Blancpain Watches Are Worth Your Money

8 Reasons Why Blancpain Watches Are Worth Your Money


When we talk about watches, especially if we want to focus on their engineering and durability, we cannot help but consider heritage a major factor. If you are thinking about investing in a luxury watch brand, many brands will fit your standards. However, we only have one thing in mind if we talk about heritage and excellence: Blancpain watches. Once you hear about their brilliance that surpassed hundreds of years, you too might consider them. Up until today, Blancpain has remained strong and has even released new timepieces even after the pandemic. Here are some reasons why it is a good idea to invest in Blancpain watches! – Blancpain Watches Are Worth Your Money

1.   Withstood the test of time – Blancpain Watches Are Worth Your Money

Luxury watches might be dazzling accessories but people do not call them luxury without a reason—they truly cost a fortune. If we plan on investing in luxury watches, we choose the best brand and model that we can. One way to test this is to know more about the watch brand’s heritage. Once we talk about heritage, you can never go wrong with investing in a Blancpain Watch!

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Only a few luxury watch brands have been around since before the 1900s; lesser luxury watch brands have been around before the 1800s—and Blancpain is one of those. Would you believe that Blancpain has already been around since—not only in the 1800s—but during 1735! Yes, you read that right!

Jehan-Jacques Blancpain registered himself as a horologer as early as 1735. You can find this in the Villeret municipality property records. This entry is proof that Jehan-Jacques Blancpain has founded the oldest watch company, not only in Switzerland but also in the world! To this day, their brand has remained strong and has surpassed every crisis and recession! We may not know it, but Blancpain may have already been around even before 1735.

2.   Beat the Quartz crisis – Blancpain Watches Are Worth Your Money

We mentioned that Blancpain has surpassed different crises and recessions the world has experienced—including the nightmare for mechanical watches, the Quartz crisis (for mechanical watches), or the Quartz revolution. When some watchmakers discovered using Quartz as a replacement or mechanical movement, demands for Quartz watches spiked because they are affordable and offer just the same durability and accuracy as mechanical watches. As a result, barely anyone will buy mechanical watches that are more than twice the price of luxury watches.

Blancpain, along with Piguet, harked a slogan about never manufacturing Quartz watches. They showcased the exclusivity and craftsmanship of mechanical watches and produced only limited-edition ones. Because of this campaign, Blancpain revived the Swiss mechanical watchmaking industry. Its sales rose from CHF. 8.9m to CHF 56m. Amazing, right?

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3.   The sky’s the limit with innovations

Blancpain has its workshops. It has a workshop in Le Brassus. They also have one in Le Sentier! Not many watchmaking brands have this. Because Blancpain has this privilege, they can make everything in-house, which makes them immune to whatever problem might happen with the manufacturing of their pieces. Watch experts even do their research and development in-house.

4.   A real trailblazer

We may have established that Blancpain has been the first in many things. One of these was developing one of the first cutting-edge scuba watches in the world, the Fifty Fathoms. They added a locking mechanism in a scuba watch’s crown which will prevent the crown from pulling out because of the pressure of being underwater. Because of these useful innovations, the Fifty Fathoms became the chosen watch for the French and eventually, the US Navy .

5.   Socially-aware

Maybe another secret of Blancpain why they remained strong after many years is them keeping updated with the trends. Blancpain was one of the first to create mechanical watches for women, which are challenging to create because of their smaller movements. As early as 1930, Blancpain released the first-ever automatic timepiece for women, called Rolls. They followed this with the Ladybird in 1956. The Ladybird boasted small round movements that any watchmaking company has ever created. Maybe, these innovations are also big thanks to the first female CEO of a Swiss watchmaking company, Betty Fiechter. She assumed her position in 1933.

6.   Unrivaled artwork

Another thing that you can never deny is how unique Blancpain’s designs are. More than being a watchmaking company, they are also artists who pour all their heart into creating the best luxury watch they could.

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7.   Committed to preserving the ocean

Blancpain is close to the ocean that made them rise to fame because of their scuba watch. To give back, Blancpain has been supportive of activities related to ocean preservation.

8.   Reliable durability

Of course, like its brand that remains standing even after hundreds of years, you can also rely on a Blancpain watch’s durability and accuracy with telling time.

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Check out Blancpain watches!

Now that you know some of the reasons why investing in a Blancpain watch is a good idea, you may find some reasons close to your heart. You can check out Blancpain watches here at if you finally decide to put all your trust in a Blancpain watch!

Infographic: 8 Reasons Why Blancpain Watches Are Worth Your Money

8 Reasons Why Blancpain Watches Are Worth Your Money
8 Reasons Why Blancpain Watches Are Worth Your Money

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