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About Diabetes Diet

Diabetes diet: There is no benefit to suffering from sugar disease. Sugar disease at least once in life comes to life. The condition is caused by a dysfunction called ‘the pancreas’ in the stomach. If any part of the clock is gone, it will be removed and in its place is new. But not

It is impossible to remove the pancreas in the stomach and set up a new one. It is impossible to repair anything in the stomach. The food we eat turns into sugar. Insulin released by the pancreas helps to turn the sugar into energy. ‘Insulin’ is injected to convert sugar into power, so the pancreas is damaged.

Another important instrument that converts sugar into energy exercise as you exercise, the sugar is reduced. And power is produced. Otherwise, the increased blood sugar will remain as well. Be careful not to accumulate more sugar through the diet.

Diet To Control Diabetes

  • People with diabetes should eat only slightly red and good quality rice. This diet should be followed for six months.
  • Raw moong dal, tur dal, urad dal can be eaten to cure diabetes. But even these should be used after getting old.
  • It is good to boil fenugreek or Kandi and take it daily. Carnivores can eat goat meat and young chickens. Dark chicken meat is hot and sticky.
  • Drinking the juice after boiling the meat gives instant energy. Prevents neurological diseases. The nervous system (AJERVOUS SYSTEM) is badly damaged in diabetes, and neurological disorders occur. This condition is known as ‘diabetic neuropathy.’
  • Agave, Jaggery, Sesame, Red Gourd – These are medically advised not to eat
  • Vegetables include gourd, bitter, banana pods, flowers, banana stems, dill, asparagus, lettuce, bitter gourd, and gray gourd.
  • The tagged flower grows wherever it falls by the roadside. Small plants are called ground cover plants. If you fry these ground dandelion flowers and cook them as a curry, diabetes will be reduced fast.
  • Skimmed milk and curd should be used. It is better to drink it with buttermilk.
  • Take a lemon, apricot, banana, and lemon juice. Fruits like papaya, grape, apple, lotus, and peas should not be taken.
  • Make some physical exercise a must every day.
  • Eat wheat rice and wheat flour roti at night. Eating the same during the day when sugar is high is advised.
  • Drink only boiled and cooled water.
  • Foods that seem to digest slowly or have a chance to digest should not be consumed.
  • Avoid foods that increase phlegm.
  • Fish, prawns, crabs, coconut, sweets, and teeth are prohibited in diabetes because they increase phlegm.
  • If a diabetic patient eats alcohol or artificial Sara made of jaggery, there is no one to support that patient. The first thing to do after being diagnosed with diabetes is to stop drinking and smoking completely.
  • Ayurvedic medicine says that all beetroots promote diabetes. Avoid them.
  • People with diabetes should not drink too much water. Do not overeat. Don’t rest too much a large sleeper.
  • Do not sleep immediately after having lunch or dinner. Daytime sleep is prohibited in this disease. Avoid the habit of napping during the day. It is also one of the leading causes of diabetes.
  • Depression, sadness, anger, restlessness – these things can increase diabetes. These should be avoided.
  • When you feel hungry and want to eat rice, eat it as soon as possible. People who are taking medication for diabetes should not skip meals and work under any circumstances. Therefore blood sugar is lower than it should be, and they run a lot. Fasts are harmful.
  • Taking dill is often good for this disease. The Kandi sapu is fried separately, softened, and eat food. This is very useful in diabetes.
  • Trifa is found in a crushed bazaar. It is very good to take a spoon in the morning and evening straight or honey. It prevents many problems caused by diabetes. Triphala crushed bills are also available. In the morning and evening, 2-3 tablets can reduce diarrhea and improve health.
  • Need nuts can be dried, crushed, mixed with enough salt, etc., and can be added to the cumin powder or mixing it directly into the buttermilk. The percentage of blood sugar begins to decline.
  • Diabetes diet consists of dry yellow antlers and amla, extract the inner seeds, grind the bark evenly and take it in the morning and evening. It can be mixed with buttermilk. Diabetes can be controlled.
  • Try to sprout the dill seeds, rub them with ginger and cumin, and eat them into bread. The results are good.
  • After sprouting, the dill can be dried and softened and softened and eaten with salt and chili rice. If this is not done, you can swallow the Cassini straight.
  • It is advisable to eat sorghum bread. But doing so is a big problem for many. That is why sorghum fries fill the stomach and fill it with these stomachs. Or eat soaked in milk or buttermilk. Bake with with sorghum powder.
  • Sorghum reduces excessive diuretics. Reduces blood sugar levels. Reduce lethargy and maintains health.

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