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Acupuncture Treatment To Reduce B.P And Diabetes

About Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is a scientific method of treatment. Due to disease, waste materials stored in the body block the flow of energy. Acupuncture involves stimulating central points on or near the surface of the body and manipulating various chemical and physical conditions to achieve the desired result. People undergoing acupuncture treatment should change their body’s natural characteristics, such as hunger, thirst, rest, and sleep. Following this natural lifestyle keeps the body healthy. Treatment is done once a week or once a fortnight as per the doctor’s instructions.

It should be taken once a day as the body’s problems subside day by day and the interval between treatments increases. Acupuncture works by removing toxins and waste from the body. Other drugs, chemical residues, and wastes in the body. Other treatments should be discontinued while taking them. Acupuncture treatment does not need to know the diagnosis, blood tests, scanning, or X-ray reports.

There is no need to worry if you have symptoms like fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, or cold during acupuncture treatment. Prior to the treatment, the accumulated waste materials and toxins are eliminated from the body. Problems are quickly cured by eating, stopping, or starving.

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture treatment is more sensitive than hair. Find diseases caused by touching the surface of the skin with a needle or finger. Preventive treatment. This practice was practiced in China eight thousand (8000) years ago. The disease is a blockage or shortage of energy in our body parts. Acupuncture is fat on the way to energy through nerve research. Acupuncture is a treatment that absorbs fluids and corrects them. A disease can be cured by touching the point.

Blood Pressure Can Be Cured With Acupuncture Treatment?

B.P. It can be cured very easily. The reason is B.P. It is not a disease. When any part of the body deteriorates, blood pressure rises to relieve it. High blood pressure increases the heart rate. High blood pressure tells us that some part of the body is deteriorating. This area can be most sensitively identified by nerve examination of that part. Giving it the energy it needs can prevent high blood pressure. The heart works by itself.

For example, when there is a deficiency in the kidneys, swelling of the hands, feet, and nose and high blood pressure occur. B.P. when problems related to gas in the stomach are big. comes

B.P. due to excessive consumption of intoxicating drinks. (Liver Damage) Let’s begin. So B.P. It is not about the heart. High blood pressure occurs until some part of the body corrects the change. B.P. in English This is called heart disease. There are many difficulties in lowering blood pressure against nature and reducing heart attacks. Due to this, blood pressure continues to rise while using drugs and pills. English’s medication made it worse.

Can Diabetes Be Cured By Acupuncture Treatment?

If you first know what diabetes is, you can know if there is a cure for it or not. Modern treatments say that the lack of insulin produced by the liver (spleen) is the root cause of diabetes. What is the reason for the lack of proper insulin for so many days? That, too, why does the discharge in one part decrease when the parts of our body are functioning properly? Diabetes which affects one in a million, is now a global threat.

The answer to all these questions is that scientific research is not yet complete. Diabetes the root cause of the disease, and its treatment acupuncture treatment are one of the easiest ways we have found.

There are low and high levels of fat as well as low and high levels of glucose due to the fact that we do not eat properly, the digestive system does not work properly, and there is a decrease in the glucose energy released. Glucose released into the gastrointestinal tract determines the location of insulin secretion. The insulin component resolves the low-quality glucose component.

The fraction of glucose obtained with half quality also gradually decreases. Reduced-quality glucose is separated from the blood and excreted in the urine. During this time, more hunger and body slimming. Lack of quality glucose is released from the body. With the use of chemical drugs, kidney function is gradually stopped.

The root cause of diabetes is low-quality glucose levels. By reducing and balancing this through acupuncture treatment, the reduced quality glucose is completely excreted as urine. The body gets the quality glucose it needs. Insulin release automatically increases, and the body becomes healthy.

Effect Of Acupuncture Treatment

  • Reduces blood sugar management.
  • Helps in weight loss.
  • Pancreas responsible for insulin production preserves islet function.
  • Improves insulin resistance.
  • Adjusts the balance of hormones such as melatonin, insulin, glucocorticoid and epinephrine that affect diabetes.

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