Constipation: 19 Ways to End It

About Constipation

Constipation is the root cause of many diseases. It should be noted that people with poor digestion are at risk of many diseases ranging from joint pains to paralysis. Let’s go later. Laziness leads to constipation. Once constipation occurs, it may take a lot of effort to pass urine freely.

Don’t stop going for diarrhoea under the delusion that smoking cigarettes, beedis and cigarettes will not cause diarrhoea and reading the paper will not cause diarrhoea! In fact, smoking, smoking, drinking coffee and tea do not help to get diarrhoea free.

Tips for Constipation

1. Foods like beans, soybeans, legumes, chickpeas, and beans are rich in fibre. So modern science says that taking too much of these can lead to diarrhoea.

2. Grate ginger and add enough salt to it and keep it in a bottle. Eat 1/4 spoonful of ghee in the first lump of rice daily. Diarrhoea becomes free, and digestion power increases.

3. It is very good to take castor oil and cook food with it. Eating food cooked with castor oil works well for this disease. Direct intake of castor oil is good as castor oil is a miracle cure for constipation patients.
4. Take the rose petals and spread them in a thin layer on a plate. Sprinkle sugar over it. And sprinkle rose petals on top again and sprinkle sugar on them again. Sprinkle sugar over the rose petals layer by layer and stack them in a pile. After a few days the flakes and sugar will become a mixture and turn into a paste. The same is also available in the bazaar under the name Rojapushpalehyam. Taking it daily cures not only diarrhoea but also purifies the blood. Moves well in all bilious diseases.

5. Grinding saffron in neti and, chewing it gently and, wrapping gram pills, and taking it in the morning and evening will reduce inflammation, pain, diarrhoea, along with bleeding and mucus near the anus. Diarrhoea will be free.

6. Take a spoonful of mustard and drink it with water to reduce stomach aches. Excessive urination can cause diarrhoea. It is strong for the stomach and intestines.

7. Saltwater induces vomiting and diarrhoea and cleanses the bowels.

8. Take some coriander and cumin seeds and fry them in ghee, grind finely and add enough salt and eat daily with rice, tiffin or buttermilk to increase appetite. Digestion increases. The body is light. Reduces stomach inflammation. Reduces indigestion and colic in children. Diarrhoea gets better. It works best when urine is trapped. A medicine called Dhanyakadilehyam is available in the market. By using it, the motion becomes free.

9. Fruits like grapes, raisins, apples and lotus have anti-diarrheal properties.

10. Coriander, if used as often as possible in food, will cause good diarrhoea. It is very good if you grind curry leaves and coriander powder and add enough salt and eat it with rice.

11. Daily consumption of tamarind juice can cure stomach aches and diarrhoea. Add sunamukhi leaves to this broth and boil it well and drink it. It will surely cure dysentery.
12. Eating grey pumpkin halwa gives you free motion. It is better to take a medicine called Kushmanda Lehyam available in the market. Good for diarrhoea.
13. Cooked and eaten tender drumstick curry not only cures diarrhoea but also reduces constipation. It is very good for paralysis and all constipation-related diseases.

14. Drink a decoction of betel leaves mixed with honey for bowel movement through the anus.

15. Custard apple root causes more diarrhoea. So it can be taken in a very small dose in amoebiasis, which reduces mucus and makes motion free without diarrhoea.

16. Eating papaya fruit changes the nature of constipation.

17. Gums and bleeding in amoebiasis will be reduced if taken in the morning and evening by collecting the gum from the neem tree and making a pill the size of a saffron flower. Diarrhoea is reduced, and there is lightness in motion.

18. Eat greens daily. Tender amaranth leaves, Jonathan greens, spinach, fenugreek, sessile joy weed greens, and purslane should be cooked and eaten daily. Diarrhoea is not only mild but also painful. Roselle, soursop, and sorrel leaves can cause constipation. So be careful while eating them.

19. Onion curry is delicious. But it reduces sufferings like vata, chastity pains, moles etc. Proper treatment of diarrhea is definitely beneficial. Laziness in man can be a sign of constipation. Constipation makes the human body equally useless. Constipation is sometimes the cause of not being able to achieve any success in life.

Be careful if you have any of these symptoms. If that softness is not present, then constipation can cause many diseases. Most of these diseases can cause constipation. In this way, diseases and constipation increase.

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