over the years, as chocolate became increasingly available, he became less involved in wealth and more in romantic expressions. It is perhaps the most elegant colour on the list. This brown is beautiful, and the combo is heavenly. Put on two coats of chocolate brown nail polish to your base. Lay the tape diagonally over the nail to form a triangle. Apply gold glaze on the triangular area and see the magic.

Infographic: 5 Amazing Nail Art Techniques

5 Amazing Nail Art Techniques
5 Amazing Nail Art Techniques

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